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This is a list of our marketing services. Including informative descriptions and the role play in the new marketplace

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Global Media Solutions

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS<br /><ul><li>Mobile Marketing Solutions
  3. 3. Keyword Text Marketing (pull marketing)
  4. 4. Permission Based SMS text (push marketing)
  5. 5. SMS Case Studies
  6. 6. Mobile Websites
  7. 7. Mobile Performance Based Advertising</li></ul> CPA - CPL - CPR - CPD<br /><ul><li>Permission Based Email Solutions
  8. 8. Consumer Data Selects
  9. 9. Business Data Selects
  10. 10. Consumer Lead Generation
  11. 11. Business Lead Generation
  12. 12. Live Person on Page</li></li></ul><li>Why use SMS Mobile Marketing? Why Choose 21st Century Marketing? <br /><ul><li>Consumers are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile phones and recognize their ability to provide additional value over just voice.
  13. 13. Cell phones are the one device that nearly all Americans have within a few feet of them at all times.
  14. 14. Twice as many people own mobile phones than computers
  15. 15. No applications or downloads required, but SMS can still be interactive.
  16. 16. Mobile phone penetration in the US will be 100% by 2013.
  17. 17. SMS open rates are normally between 95%-100%.
  18. 18. 95% of all text messages are read within four minutes. 
  19. 19. Timing! Send Mcoupons out just before lunch, dinner, happy hour.
  20. 20. SMS viral rates average 24% creating a social marketing environment
  21. 21. Mcoupons are the second most used mobile marketing campaign tactic by marketers today. (Forrester Research)
  22. 22. Mobile coupons are expected to be one of the biggest winners of the current global recession, with forecasted redemption value increasing by over 30% by 2010. (Juniper Research March 2009) compared to print w a redemption rate on average of 2%</li></ul>Continued on next page<br />
  23. 23. Why use SMS Mobile Marketing? Why Choose 21st Century Marketing?<br /><ul><li>Mobile coupons are an excellent example of the unique advantages of mobile marketing, combining personal relevance with instant, tangible value to the consumer. It creates a powerful win/win relationship between a brand and its target audience.
  24. 24. Conversion rates are much higher when compared to most forms of marketing.
  25. 25. Brand recall rates from mobile marketing are 20 times greater than the web and 10 times that of direct mail. Averaging 78%
  26. 26. Combined with the high level of target marketing that mobile messaging brings, your campaigns can generate incredible ROI.
  27. 27. Delivery rates are guaranteed at 100%.
  28. 28. Our data base has over 100 million domestic opt-in subscribers and growing. Spanish speaking subscribers too.
  29. 29. We can demo target with over “700 different data selections” and geo target down to the zip codes.
  30. 30. Free HTML email with every SMS push campaign, two forms of media for the price of one
  31. 31. Fact; Texting has surpassed voice calls, 75 billion texts a month in the year of 2008!
  32. 32. Keyword Text campaigns, convert all of your media into lead generation campaigns, try it now text demo to 79274 – you won’t go on a list.
  33. 33. SMS keyword text campaigns deliver over 300% more conversions than URL’s in media</li></li></ul><li>KEYWORD TEXT MARKETING (PULL)<br />When you add SMS keywords to any advertising vehicle you instantly make it interactive. Keyword text marketing converts all of your advertising into lead generation. It’s better than URL’s or 800 numbers because you are capturing their mobile number 100% of the time. Kind of like caller ID, with the web you don’t really know who is visiting. <br />Did you know that Keyword text is over 300% more effective than using URL’s in your media? Your auto responder message can include “Click to Call, Click to WAP, Text Chat, Text Poll, or contain a mobile coupon”. Try it now, text demo to 79274, you won’t go on a list or be contacted via text.<br />This is so easy, you simply direct prospects to text a custom keyword to a short code number on their cell phone. Your prospect receives a custom auto responder message from you directly into their cell phone.<br />Immediately the lead is processed and stored in a data base on our platform to help U build a new customer database. That can be used again and again for promotions. As you connect with your customer you can request various forms of contact information for multi-media marketing. Or you can have us reverse append the number and start data profiling. This will allow u to learn more about the person/people responding to your marketing, like age, income, address, gender and a whole host of others.<br />
