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Civil engineer


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Civil engineer

  1. 1. TASKS OF JOB: Makes sure buildings and transportation are safe an efficient. They design roads, buildings, dams and bridges. They make sure the design is strong enough to last in all weather. Need to be creative
  2. 2. EDUCATION You need a bachelor’s degree You need a license from the state to do services directly to the public. In order to get a license you need to work four years in relevant work and pass an exam.
  3. 3. SCHOOLSGood schools for civil engineers are:• Stanford university• University of Michigan• University of California
  4. 4. BEGINNING SALARYMichigan:• $75,000 is the starting salary in Michigan• It is 3% below the starting salary for civil engineers nation wideU.S.A.:• $77,000 is the starting salary in the united statesNation wide:• Is the same as the U.S. starting salary, $77,000.
  5. 5. ADVANCED SALARY• The advanced salary for civil engineers nationwide is $98,270• The advanced salary in the united states is $119,000• The advanced salary for Michigan is $89,460• The change is not big but the best advanced salary is in the united states
  6. 6. JOB OUTLOOK FUTURE• The need for civil engineers in the future will most likely grow• Because technology will grow and more engineers will be needed