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MuseumPlus RIA, il cloud per la gestione del museo, delle collezioni e del patrimonio culturale


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La soluzione completa per la gestione delle collezioni, esposizioni e patrimonio di un museo o galleria. Offerto in modalità cloud, permette di risparmiare i costi di instrastruttura client/server locale.
In tutto il mondo più di 700 istituzioni usano MuseumPlus per gestire e organizzare le proprie collezioni. Semplice ed intuitivo, robusto e affidabile, grazie a più di 10 anni di esperienza al servizio dei propri clienti.

Maggiori funzionalità:

- Gestione Collezioni
- Immagini/video/audio
- Riferimenti bibliografici
- Anagrafica Autori
- Restauro delle opere e loro collocazione
- Esposizioni
- Rapporti con il mondo esterno
- Gestione dei prestiti inbound e outbound
- Eventi e pubbliche relazioni

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MuseumPlus RIA, il cloud per la gestione del museo, delle collezioni e del patrimonio culturale

  1. 1. Agenda About 21Style About Zetcom Our Clients Product Highlights Demo ArtPlus Web Site - eMuseumPlus Tech Stuff
  2. 2. 21Style - Exclusive Italian distributor ● Great experience in cultural heritage and catalogation ● More then 5 years using and supporting MuseumPlus ● Agile and quick support in whole Italy ● An expanding customer satisfaction ● Offices: › Torino (Turin) 21Style
  3. 3. Zetcom - Globally positioned company ● Continuous growth since founding in 1998 ● Vendor of innovative software and best-practice services ● 800+ museums, galleries and other clients ● More than 7000 users in 26 countries ● 60 employees worldwide ● Offices: › Switzerland (Bern) › USA (Overland Park) › Germany (Berlin) › Spain (Barcelona) › France (Paris) ● Partners: › Italy (21-style), Eastern EU, Greece and Singapore Zetcom Group
  4. 4. Company Strategy Blend most advanced functionality and technology with best-practice collections & museums mgmt. Design innovative and easy-to-use software. Deliver best-in-class products and services to all private and institutional clients in the cultural sector.
  5. 5. Zetcom products • for your online catalogue: • for museums: • for foundations and sponsors: • for collectors and galleries:
  6. 6. International standards and cooperations › SPECTRUM UK Documentation Standard › ICCD Italian National Documentation Standard › CDWA Categories Description of Works of Art › CRM/CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model › LIDO/MuseumDat Data Harvesting Standard › MuseumVoc Exchange Standard for Thesauri › Dublin Core Interoperable Metadata Standards › Joconde/DMF French Catalogue of Collections
  7. 7. World’s most respected collections trust our products Zentrum Paul Klee Benaki Technik Museum Wallace Spencer Weisman NHB Singapur Louvre Staatliche Museen Berlin Pinakotheken Museo del Oro Fondation Beyeler Architektur Museum
  8. 8. All types of museums and collections
  9. 9. Complex task flow Growing complexity of challenges Rising demands Intuitive software for many challenges
  10. 10. Competitive Advantage of Web Based Applications today 2015 TMS, KE Emu, Adlib, MuseumPlus classic web based (internet application) client/server (traditional) ArtPlus MuseumPlus RIA
  11. 11. Most advanced functionality and technology ● state of the art web technology ● accessible from anywhere and on any device ● Thin client. No third-party software installation Open Standards and cost-efficient architecture ● builds on open source technology & standards ● reduced costs, easy deployment and maintenance ● easy interfacing & data exchange Proven and established ● well established and proven solution ● 100+ customers rely on our web based products Secure and flexible ● encrypted data transfer ● high security features (multiple authentication etc.) Adaptable & scalable ● multilingual ● adaptable field catalogue, modules, views etc. Key Strengths of MuseumPlus RIA
  12. 12. Modular Solution More modules
  13. 13. Extensions & Interfaces
  14. 14. Easy interfacing and data exchange MUSEUM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM EXPORT - Data Exchange, OAI/LIDO - Catalogue Production - Harvesting & Portals - Longterm Preservation HARDWARE - Barcode - RFID WEB SITE - eMuseumPlus - Social Tagging - CMS IMPORT - MuseumPlus Importer - Image Batch Import SOFTWARE - Library Systems - DAM's - Ticketing Systems WEB-SERVICES - Thesaurus - Vocabulary - Authority Files - Geo-Information - GIS OFFLINE WORK - Offline-Synchronisation (tbd)
  15. 15. Condition Reporting / Mapping Interface - DiVisual ● sophisticated digital „pen & paper“ ● streamlines Adobe Photoshop for condition mapping ● specifically designed patterns, brushes and tools help standardizing mapping information ● Photoshop image file lets you integrate past conditions, present tasks and future treatment proposals
  16. 16. DiVisual - Digital Pen Extension for Photoshop
  17. 17. 3D Walk Through Exhibition - Interface / API
  18. 18. Tech Stuff
  19. 19. ● Is it compatible? (Windows, MAC, SQL etc.) ● Client software installation or maintenance ● System requirements on work stations ● local area network LAN ● Security on laptops, local & USB drives etc. ● Consolidating separate systems or data sources Web-based software is better than traditional software. No need to worry about…
  20. 20. ● JAVA Rich Internet Application (RIA) ● Cross-platform ● Available as Software as a Service (SaaS) ● Open Source based ● High security ● Interfaces (Web services ; API interface) Full Web Thin Client Technology
  21. 21. Technology Users Canoo Framework Glassfish JEE Java Enterprise Edition JDK Java Development Kit Source Code Management Presentation Layer Servlet Service Layer EJB Enterprise Java Beans 3.1 Data Access Layer Servlet Database PostgreSQL (or MS SQL, Oracle…) Business Logic (Groovy) Full Text Search Service (Lucene) DAO Layer JDBCProvider: Eclipse Link Configu- ration Moni- toring Security ULC Ultra Thin Client (Canoo) FoundationPlus Servlet Windows / Mac OSX / Linux JRE Thin JAVA Client Launch via JNLP firewall HTTPS TECHNOLOGY SERVER CLIENT app & data base server
  22. 22. Network Overview – zetcom Best-Practice TEST Environment Storage PRODUCTIV Environment Data Base A+ TEST Data Base A+ PROD RIA-Server A+ TEST RIA-Server A+ PROD eMuseumPlus Firewall FirewalleM+ Web eM+ DB BACKUP DMS (Alfresco) Separate Online Backup museum website (not in scope)
  23. 23. Competitive Product and Team The best team and services!
  24. 24. Screen Shots
  25. 25. Collection –Entry Form View
  26. 26. Collection – Catalogue View
  27. 27. Collection – Tabular View
  28. 28. Collection – Hybrid View
  29. 29. Arabic Version
  30. 30. Web Catalogue - eMuseumPlus eMuseumPlus
  31. 31. From MuseumPlus RIA to eMuseumPlus
  32. 32. Göteborg Konstmuseum Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin Daros Latin AmericaThe Wallace Collection, London Stockholm LSH Selection of ExampleseMuseumPlus Click here Click here Museo Egizio, Italy Click here
  33. 33. eMuseumPlus more sample sites Thesaurus / Search Portfolio Collection lists by type Groups of works Object details
  34. 34. Visualisation – Différentes type de vues Time line animations Exhibition history Flor plan animations