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Ufc 202


Published on ufc 202 ufc fight pass ufc 202 fight card

mcgregor diaz

diaz mcgregor

mcgregor diaz 2

diaz vs mcgregor 2

mcgregor vs diaz

diaz vs mcgregor

ufc 202 stream

ufc 202

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Ufc 202

  1. 1. UFC202 fought145 poundsand 155 poundsinhis careerand I've fought155 poundsinmy career,and I had a couple fightsat170. I don'tknowhow I suddenlybecame ufc202 fightcard thismonstrous heavyweightagainstConorMcGregorjustbecause I wonthe fight,"Diazsaid. I'm a mixedmartial artist.Youkick,yougrapple,youeverything. Diaz mcgregor it’s a mixedmartial arts fight.I alwaystrainhardto be inthe bestshape I can, in or outof season.We're goingtohave to getin there andsee whathappensinthe fight. Mcgregor diaz2 that's what I'm here for,that's what we're all here for." The Diaz vs McGregor2 maineventwill topafive-boutpay-per-viewcardthat will golive at10 p.m.ET. Precedingthemonthe broadcastisa lightheavyweightboutbetweentopcontendersAnthonyJohnson and GloverTeixeira, mcgregorvsdiaz & a trioof welterweightscrapsmatchingRickStoryand Donald Cerrone,HyunGyu LimagainstMike Perryand Tim MeansversusSabahHomasi. Diaz vsmcgregor Here'sthe full maincard and stream ufc 202 UFC202 Fight card Ufc 202 ppv will showatrioof boutson a preliminarybroadcastbeginningat8 p.m. ET, while UFCFight Passwill have three more boutsonan evenearlierpreliminaryshow startingat6:30 p.m.ET. Ufc fight pass McGregor isa favorite,albeitaslightone,inthe marquee fight.It'll take a$128 wagerto return $100 on him,while a$100 outlayonDiaz wouldreturn$108 for a repeatof theirfirstencounter. Five monthsagoand at the apex of hisascension, ufc202 live stream itwasdifficulttocome upwitha wayMcGregor mightlose toa hastily-calledsubstitute.Hisstand-upgame wassolid.Hisprecisionand timinghadprovensuperiortopowerandspeed.Andlestwe forget,he lookedgoodearlyagainstDiaz before gettingsloppy.If he winsthistime,it'll be forthe same reasons.He'ssimplyabetterall-around athlete. Those whoboughtintoMcGregor afterhisdemolitionof Jose AldoatUFC 194 were understandablyshockedbyhisfailure withDiazthe firsttime around.Butthe reasonsforbackinghim haven'tchanged.He'sstill the fasterman.He's still asuperiorathlete.Andhe'sstillgoingtobe able to playoffense forasignificantamountof time onSaturdaynight.