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Kianomer presentation general

  1. 1. OUR MISSIONTo create a wide and diverse range ofhigh quality and high efficacy skincare and Spa products for women andmen from plant extracts, Dead Seaminerals and natural mud and saltsenriched with all of natures goodnessto provide a gift of Nature for eachand every client and customer.
  2. 2. MARKETING &PROMOTION To underscore the goodness and wholesomeness of the Dead Seas natural powers of rejuvenation. Healing and soothing powers for the benefit of the skin and body. A refreshing and empowering experience. This range is formulated to create a protective barrier for the skin to maintain optimum moisture and regain balance.
  3. 3. STRATEGYDifferentiation strategy: KianoMer is different from allother products in that it combines 100% natural activeingredients fortified with Dead Sea minerals – thisdifferentiates us from more than 90% of the market.In order to be different from the remaining 10%, weensure the very best quality for high efficacy productsthat can go head to head with the best brands in themarket ( Dead Sea or otherwise) but price wise- ourposition is mid range.This strategy fits to all retails channels with emphasison High End like: Top Drugstores, Health stores,Department stores, beauticians.
  4. 4. STRATEGYPlacing Strategy: In addition to the mainchannels we recommend focus on theSpa industry as well as Cosmetologists asthese service high end clients and candevelop the brand and create thedemand for mass market at a later stage.Niche Strategy: Fitness lines: will be apart of the KianoMer line but will focuson the Fitness clubs and Centers andhigh end sport stores.
  5. 5. OUTSTANDING FEATURES PREMIUM PRODUCTS YET AFFORDABLE. 100% natural active ingredients Pure Dead Sea Minerals Premium products that can stand up against anyleading brand. Premium Dead Sea certified product – Manufacturedby one of only 20 fully licensed and Approvedmanufacturers in Israel by the ISRAELI ASSOCIATION OFINDUSTRY
  6. 6. LINE OF PRODUCTSFull range of Body Care, Spa care, skin care, Skinpampering, Moisturizers, Anti ageing creams, LiftingLine and more.“Jumpstart your skin regimen. Experience invitingformulas suited to thoroughly cleanse and protectdelicate facial skin from harsh environmental elements”.
  7. 7. STAND ALONE SUB LINES / PRODUCTS LIFTINGREJUVENATOR-LIFTING CREAMYOUR FACE HAS NEVER LOOKED YOUNGERA highly concentrated Lifting cream created to restore time-damagedfacial skin. A scientifically advanced lifting formula, based on sesameprotein enriched with Sea Weed, Wheat Protein and Dead SeaMinerals.This light-texture allows the cream to be quickly absorbed. Designedto diminish wrinkles and visibly improve your complexion. Use daily asyour lifting treatment, to promote a firmer and youthful glow.
  8. 8. ACNECLARIFYING & OIL CONTROL TREATMENTFOR OILY AND PROBLEMATIC SKIN.We at KIANOMER Dead Sea have harnessednatures power to help sooth and controlskin sebum. This light cream contains GoatMilk fortified with plant extracts & Dead SeaMinerals, salt rich with anti oxidants andvitamins, which restore moisture to the cellwhile treating oily skin symptoms leaving theskin fresh and clean. CLARIFYING & OIL CONTROL CLEANSING BAR FOR OILY AND PROBLEMATIC SKIN. Hand made soap based on an ancient formula harnessing the unique characteristics of Goat Milk and Tea Tree Oil, combined with Dead Sea Salt, Olive Oil and Vitamin E and natural glycerin giving you an added 25% moisturizer. Penetrates deep into the pores, cleanses the skin, nourishes and moisturizes, whilst reviving new skin cells.
  9. 9. CELLULITE CELLU- TREAT COFFEE CREAM The activate Cellu-Treat Coffee cream was created to fight cellulite and excess fat stored intensively. The cream contains caffeine, menthol , camphor, seaweed, Dead Sea Mineral and other active ingredients that increase blood supply and promote the breakdown of fats. CELLU- TREAT CINNAMON CREAM The CELLU- TREAT CINNAMON CREAM offers a unique combination of ingredients that makes skin appear firmer and smoother. Cinnamon & Macadamia Oil stimulates the skin cells to help promote the removal of excess fluid.DEAD SEA CELLULITE SOAP BARA unique triple action hand made bar soap combined withDead Sea Salt, Chamomile Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, CastorOil, Carrot Oil, Cumin Oil and Vitamin E with 25% addedmoisturizer. Eliminates excess fluid from dimpled areas,stimulates circulation, reduces water retention, provides afirm, fresh and young look to the skin.
  10. 10. MUD SPA PRODUCTSDEAD SEA MINERAL MUD & ALOE VERAThe Dead Seas black mineral mud was created through the erosion of layersof sedimentary clay from the mountains to the Sea. Over thousands of yearsthe mud absorbed a high concentration of minerals from the Dead Seawaters. The mineral mud’s abilities combined with Aloe Vera Extract offera Deep cleansing of impurities from skins upper layers, lifting away deadskin cells. NATURES CREAM DEAD SEA NATURAL MUD The world’s only natural multi purpose cream based on Mineral Dead Sea Mud as well as salt, fortified with Aloe Vera Extract and Natural Oils known to contain Vitamin E. This fast absorbing cream nourishes and protects your skin’s natural moisture . Appropriate for all skin types. DEAD SEA MUD & SALT SOAP BAR The world’s only ultimate hand made soap with Dead Sea Black Mud on one side combined with Dead Sea Salt on the other side, provides the skin with the complete genuine range of minerals from the Dead Sea, restoring its elasticity, rejuvenating skin cells, with an added 25% moisturizer leaving it naturally balanced and healthy. Use directly on the skin.
  12. 12. RESTORE YOUR HANDS AND FEET TO THEIR NATURALELASTICIZED, MOISTURIZED, HEALTHY SKIN CONDITIONDermoSilk Hand Cream / Foot CreamFOR VERY DRY AND CRACKED SKINAll the Middle Eastern nomads have known for centuries that the LesserElecampane (Inula Viscosa) plant is the best solution for dry and cracked skin onpalms, elbows or heels and they have perfected its extraction method almost toan art. The Bedouins suffering almost chronically from this skin condition (due totheir habitat), have added strength to the Inula Viscosa treatment by combining itwith another plant from biblical days- the Common myrtle (Myrtuss Communis)-known as a leading therapeutic plant for its ability to soften, calm and revitalizethe skin. We at Spider Pharm have taken this unique combination and perfected itto the highest efficacy possible with NAI (Natural Active Ingredients) by addingand harnessing the rejuvenation powers of the White poplar (CalendulaOficinalis) to turn this trio combo into a delivery system that provides the skinwith the minerals existing in our fourth NAI- the Dead Sea Minerals- to serve asbuilding blocks to rejuvenate the skin and restore its vitality while providing itwith all the moisture and nourishment it needs to return to its normal, healthyelasticized condition to create the DermoSilk Hand Cream and DermoSilk FootCream. A continuous treatment with DermoSilk will not only restore the skin,closing the cracks and ridding it from dryness and loss of elasticity, but will alsostrengthen it to a stage where it can avoid returning to this condition again.DermoSilk not only treat very dry and cracked skin but also prevents it, and thatmakes it unique.