  34. 34. PERMISSION BASED SMS TEXT (PUSH)<br />Push out to your demographic in your geographic, with over 700 data selects. Outbound campaigns (Push Campaign) go to an opted in audience– similar in nature to the way an opted in email broadcast would go to a specific list. You are “pushing” a message out to a list of opted in recipients. We also send out a free matching HTML Email to the same data set, usually 2-3 days after the text so you get two forms of media for the price of one.<br />Here are a few examples of campaigns we’ve run.<br />Type of Campaign: Push<br />Campaign: AT&T/Olympics Team USA Soundtrack<br />Goal: To drive brand awareness of AT&T’s new mobile <br />music downloading service as well as promoting Team <br />USA in the Beijing Olympics. Recipients were asked to <br />support Team USA by downloading the Team USA <br />Soundtrack which featured current top artists tracks via <br />their WAP site. Message:<br />Type of Campaign: Push<br />Campaign: Paramount Pictures/HFD<br />Goal: To generate awareness of their new film <br />“Hotel for Dogs”. Recipients were reminded to <br />see the movie in theatres and were asked to <br />click to their WAP site to receive a free <br />HFD puppy wallpaper. Message:<br /> “Get exclusive songs from 16 top recording artists, and help support Team USA. Download the AT&T Team USA Soundtrack. Get Songs Now”<br /> “Pick up a pup! Get a FREE adorable wallpaper from the new movie, Hotel for Dogs and make sure to see it in theaters 1/16! <br />”<br />
  35. 35. PERMISSION BASED SMS TEXT (PUSH)<br />IMPORTANT ELECTION <br />BULLETIN: Your vote <br />tomorrow could be the <br />most important you <br />ever cast. Find out why. <br />Click here:<br /><br />vote<br />Here is your coupon. Buy 1 entrée get one of = or lesser value free. Please show your server to redeem. POS# 34567. Feel free to forward this to a friend! Offerexpires 3-30-2010.<br />
  36. 36. Case Study: SMS Text Push<br /> <br /> <br />Brand: Reebok<br /> <br /> Goals<br />• Increase store traffic<br />• Promote National Basketball Association exclusive merchandise<br />• Build awareness of Finish Line retail stores<br /> <br />Solution<br />Reebok created a unique SMS and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) mobile program that drove customers to Finish Line retail stores and pushed Reebok’s exclusive line of NBA merchandise. A SMS message from NBA star Kenyon Martin, endorsed by Reebok, was sent out to opted-in male sport fans between the ages of <br />18 and 26. The SMS message provided a free phone 800-phone number that when dialed, Martin’s voiceover promoted the NBA exclusive line and allowed the caller to receive the location of their nearest Finish Line retail store through a series of intuitive voice prompts.<br /> <br />Result<br />30,000 SMS messages were sent out to Atlanta, Memphis, Indianapolis and Los Angeles. Messages were sent to a profiled demographic, which assisted greatly in the success of the program. Hitting the right target with the right information is one of the most important aspects of mobile marketing. The success of this mobile <br />program, apparent in consumers’ positive responses and an increase in store traffic and sales, has prompted Reebok to plan future relationship marketing campaigns via the mobile phone.<br />
  37. 37. Case Study: SMS Text Push<br />Brand: Foot Locker<br />Goals<br />• Increase sales at brick and mortar locations in NYC<br />• Create buzz around the Foot Locker’s brand<br />• Test the effectiveness of mobile marketing as an acquisition channel<br />Solution<br />Foot Locker utilized our mobile marketing solution to communicate with its target<br />audience. The campaign focused on a 35,000 consumers, ages 18 – 35 years old in NYC.<br />Each consumer was sent the following text message:<br />“Get ready for the holidays at Foot Locker! Bring this 2 any store & get $15 OFF<br />ANY $50 + purchase. Keycode 1414 valid 12/21/07 thru 1/06/08“<br />Result<br />In three days, 225 consumers redeemed the coupon at their local Foot Locker<br />store. The total net sales generated from the mobile campaign were $18,490.11,<br />resulting in nearly a 5:1 ROI. Foot Locker is currently planning to rollout to every<br />major city in the US.<br />
  38. 38. Mobile Web Sites, why do I need one? Because Mobile ad Campaigns are 5 times more effective than online. The mobile browser remains the most important app on any mobile device. In the last 12 months there has been a 600% growth in mobile web traffic. <br />Interestingly, the average time on site was measured as 3 minutes, 21 seconds- compared with just over one and a half minutes the previous year. The average number of pages viewed per visit at 5 pages, up from just over 2 pages per visit twelve months before.<br />Trying to view and navigate a PC web site version on a mobile phone is very difficult, and trying to view a mobile site on a PC is equally difficult. Our system detects what device they r using to access your site and renders the appropriate site. <br />Add twitter and other social media to your site, enabling users to comment instantly on your product/service while they are there and use Google maps to show your brick and mortar locations.<br />
  39. 39. Mobile Marketing on a Shoe String<br />Here are just a few of the Benefits of our Mobile Marketing Program <br /><ul><li>Free Mobile Web Traffic
  40. 40. Performance Based Marketing
  41. 41. CPA, CPL, CPR, CPD
  42. 42. Total Control over Acquisition Cost
  43. 43. Over 200 Million Page Views a Month & Growing
  44. 44. Over 83,000 Publishers World Wide
  45. 45. Target Specific Countries, we have presence in 200 </li></li></ul><li>OVER 150 MILLION EMAIL RECORDS <br /> RESPONSIVE AND DELIVERABLE…what makes us different?<br /><ul><li>Deliverability – We guarantee delivery of your email campaign. If a message is sent is bounced back it will be replaced with a valid deliverable lead.
