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AIMeetup #3: Cortana intelligence suite - tchnij życie w swoje dane


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Kamil Stachowicz podczas AIMeetup #3 w Krakowie organizowanego przez opowiadał o Cortana Intelligence Suite.

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AIMeetup #3: Cortana intelligence suite - tchnij życie w swoje dane

  1. 1. Business is being transformed by three trends IntelligenceCloudBig Data
  2. 2. They want you to be at the center of application innovation
  3. 3. Stay ahead of the curve with Cortana Intelligence Suite Business apps Custom apps Sensors and devices People Automated systems Data Intelligence Cortana Intelligence Action Apps
  4. 4. Cortana Intelligence in one sentence: Cortana Intelligence is a platform and a process to perform advanced analytics from start to finish
  5. 5. ...which offers limitless computing power Speed EconomicsScale
  6. 6. Cortana Intelligence combines the services available in Azure
  7. 7. Action People Automated Systems Apps Web Mobile Bots Intelligence Dashboards & Visualizations Cortana Bot Framework Cognitive Services Power BI Information Management Event Hubs Data Catalog Data Factory Machine Learning and Analytics HDInsight Stream Analytics Intelligence Data Lake Analytics Machine Learning Big Data Stores SQL Data Warehouse Data Lake Store Data Sources Apps Sensors and devices Data Cortana Intelligence Suite Transform data into intelligent action
  8. 8. Turning telemetry data from vehicles into insight What parts need maintenance first on all Ford F-150’s sold? Are there any vehicles below the insurance price break threshold? Show me the location of all vehicles within 50mi of my location How does the reported MPG compare to actual MPG? What parts of the engine are not meeting requirements? What is the emissions status of vehicle B204?
  9. 9. Example of Cortana Intelligence Suite in action Data Sources Ingest Prepare Analyze Publish Consume Sensors and devices Stream Analytics Machine Learning Cortana Business apps SQL Data Warehouse Diagnostic Streaming Power BI Enterprise data sources Azure Blob storage Data Factory: Move data, orchestrate, schedule and monitor Data Catalog: Register, annotate, understand, discover data sets HDInsight Event Hubs HDInsight Machine Learning Stream Analytics
  10. 10. With Cortana Intelligence, better predict needs and trends The front brakes are needing to be serviced sooner than expected 3 vehicles have daily mileage that qualify them for reduced rates 24 vehicles are shown on a map, showing status Tow truck is on its way to vehicle B204 14/15 vehicles meet standards and 1 is scheduled for maintenance Temperature is beyond the ideal range for 13 vehicles Vehicle B204 is driving in eco-mode 78% of the time
  11. 11. These customers are turning data into intelligent action with Cortana Intelligence Understand six years of patient data in a few hours Improve service and reduce cost across 5 million customers Save $300,000 a day through predictive maintenance Offer personalized service across 1,400 locations Enable smart buildings and for 20% savings in energy cost Prevent electrical blackouts across thousands of buildings
  12. 12. Improve visibility and make accurate predictions Dartmouth-Hitchcock revolutionizes personalized healthcare Scenario Static treatment plans | Outdated, generic data Solution ImagineCare collects and analyzes real-time and historical data from across devices and records, then surfaces metrics in clinical dashboards and mobile apps for a consumer-focused, personalized treatment plan. Result • Empowered, healthier patients with personalized, evidence-based treatment plans • The ability to identify issues like heart attacks before they happen • Millions of dollars saved in readmission costs, unnecessary ER and doctor visits, and less missed work • Improved quality of life with 360° views of patient health • More effective population health management “This system is really transforming how we can deliver health and wellness to the population. Despite all of the technology involved, ImagineCare does not lose that human touch, which is so important.” Nathan Larson, Director of Remote Medical Sensing
  13. 13. How to start? • Go to and get create your $200 trial account • Play with Azure Machine Learning at • Join Bizspark program and accelerate your startup • Get Azure Pass from me ($100 voucher, no credit card required)
  14. 14. What next?
  15. 15. thx @kstachowicz