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One conference prague dr julia glidden


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One conference prague dr julia glidden

  1. 1. Enabling Smart City Services through Open Data, Mobile Applications and Common Data Formats
  2. 2. Citadel is all about Local...
  3. 3. And Turning Words into Reality.... eGovernment Vision Identification of Practical Steps Making the Vision Real Malmo Declaration (2009) Citadel Statement (2010) Citadel on the Move Project (2011 – 2014) Common architecture, shared services and standards TECHNOLOGY: mobile apps accessed easily and used anywhere 1 eGov services around citizens needs 1 2 Better access to information 2 Open data, transparency and personal rights 2 DATA: Open access data in common formats 3 Active citizen involvement 3 Citizen participation and involvement 3 INNOVATION: citizen created smart services 1
  4. 4. Citadel Smart City Vision Benefit from innovative developments of citizens and SME’s and others across Europe Harness power of freely available easy to use Open Data for creation of mobile services Contribute to a multi-national service-orientated ecosystem by sharing mobile services
  5. 5. Citadel Starts with Open Data
  6. 6. And Overcoming Bureaucratic Barriers.....
  7. 7. Citadel Tackles this Challenge by.....
  8. 8. All Cross Border...
  9. 9. Citadel Apps....
  10. 10. Key Dates
  11. 11. !
  12. 12. CITADEL ON THE MOVE - CONTACT • Join the 230 Members in our Facebook Group: Citadel on the Move • Contact our Project Coordinator – Geert Mareels +32 465 728 292 • will be coming soon…