2014 Valparaiso University MLK Celebration: Conserving the Beloved Community


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2014 Valparaiso University MLK Celebration: Conserving the Beloved Community

  1. 1. Conserving the Beloved Community Valparaiso University 2014 MLK Celebration Monday, January 20, 2014
  2. 2. Kathy Sipple, Founder 219 GreenConnect, Northwest Indiana Green Drinks Organizer and Sustainable Indiana 2016 Regional Coordinator www.219greenconnect.com www.sustainableindiana2016.org • • • • • B.A . Economics from University of Michigan . Podcast host: http://blogtalkradio.com/219greenconnect. Avid vermicomposter and community gardener. Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Advisory Board Member Work with green companies and nonprofits to tell their stories.
  3. 3. Nicole Barker, Executive Director of Save the Dunes www.savedunes.org • • • • Governance Board Member, Healing Our Waters Coalition Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Advisory Board Member Past Board Member, Northwest Indiana Paddling Association Past Program Direction, Chicago Department of Environment
  4. 4. Conservation Definition The act of conserving or saving our natural resources through careful management. This means we can use the resources but wisely and responsibly. Examples: reducing your waste, saving trees, recycling, using renewable resources that don't deplete our natural resources.
  5. 5. Climate Change • Sustainable Indiana 2016 hosted webinar in October 2013 with Purdue University Indianapolis Professor Gabriel Filippelli, Environmental Geochemist and Climate Scientist said, “We don’t need science anymore…we really need people who have common sense and a concern about the future. That’s where we need to transition the climate change debate.” • View the archived webinar at http://youtube.com/si2016.
  6. 6. Climate Change • When you add greenhouse gases such as CO2, you warm the planet. • “It’s not rocket science.” ~ Professor Gabriel Filippelli • What amount is caused by humans? • What can you do? • Take the Carbon Footprint Challenge
  7. 7. Climate Solution Resources • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: http://www.ipcc.ch/ • Post Carbon Institute: http://www.postcarbon.org/ • Sustainable Indiana 2016 climate change policy petition: http://chn.ge/LHGXbd • 350.org • Climatenetwork.org • Climatesolutions.org • Sustainableindiana2016.org
  8. 8. Water Stewardship • Save the Dunes • Outlook for Northwest Indiana and Valparaiso • What you can do
  9. 9. Land Stewardship • Save the Dunes • Outlook for Northwest Indiana and Valparaiso • What you can do • Recycling • Reduce food waste
  10. 10. What can you do? • Reduce emissions • Take the carbon footprint calculator challenge: http://www.nature.org/greenliving/carboncalculator/ to learn how you compare
  11. 11. Free Home Energy Assessment http://219greenconnect.com/energizingindiana/ Green Power Options http://219greenconnect.com/renewable-energy/3004/
  12. 12. QUESTIONS? Please type your questions in the chat window and the moderator will relay them to the presenters. Thanks for attending! Please spread the word about this webinar by sharing on social networks: Twitter: @si2016, Hashtag: #si2016 Facebook: http://facebook.com/sustainableindiana2016
  13. 13. Find us online: Save the Dunes www.savedunes.org 219 GreenConnect www.219greenconnect.com Green Drinks www.greendrinks.org www.facebook.com/nwigreendrinks Sustainable Indiana 2016 www.sustainableindiana2016.org Kathy Sipple www.kathysipple.com