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Munich: sightseeing plus knowledge


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some of Munich's highlights and highlights of knowledge

Published in: Education

Munich: sightseeing plus knowledge

  1. 1. munchen munich monaco transzendentale meditation """"""the days of effort, hard work, have come to an end and the bright sunshine an destiny of mankind is ahead, let us rejoice"""" maharishi viktualienmarkt press conference, nov 16 2005"" """"""my attempt is that withing our own life-time, within our generation, we should see that no man [or woman], in our generation is unhapy and miserable and tense."""" maharishi, 1962 maria hilf keche, auer dult"" ""the world is divine made active, everything rising as a wave on the eternal ocean of bliss consciousness maharashi 1963 monopterus in the english garden the city park"" """"""every expression in creation is a reminder of the fullness of life. only it takes a neat clean eye to see it, a clean heart to feel it, a neat clean mind to understand it. """" maharishi mahesh yogi stachus oktoberfest chinesischer turm olympiagelÌ_nde"" ""fleecy clouds -schafchenwalken typical for munich """"spirituality is an eternal reality which is not influenced by anyone. that is why it is transcendental in nature. transcendental meditation is to fathom this transcendental reality and experience pure spirituality, wholeness, the total light of god, and the unified field. that is spirituality."""" -maharishi mahesh yogi, press conference 15 march 2006 the temple of diana, hogfarten""