Young sebu clarifying and oil control


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Young sebu clarifying and oil control

  1. 1. GETTING RID OF ACNEWITHOUT DRYING YOUR SKIN 100% natural active ingredients Guaranteed results No dry skin Restores skin natural elasticity Fast reduction of inflammation 75% of users had over 50% improvement within one week 87% of users had over 50% improvement within two weeks 92% of users had over 50% improvement within one month 88% of users did not suffer from dry skin when using the products 67% of users said its the only product that actually works for them 67% of users said its the only product that actually works for themThe Young Sebu (clarifying and oil control)Cream and soap treatment from KianoMerprovides you with the benefits of naturaland effective treatment for acne and ahealthy natural look!• Acne. Outgrowing and OvercomingAcne is a common skin problem resulting frominflammation of skin glands and hair follicles. It is mostlycommon in teenagers, but can also appear later in life.The reasons for acne vary and might be due to hormonalimbalance, stress and over activity of skin glands amongothers. Beyond the esthetic issues, acne mightdramatically affect teenagers and adolescents self image.For these reasons, treating acne should be immediateand efficient.• Treating Acne the Old Fashion Way: Drying the SkinMost treatments for acne deal with the problem by dryingthe skin where the pimples erupt. This treatment cancause a multitude of side effects such as irritation of theskin, massive proliferation of new skin cells, abundanceof dead skin cells and clogging the skin pores.• Next Generation Treatment – Young Sebu(Clarifying and oil control)The innovative treatment kit – Young Sebu is an allnatural active ingredients treatment for oily andproblematic skin.The unique handmade soap is based on an ancientformula containing the specific constituents of Goat milk,Tea tree oils, Dead Sea minerals, Olive oil, Vitamin E andNatural Glycerin.The treatment Cream is a light, perfume free moisturizerwhich quickly absorbs into the skin. The TreatmentCream is soothing and naturally treats the symptoms ofoily and problematic skin, while keeping the skins naturalmoisture and balance.The breakthrough treatment and results are a function ofcombining the two treatment steps: Drying off thepimples, balancing the skins natural moisture andpreventing it from over drying.
  2. 2. Goat Milk to Fight AcneAcne vulgaris, also referred to as cystic acne, is acommon skin ailment that affects 17 million peoplewithin the United States each year with 8 out of 10being teenagers. Not all cases of acne areconsidered “severe”. In fact, the most common typeof acne vulgaris occurs when hair follicles on the skinclog with dirt and oil to cause an irritated bump. Itwas originally believed that severe acne was due topoor diet, oily skin and bacterial invasion, but recentresearch shows that individuals suffering from severeacne are more likely suffering from an inflammatorydisorder of the pilosebaceous units in the skin. Thesestructures are located within the hair follicle and aredirectly associated with the sebaceous glands andwhen they suffer from oxidative stress, severe acnecan manifest itself.Ancient Egyptians considered the goat a prizedpossession. Pharaohs were known to be buried withgoat’s milk and cheeses for use in the afterlife due toits health benefits and eventually ancient Greeks andRomans picked up on the tradition of utilizing goatsmilk for medicinal purposes. Today, goat’s milk is stillused more than cow’s milk, which speaks for itself.Goat’s milk is high in essential nutrients such asvitamin A, B2, D and E as well as protein,phosphorous and potassium. Since goat’s milkcontains oligosaccharides, a natural anti-inflammatory component, it is used to treat stomachulcers and bowel irritation worldwide in holisticmedicinal applications.An Israeli skincare company has recently begunincorporating the powerful anti-inflammatoryproperties of goat’s milk into skincare treatments forsevere acne. By utilizing all-natural, pure goat’s milkin combination with natural minerals from the DeadSea, this revolutionary acne treatment will set a newstandard when it comes to acne care. With its naturalanti-inflammatory properties, goat’s milk can soothethe pilosebaceous units in the skin and reduceirritation. The natural fat proteins will also soothe anyitching or burning associated with severe acne andleave the skin feeling fresh and smooth. Peeling andscabs associated with severe acne are significantlyreduced with goat’s milk treatments, while thevitamin E in goat’s milk protects the pilosebaceousunits from oxidative damage.Research has shown that using a combination of all-natural Dead Sea minerals with pure goat’s milk ishighly effective at treating severe acne cases. Sinceoxidative stressors and damage trigger the start ofsevere acne, the sebaceous glands are moresusceptible to bacterial acne breakouts. Utilizing atreatment to stop the anti-inflammatory process fromthe start and reduce oxidative stressors will preventbacterial acne from introducing itself on the skin andreduce the systematic inflammation of thepilosebaceous units. Inflammation preventionreductions on the skin and within the body areessentials for clear, healthy skin. It is recommendedthat an all-natural goat’s milk treatment is combinedwith lifestyle and dietary changes, especially forthose who have a genetic predisposition to bacterialacne, naturally oily skin or inflammatory diseases.Ingredients:Young Sebu (clarifying and oil control) productscontain 100% natural active ingredients which have aproven track record in restoring skin to its naturalelasticized state.Avocado oil: Renews skin by activating generation ofCollagen by the skin itselfNatural goat milk: Anti bacterial, anti inflammatorysubstance known for its efficacy in healing skinlesions and skin rejuvenationChamomile, Propolis, calamine and Zinc: For localtreatment of inflammation, lesion healing and skinmoisturizingDead Sea Minerals: For nourishing, softening andrevitalizing the skin.