  46. 46. Pristine hygiene of the data- frequent scrubs and it passes through ECOA (email change of address) updates every 30 days
  47. 47. Largest data variable selects in the marketplace, over 700 different data selects to choose from – Age, Income, Location…Even specific Interests and Lifestyle Selects are available.
  48. 48. True CAN-SPAM Compliant – And we honor the Right-To-Privacy Act.
  49. 49. Our turn-around time for testing, deployment and tracking is the best in the industry.
  50. 50. We are the aggregator of our data – not a list broker or reseller…You are dealing directly with the source of the data.
  51. 51. Did you know that over 70% of all Internet users in the USA have made purchases online as a result of receiving opt-in email marketing advertisements?</li></ul> <br />We compile data from over 12,000 different websites and over 1200 different publications; we take a person’s self-reported, opt-in information from warranty cards, online registrations, e-newsletters, and surveys.  Then, we bounce that information against all the major data sources like Equifax, Axiom, Experian, and Trans-Union.  This way we build real data, based upon an individual’s self-reported data.  Then, we cross-reference, or overlay that information against the databases that we currently manage to find other interests.  This process is called data profiling and yields the most accurate results because sending targeted email is one of the main keys to successful campaigns.<br />
  52. 52. CONSUMER SELECTIONS PAGE 1<br />DEMOGRAPHIC SELECTIONS<br />Age<br />Educational Level<br />Ethnicity<br />Gender<br />Homeowner<br />Income<br />Martial Status<br />Occupation<br />Presence of Children<br />Presence of Credit<br />Renter<br />INCOME LEVEL<br />Less than $25,000<br />$25,000 - $50,000<br />$50,00 - $75,000<br />$75,000 - $100,000<br />$100,000 - $150,000<br />$150,000 - $200,000<br />$200,000 - $250,000<br />$250,000+<br />AILMENTS<br />Alzheimer's<br />Angina<br />Arthritis<br />Asthma<br />Arthritis<br />Allergies<br />Back Pain<br />Balding<br />Blindness<br />Breast Cancer<br />Cancer<br />Children's Health & Fitness<br />Clinical Depression<br />Diabetes<br />Emphysema<br />Epilepsy<br />Headaches<br />Hearing Difficulty<br />Heartburn<br />Heart Disease<br />High Cholesterol<br />Migraines<br />Osteoporosis<br />Parkinson's Disease<br />Physical Handicap<br />Ulcer<br />GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION<br />State<br />County<br />City<br />SCF<br />Zip code<br />EDUCATION LEVEL<br />College - Bachelors Degree<br />College - Masters Degree<br />College - Ph.D.<br />College Grad<br />College Student<br />GED<br />High School Graduate<br />Online College<br />Some College<br />Vocational<br />
  53. 53. CONSUMER SELECTIONS PAGE 2<br />ARTS<br />Art<br />Arts & Crafts<br />Dance/Ballet & Jazz<br />Performing Arts<br />Models & Actors<br />Music<br />Musical Instruction<br />Musical Instruments<br />Paintings<br />Sculpting<br />Theatre<br />CONSUMER GOODS<br />AND INTEREST<br />Audio/Visual<br />Books & Information<br />Cell Phones & Pagers<br />Clothing (men, women, children)<br />Clubs<br />Cosmetics<br />Colognes<br />Computer Hardware & Software<br />Dining/Restaurants<br />Electronics<br />Foods<br />Furniture<br />Internet Merchandise<br />Jewelry<br />Music CD's<br />Online Buyers<br />Party Supplies<br />Recipes<br />Service Organizations<br />Singles<br />Teens<br />Toddlers<br />Toys<br />EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT<br />College<br />Education /General<br />Jobs & Employment<br />Primary Education<br />Science<br />Technical<br />HEALTH AND MEDICAL<br />Alternative Medicine<br />Contact Lens/Eyeglass wear<br />Disabilities<br />Exercise Equipment<br />Fitness<br />Herbal Remedies<br />Nutritional Supplements<br />Weight Loss<br />ENTERTAINMENT<br />Clubs<br />Concerts<br />Events<br />Online Entertainment Users<br />HOME<br />Decoration / Design<br />Home Improvement<br />Vacation Homes<br />REAL ESTATE<br />Commercial Property<br />Land<br />Residential Property<br />
