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Alocado e leaflet

  1. 1. The Alocado™ product line allows you tocreate your own most suitablecombination for successful treatment. Theonly line in the world that is phase specificand allows you to combine two or moreproducts to answer any complexity oftreatment needed in order to affect theskin in a way that will insure the bestdesired results.STEROID FREETAR FREESYNTHETIC VITAMIND FREEThe only line in the world that providesyou with maintenance treatment in theremission stage to insure that the nextoutbreak will be challenged by a healthiermore elastic skin and thus will be lesssevere.WHY SUFFER FROM PSORIASISWHEN RELIEF IS AT HANDThe secrets of the Dead Seaare now available to youin the most natural way- ALOCADO™.It will sooth, reinvigorate andrejuvenate your skin!
  2. 2. The Alocado™ line:The Alocado™ Dead Sea treatment line separates the different skin conditionsrelated to the Psoriasis by having a dedicated product per condition (symptom),those products can work by themselves or in combination with other productsin the line. The fact that these products can work in combination with oneanother provides you with the option of building the right combination neededto suit the exact condition of your skin and thus achieving better and longerlasting results.In the Alocado™ line there is the Body PSOAID kit and the Scalp PSOAID kit aswell as several other stand alone products not packed in kits (Alocado™Ointment, Alocado™ Body Lotion, Alocado™ Body Oil, and Alocado™ Bath Oil)as a complementary treatment to the body.The Alocado™ PSOAIDBody kit contains acombination of four products forthe treatment of dry to very dryirritated, itchy, flaky and damagedskin.Each product is dedicated to oneskin symptom and can be appliedalongside the other products forachieving better and longer lastingresults.The Alocado™ PSOAID Body kit contains the following products:Alocado™ Silver for very dry and scaly skin.Alocado™ Gold for irritated and damaged skin.Alocado™ Skin Softener for very dry, rough skin andAlocado™ mineral Cream for dry itchy skin as a long term maintenance cream.
  3. 3. The Alocado™PSOAID Scalp kitcontains a combination of threeproducts for the treatment of dryto very dry irritated, itchy, flakyand damaged scalp. Each productis dedicated to one skin symptomand can be applied alongside theother product for achievingbetter and longer lasting results.The Alocado™ PSOAID Body kit contains the following products:Alocado™ Scalp Oil for very dry irritated, itchy, flaky and damaged skin.Alocado™ Shampoo for irritated and itchy skin.Alocado™ conditioner is very gentle with the scalp and very good for hairspoiled from damaged scalp.