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Innovation Games - Knowing whats important


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Using Innovation Games® to really understand what’s the most important thing to do in your SharePoint projects. This slide deck details where serious games fit, how they differ from gamification and how using these techniques you really get to understand what the most important things to do are in your SharePoint Projects.

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Innovation Games - Knowing whats important

  1. 1. Using Innovation Games® to really understand what’s the most important thing to do.#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  3. 3. Agenda • SharePoint Project Pain • Serious Games • Getting started with serious games#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  4. 4. Agenda • SharePoint Project Pain#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  5. 5. SharePoint Project Pain • IT driven change • Limited business involvement • No shared vision • What legacy#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  6. 6. Some questions • What is collaboration? – How do you do it? – Why do you do it? – Who do you do it with?#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  7. 7. Traditional vs. Collaborative • Traditional techniques often can – Be highly constrained and overly precise – Assume people have the answers • Collaborative techniques – Allow you to explore alternatives – Answers can be discovered during the process#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  8. 8. Paradox SharePoint is a Collaboration Platform… …yet we often fail to collaborate on how to use SharePoint!#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  9. 9. Agenda • Serious Games#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  10. 10. Why do serious games work? • Structured – Rules, but often no winners • Purposeful – Definite outcome • Time-bound – By definition, a time boxed exercise • Participatory – Success depends on everyone participating All of which can simplify decision-making and • Egalitarian generate new insights. – Everyone has an equal opportunity to participate#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  11. 11. Why do serious games work? IFOur brains are figure out puzzlewired for THENintrinsic release pleasure- creating chemicalsmotivation. (opioids)#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  12. 12. Serious Games Span#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  13. 13. Gamification and Serious Games • Gamification – Foursquare, Linked In, Stack Overflow – Tesco Clubcard – Xbox Live, Ribbon Hero • Serious Games – Do work – for serious customer insight – actionable insights and results – Innovation Games ®#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  14. 14. Game Design Open Explore Close A B#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  15. 15. Match Questions to time horizon Strategy What are unsolved problems? Portfolio How should my Product product evolve? Discovery Release Sprint Where can my Validation product be Daily improved?#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  16. 16. Innovation Game: Speed Boat • What’s good and what’s not about the SharePoint today • Outputs – Shared view on • what works well • what’s not working well – Insights into priorities and thinking of stakeholders#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  17. 17. Speed boat in Action#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  18. 18. Innovation Game: Remember the Future • What has your SharePoint done to make you… – Happy, Successful, efficient, rich • Outputs – What future looks like, the legacy – How to get there#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  19. 19. Innovation Game: Buy a Feature • Prioritize Features • Outputs – Most important features – Shared commitment – Reason for buying#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  20. 20. Buy a Feature in Action#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  21. 21. Innovation Game: Show and Tell • Real users – tell you about what they’ve done • Outputs – People are engaged – What people don’t use – What’s used in unexpected ways#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  22. 22. Innovation Game: Spider Web • Visualise the full picture • Outputs – Explore relationships and dependencies – Discover hidden stakeholders and systems#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  23. 23. Innovation Game: Start your day • When do people use SharePoint – Daily, weekly monthly, yearly, special events or disasters • Outputs – Insight into real use – Discover opportunities#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  24. 24. Start your day in action#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  25. 25. Agenda • Getting started with serious games#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  26. 26. Your next move with serious games • Start Today – Pick the game – Prepare, prepare, prepare – Make sure you have enough resources for the exercise – Record the exercise – Socialize the results – Plan for the next game#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  27. 27. Innovation Games Process • Planning • Playing • Post-Processing • Action#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  28. 28. Be very specific about the problem you’re addressing Complexity Customer insight Team dynamics Pick one. Just one.#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  29. 29. Pick the right game Challenge Common Source Possible Game Business Value No clear rode map Remember the Future Unable to prioritize 20/20 Vision Buy a Feature User Adoption Not understanding what the user need Product Box Lack of user involvement Buy a Feature (scaled up) Motivation Lack of incentive to take ownership Start your day Not seeing value in their contribution Spider web Ideas Too many ideas hard to deal with Prune the Product Tree Productivity Unrecognized obstacles to productivity Speed Boat#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  30. 30. Use Continuously • MAKE SERIOUS GAMES AN ONGOING ACTIVITY – Requirements – Planning – Retrospection – Ad hoc decision-making#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  31. 31. Try Innovation Games • Online • Facilitated • Get trained - 3 months free - 2 days Nov 3/4#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES
  32. 32. Any questions or additional comments?#SUGUK #INNOVGAMES