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About me powerpoint


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About me powerpoint

  1. 1. December 20th 2002 12 Aisha Saleem
  2. 2. This is my older brother, Sohaib Saleem, who is 15. This is my dad, Najam Saleem. He is a very nice man, who cares about his children very much. This is my little brother, Saad, he’s three. He is very playful. This is my mom, Hina. She is very nice and also cares about her children. Together I enjoy going out to eat, and stuff like that.
  3. 3. Friends This is my friend Emily Backs, I have known her since 4th grade. This is my other friend Karissa Hoying, I have also known her since 4th grade. This is my friend Alana, I have known her since 4th grade. She moved from Celina last year. This is my friend Samantha. I have known her since 2nd grade. I like to hangout with all of them. Usually we hang out at birthday parties, or stuff like that.
  4. 4. Hobbies • Play Flute • Read • Singing • Acting • Dancing • Being Sarcastic
  5. 5. Favorites • Subject- Language Arts • Sport- Basketball • Food- Spaghetti • Author- April Henry • Holiday- Birthday • Candy-Air heads • Celebrity- Taylor Swift •Color- Light Blue •Movie- Pitch Perfect •T.V. Show- Pretty Little Liars •Song- Titanium •Drink- Dr. Pepper
  6. 6. y e a r . • T o H i g h • G e t • L e a r n