Northwest indiana natural health meet up


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Northwest indiana natural health meet up

  1. 1. NorthwestIndiana NaturalHealth Meet UpDate:Wed., August 15, 2012Hosts:Kathy Sipple & Emily Russell
  2. 2. Kathy & Emily Welcome You! • Owner, My Social Media Coach • Marketing Work with Natural Health Clients • Founder / Radio Host 219 GreenConnect • Organizer, Green Drinks • Regional Coordinator, Sustainable Indiana 2016 • Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Reiki-ssage • Event Management, Web MarketingKathy Sipple • BA Biology • Masters in Teaching • Continuing Education Certificate, Kid’s Nutrition Specialist • Workshop Leader "Raising Healthy Eaters - Kids Nutrition Class" at Mothering By Nature • Shaklee Business LeaderEmily Russell
  3. 3. INDIANA has fallen way behind other states inseveral quality of life categories:  2008 Forbes report on the “greenest” states ranked Indiana 49th out of 50.  2007 Forbes report of the same report noted that Indiana has the 6th highest carbon footprint of any state  five counties received a grade of “F” for air quality from the American Lung Association  Indiana’s water quality ranked worse than only four other states.  Indiana perennially ranks near the top in carbon dioxide emissions, totally out-of-line with our geographical size and population.  Health indicators are also troubling…
  4. 4. The State of Indiana’s Health In Indiana 2008, 63.5% of adults are overweight or obese. according to a 2007 report by the Trust for America’s Health, Indiana has the 9th highest rate of adult obesity (26.8%) in the nation, and the 15th highest rate of overweight children (15.6%). 9.6% of adults have diagnosed diabetes (8.2 is national average) and another 4% are undiagnosed As of 2012, 30,000 Indiana residents are diagnosed with cancer each year; 2 out of 5 will develop it in their lifetime For Lake, Porter and LaPorte county combined average – 15% are in poor/fair health, 27% are physically inactive, 11% have limited access to healthy food, 25% are smokers, 32% are obese
  5. 5. Changing this Picture  SUSTAINABLE INDIANA 2016 is a collaborative project initiated by Earth Charter Indiana to dramatically change this picture through a massive grassroots educational, motivational and green practices campaign that is upbeat, holistic, multi-generational and synergistic. The year 2016, when Indiana celebrates its Bicentennial, has been chosen as a target date to unveil Indiana as a national leader in “green innovation.” The stakes are high not only for our children’s children but also for the planet’s future.
  6. 6. Why join this initiative?  Networking/referrals  Marketing synergy  Community calendar What kinds of health problems do you help?  Interests, ideas, comments  How can we help?
  7. 7. Your Role: Introductions  Name  Business name (if available)  Location  Who do you work with?  What kinds of health problems do you help?  Interests, ideas, comments  How can we help?
  8. 8. Survey Results:Customer Profile
  9. 9. Survey Results:Marketing Methods
  10. 10. Survey Results:Marketing Challenges
  11. 11. Survey Results:Networking Interest
  12. 12. Survey Results:Speaking Events
  13. 13. Survey Results:Online Directory
  14. 14. Sustainability Booster: $20.16 Level (Annual) Listing on and as a Bicentennial Green-Legacy Individual Booster Tax deductibleGiving at this level helps to supply educational andpromotional materials.
  15. 15. Natural Health Provider: $75.00 Level (Annual) $50 for first 20 to sign up Listing on and as a Bicentennial Green-Legacy Organizational Booster Listing on with contact information and web site link in a special natural health provider directory Complimentary attendance at quarterly natural health membership event, food and beverage tab not included if applicable. ($40 value) $20.16 is tax deductibleGiving at this level supports skill building fairs and workshops.
  16. 16. Sustaining Supporters: $100 Level+ (Annual) All benefits included in lower levels, plus custom sponsorship opportunities, such as: Underwriting mention on 219 GreenConnect radio show Sponsorship on natural event community calendar and email blast Complimentary banner ads on 219 GreenConnect site Speaking opportunities $20.16 is tax deductibleGiving at this level supports hosting educational webinars, onlinecommunity calendar development, web site improvements andmore.
  17. 17. Special Incentive Bonuses Join Tonight (any level) First 20 to Join $100+ Inclusion in press  Attend LinkedIn release and blog webinar for free ($149 value) post  Free banner ad on 219 GreenConnect 219 GreenConnect radio interview for one year  3 free guest passes ($30 value)
  18. 18. Next Steps Join as a member at your chosen level or continue to attend and pay $10 per meeting. Details for September and October meetings are under way. Contact Kathy Sipple if you have comments, questions or would like to refer someone: (219) 440-4620 or email you for attending! We hope to see you next time.