  54. 54. CONSUMER SELECTIONS PAGE 3<br />HOBBIES AND INTERESTS<br />Antiques<br />Auctions<br />Camping<br />Cigars<br />Collectibles<br />Gardening<br />Guns<br />Hiking<br />Hobbies<br />Outdoor Adventure<br />Hunting<br />Pets<br />Photography<br />Politics<br />Religion<br />Travel<br />PERSONAL BUSINESS<br />Annuities<br />Automotive Insurance<br />Business Services<br />College Savings/529's<br />Commodities/Speculators<br />Debt Reduction/Consolidation<br />Entrepreneurs<br />Financial Planning<br />Home Based Business<br />Insurance<br />Life Insurance<br />Mortgage Refinancing/Cash Out<br />Mutual Funds<br />Office Equipment<br />Office Supplies<br />Opportunity Seekers<br />Personal Finance & Investment<br />Property & Casualty Insurance<br />Real Estate Investment<br />Retirement Planning<br />Stocks, Bonds & Estate Planning<br />VEHICLES AND TRANSPORTATION<br />Airline Travel<br />Automobiles<br />Bicycles<br />Boats<br />Motorcycles<br />Planes<br />Recreation Vehicles<br />Trucks<br />MUSIC<br />Alternative Rock<br />Big Band<br />Classical<br />Country<br />Easy Listening<br />Jazz<br />Opera<br />Rap<br />World/Ethnic<br />
  55. 55. CONSUMER SELECTIONS PAGE 4<br />SPORTS<br />Baseball<br />Basketball<br />Boating or Sailing<br />Camping or Hiking<br />Collectible Sports Items<br />Equipment<br />Events<br />Fishing<br />Fitness<br />Football<br />Golf<br />Hockey <br />Hunting<br />NASCAR<br />Professional Sports Fan<br />Snow Skiing<br />Soccer<br />Sports (General)<br />Sports Apparel<br />Sports Equipment<br />Sporting Goods<br />Running<br />Water Skiing<br />Weight Lifting, Yoga or Pilates<br />Women's Sports<br />TRAVEL AND VACATIONS<br />Family Vacations<br />Business Travel<br />Car rentals<br />Cruises<br />Discounted Airfares<br />Guide Tours<br />International Adventure<br />International Travel<br />Lodging and Resorts<br />Outdoor Adventure<br />Romantic Vacations<br />Special Needs Travel<br />Theme Parks<br />Train travel<br />Travel and Vacations (General)<br />Vacation Rentals and Timeshares<br />Alternative Lifestyles<br />PERSONAL INTERESTS<br />Arts<br />Collecting<br />Cooking<br />Do-It Yourself<br />Fine Dining<br />Gambling: Lottery, Casino,<br />Sweepstakes<br />Homemaking<br />Music<br />Nature<br />Performing Arts<br />Photography<br />Reading<br />TV/Games<br />Wine Tasting<br />
  56. 56. BUSINESS SELECTIONS PAGE 1<br />BUSINESS INDUSTRY<br />Advertising<br />Agriculture, Forestry<br />Construction<br />eCommerce / eTail<br />Education<br />Engineering<br />Finance<br />Fishing Mining<br />Government<br />Information Technology<br />Insurance<br />Manufacturing<br />Political<br />Public Administration<br />Real Estate<br />Retail<br />Sales, Marketing, Management<br />Services<br />Transportation<br />Wholesale/Distributors<br />COMPANY REVENUE<br />Less than $100,000<br />$100,000 - $500,000<br />$500,000 - $1 Million<br />$1 Million - $5 Million<br />$5 Million - $10 Million<br />$10 Million - $25 Million<br />$25 Million - $50 Million<br />$50 Million - $100 Million<br />$100 Million - $250 Million<br />$250 Million - $500 Million<br />$500 Million +<br />COMPANY SIZE<br />1-9<br />10-24<br />25-49<br />50-99<br />100-249<br />250-499<br />500-999<br />1,000-4,999<br />5,000-10,000<br />10,000 +<br />
