211info: now you know.


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Details how 211info connects the people of Oregon and Southwest Washington to the community services they need.

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  • Hello, my name is_____ and I am the __( role) __ from 211info That means I do _(what that role means) _______ There’s no manual for dealing with life’s problems. Everyone deserves to have someone in their corner, providing guidance, when they don’t know where to turn for help.   Anyone can simply dial 211 on the phone for a live, free, confidential call. The caller speaks to someone who is trained to find help by creatively problem solving and listening with a compassionate ear.   And by visiting one website – 211info.org – anyone get access to the most comprehensively researched community services information in the region. We provide guidance to individuals and families in more than 1200 areas of need, such as those who are cold, homeless, hungry, need to keep the lights on, or need information about health care. Every year, we make more than 250,000 such connections. And it is important to note we are a source of guidance for those who need community services and for those are helping others. In the next 10 minutes, I’ll describe how 211info will aid you in helping your clients, while saving you time.
  • Before getting into too much detail I wanted to show you this quick video that explains 211info. After video – The people behind our services are compassionate professionals -- but often times what people appreciate most is the fact that we are live, local people . When you call 211, email us, or connect with us in any way there is a live, local person ready to answer your questions. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know that.
  • 211info isn’t defined by our services. As times change, so do the services. We are defined by the five words on this slide. “How can we help you?” If you leave this presentation with one idea in your head, it is that we exist to be a helpful resource for you. We exist to help make the social services system run smoothly. And we serve without bias or cost to you. We are just here to help. [Insert anecdote of how we can use all our tools to help a client via a provider] [If possible, insert number of how many calls we refer to that agencies] How can we help? Save you time You can use us to find information about services. Services we use are mostly nonprofits and strictly vetted No more using Google or other sources of information with varied quality We have a team dedicated to updating records, so you don’t have to rely on outdated resource books and sticky notes We can help your clients by connecting them to the appropriate, available services they need . Give your organization another voice We can promote your work We can make sure people are contacting you for the right services If you are overwhelmed, we can direct people away if you request it
  • Tool 1: Our call center – if you dial 211 from 8am to 6pm (change for winter months) Monday through Friday you will speak to a live, trained and local call center specialist that will assess your needs. [Insert anecdote about value of call center to providers] We operate a professional, nonprofit, call center staffed by trained specialists in social services. You get a colleague who can help you and provide quick, accurate information on the go. All for free. We are the compassionate voice on the other line asking the second question and problem solving with the caller. You get a back up if your client needs help finding a resource and you don’t know where to start or don’t have hours to spend finding help. We can support you in advocating on behalf of your client. We can say “no” if there is no resource available. You get a way out. Maybe you have a hunch that a resource just doesn’t exist. We can double check for your client and let them know the reality of service availabilities . Then, we can work to find creative solutions to meeting you and your clients’ needs.
  • [Click Image to 211info.org – click on search button] Tool 2: Our database – Our call center is armed with a high-tech database that is extensively researched and contains more than 4,500 local, state and national programs covering everything from utility assistance to parent resources. And that exact same database is available to you and the public on our website www.211info.org . Also available is a print directory we sell every year. [Anecdote: our online database use is far out pacing our call volume in growth. We hear from providers that they much rather to use the online tools than call. (add additional anecdote if you would like)] [show how to perform a search – search specific agency name, search need] Our robust searchable database is updated regularly by our resource team. No more need to flip through outdated resource guides, sticky notes and random emails without knowing if the information is accurate. You have a team working to keep information updated, with a high-tech system , so there is no need for your agency to start anew. [show provider update section and pass out Troy’s document] You can also conveniently update your agency and program information directly from our website . This means every time your agency has an important change – such as a new program or change in contact information – you can easily update it in our records, so we are sending you calls. And the reverse is true [use anecdote about St. Vincent DePaul requesting we discontinue service to a program because of too much need]
