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2020 Social Five Reasons Why Business Is Social


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Business is social. Here are five reasons why.

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2020 Social Five Reasons Why Business Is Social

  1. 1. 2020 Social Because Business is Social   
  2. 2. Who Are We Connecting Solving Building people problems relationships Sunil Agarwal Gaurav Mishra Dave Evans Managing Director CEO Consulting Director IITD, IIMA, MD of 20:20 IIMB, TAS, Yahoo! Fellow Author of ‘Social Media Media at Georgetown Marketing: An Hour a Day’ Enabling Designing innovation applications Gautam Ghosh Upasana Taku Consultant Consultant XLRI, Tech HR, Stanford, PayPal Organizational Product Management Development
  3. 3. What Do We Do We build and nurture online communities for clients help them build strong long-term relationships with customers, partners and employees to catalyze innovation and drive loyalty and advocacy.
  4. 4. Five Reasons Why Business is Social        !    Consumer Conversation Collaboration Community Collective generated Intelligence content
  5. 5. Consumer Generated Content Your consumers are authors, photographers and filmmakers, all Tap into their rolled into one. creativity and ask them to interpret your brand. Have you seen this I love these movie? My chips! mobile  phone sucks!
  6. 6. Conversations Your customers, partners and employees are talking Listen to them, reach about you, in public. out to them, engage them in a two-way conversation. Have you tried this Yes! It store? rocks!  
  7. 7. Collaboration People work together in flow when they connect with each Create rich profiles other as people. and shared workspaces to enable people to help each other. How do I fix this Let me tell problem? you how!  
  8. 8. Community Communities come together around a shared social object: a Build and nurture a lifestyle, cause or community platform passion. around a social object that is bigger than your brand. I love road I love trips! I love my travel! car! 
  9. 9. Collective Intelligence Customers, employees and partners can give Observe their behavior, you new ideas and ask them for their insights. ideas, recognize and reward them for their contribution. Here’s ! Here’s how we It worked! an can make Thank you! idea! it better! 
  10. 10. Ask Us How | @2020social on Twitter @gauravonomics on Twitter @evansdave on Twitter @gautamghosh on Twitter @upasanataku on Twitter