  57. 57. BUSINESS SELECTIONS PAGE 2<br />JOB TITLES<br />Account Executives<br />Accounting Professionals<br />Administrators<br />Associate<br />Business Managers<br />C-Level Executives<br />Chairman<br />Educational Professionals<br />Engineering Professional<br />Executive Administrative Assistant<br />Executive Vice President<br />Facilities Managers<br />Female Executives<br />Finance Professionals<br />Director<br />General Counsel<br />Healthcare Professionals<br />Hispanic Executives<br />Human Resource Executives<br />Insurance Professionals<br />IT Executives<br />Legal Professionals<br />Management Professionals<br />Manager<br />Marketing Professionals<br />JOB TITLES continued<br />Mortgage Professionals<br />Office Managers<br />Operation Executives<br />Owner<br />President<br />Production Executives<br />Real Estate Professionals<br />Sales Professionals<br />Senior Vice President<br />Shipping/Receiving Professionals<br />Supervisors<br />Treasurer<br />Vice President<br />Vice President of Sales<br />GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION<br />State<br />County<br />City<br />SCF<br />Zip code<br />
  58. 58. CONSUMER LEAD GENERATION<br />So you want customers. You want to use the internet. Smart move because dollar for dollar it’s the most <br />economical venue to find people interested in your product/service and we have methods to target your ideal client. <br />You need prospects that are between the ages of 25-50, household income of 75K plus, like to travel, etc. I think you <br />get the picture. We run ads on our partners Networks ( a network is a group of sites in which we run a co-reg path) <br />ranging from maybe 500-to 50,000 web sites. Once the data collected from a prospect meets your criteria, age, income, <br />etc. we present your offer and if they are interested, they will select yes, their data is collected and sent to you for follow <br />up.<br />You can also ask additional qualifying questions. This is called custom co-reg.<br />Where did you vacation last?<br />How long was your Vacation?<br />How many people were in your party?<br />
  59. 59. BUSINESS LEAD GENERATI ON<br />21st Century Marketing now offers an exciting and innovative online product that delivers you qualified B2B<br />Leads from one single source. Through our Co-reg tool, your offer becomes part of a robust qualification<br />process from some of the country's most valued publishing resources.<br />How does it work?<br />Subscribers to premier B2B publications such as Business Travel News, National Jeweler, Successful Meetings,<br />Potentials Magazines and Real Estate Investor are presented your offer at the same time that they are filling<br />out their individual subscriber qualification form.<br />Optimize Marketing Performance, Profitability and Effectiveness.<br />Our B2B Network consists of 217 professional web sites and newsletters, and growing. We advertise your<br />product on that network at no cost. Your ad will be viewed on average of 150,000 times a month for FREE!<br />You structure your ad and 3 questions to qualify your ideal prospect .<br />The data we normally collect is...full name, address, title, company, email address, phone, and of course <br />answers to your qualifying questions. We make all fields required so you only receive complete and qualified leads. <br />Their only incentive for filling in your form is genuine interest in your product/service. <br />We also send a custom auto-responder immediately upon their submission. You can put what ever you feel would <br />be relevant, contact information, special offer, call to action message, etc.<br />
  60. 60. Result-Based Ad Network<br /><ul><li>5,000 premium sites and 45 sub-networks worldwide
  61. 61. 14 billion Impressions monthly
  62. 62. 130 million Unique Users monthly
  63. 63. High Volume and Quality Traffic
  64. 64. Choice of pricing models: CPA, CPM, dCPM, CPL, CPC
  65. 65. Advanced Targeting Solutions</li></li></ul><li>Live person CTR and Form submission rate<br />See a generic demo @ <br /><br />Or click on any of the sites below for a live campaign<br />For more information contact: Tony Giuliani<br /><br />321-663-4640<br />
  66. 66. 21st CENTURY MARKETING<br />GLOBAL MEDIA SOLUTIONS<br />For more information please contact<br />Tony Giuliani<br />321-663-4640<br /><br /><br />