  • [with internet access Launch website, without access just address highlights below and keep on this screen] Tool 3: Our website 211info.org is now more than a place to just access our database. Recently we have launched a new website designed to give you more of the real-time, local information you need. [Use example of how we could promote your program and how that gets distributed to other providers and citizens via email, social media and website] Web updates With more than 4,500 programs in our database, in addition to the hundreds of temporary events going on in your community, we wanted a better way to alert you to the most recent information we have. That’s why we created the “What’s New” section on the home page and local community alerts. Updates include community resource information and relevant news about resources. [show what’s new on home page and in local area hub section of the website] If you want more in-depth analysis about community services – check out our blog: Resource Buzz . It is written specifically for service providers to give you useful information and maybe a little entertainment. [point to blog and click] You can also find out more information about some of our closest partners. In our Partner Highlights section. [in Portland metro]For instance, you can learn about HousingConnections.org – a free website we maintain in partnership with the city of Portland that provides low cost housing options. [outside of metro] For instance, you can learn about Oregon Helps! a free online screening tool for service eligibility. SEE STAFF FAQ FOR HOUSINGCONNECTIONS.ORG, OREGON SAFENET AND OREGON HELPS. ANSWER ONLY ONE OR TWO BASIC QUESTIONS AND TELL AUDIENCE YOU WILL FOLLOW UP WITH FURTHER INQUIRY. Spread the Word We are also working to make it easier for you to let your clients and colleagues know about 211info. Download materials, share videos and order materials. The more people know about 211info, the more we can do for you and the entire social services system. Information delivered your way Of course you can access all this by bookmarking 211info.org in your web browser. But we can also deliver you the content you want in your email inbox or through your favorite social media site. [point up where people can sign up on the home page] If you don’t want to wait to sign up for our email alerts – I’ll pass around a sign up sheet right now and we’ll do all the work for you. You can get alerts about local resources, blog posts, caller reports and more. [pass out sheet]
  • We are here to make your life easier . One of 211info’s failings in the past was not doing the outreach and relationship building we are doing now with the entire social service provider community. You are the key to our service being a success. You are the key to people getting the help they need. So, if you are sitting here wondering why you didn’t know more about us before, or why you didn’t understand how useful the service is – it is probably because we didn’t make the effort we should have. Our services work best when everyone plays a role by providing feedback, updates about agency changes and new programs, and other important community updates. Like the pencil maker, we can’t do it alone. Please use our call center as a backup to your services Use our database as an up-to-date source of information If you want promotion for your program or a partner program, let us know. If you want to change information about your organization , log on to our website or give us a call – we only know what you tell us. Use our other website tools to help keep yourself informed. Help us spread the word about 211info . A healthy community is a well informed community. We are your partners in keeping people informed.
  • Thank you! Once again my name is ____. I have business cards with me if you are interested. And please don’t forget to sign up to our email alerts at www.211info.org or on the sheet I have passed out.
  • 211info: now you know.

    1. 1. 211info now you know. Presenter: Emily Berndt, Agency Relations Coordinator www.211info.org
    2. 2. <ul><li>How can we help you? </li></ul>www.211info.org
    3. 3. Call Center <ul><li>Helpful Colleague </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li>Backup Support </li></ul><ul><li>Honest Information Source </li></ul>http://www.corbisimages.com/images/67/6394815D-4E26-48EE-BBE9-D8F993D88565/42-15269970.jpg www.211info.org
    4. 4. Navigating the Database www.211info.org
    5. 5. Web Search
    6. 6. Service Provider Web Record
    7. 7. Web Resources www.211info.org
    8. 8. Service Provider Tools
    9. 9. Service Provider Login
    10. 10. Service Provider Survey
    11. 11. Service Provider Survey
    12. 12. http://asiasociety.org/files/partnership3.png www.211info.org
    13. 13. Questions? www.211info.org
    14. 14. Thank You! Please Sign Up for Our Email Updates! www.211info.org