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By: Austin Sweeney and Ryan Zimmerman

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  1. 1. MarylandBy: Austin Sweeney and Ryan ZimmermanBusiness Presentations10/16/12
  2. 2. Overview • History of Maryland • Facts About Maryland • Climate • Much more....
  3. 3. Facts about Maryland• State Capitol: Annapolis• Population: 5,296,486 million people• State Flag
  4. 4. State Information• State nickname: • State Bird: Old Line State Baltimore Oriole• State Motto: • State Drink: Milk"Fatti Maschii Parole Femine" • State Tree: White Oak• State Flower: Black Eyed Susan
  5. 5. Size• 12,407 Square Miles• 42nd Biggest State in the Country• Counties- 23
  6. 6. Geography/Climate• Winter - 35° F and Summer 74° F• Average yearly rainfall is 40.46".• Record High and Low Temperatures• HIGH: Cumberland: 109.0° F on July 10, 1936• LOW: Oakland: -40.0° F on January 13, 1912• Temperate Climate: 4 Seasons
  7. 7. History• John Smith Explores Chesapeake Bay- 1608• 1695-Annapolis Becomes Capital of Maryland• 1727- the Maryland Gazette was found-The oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States• 1864-Maryland Abolishes Slavery• 1904- "Great Baltimore Fire"
  8. 8. Major Industries/Resources• farming (corn, soybeans, tobacco, poultry and dairy products)• mining (coal)• steel products• communications equipment• fishing (crabs and oysters)• government Services• Lumber
  9. 9. Tourist Attractions• National Museum of Dentistry• Ocean City• Baltimore• Antietam• Frederick
  10. 10. Major Cities/Towns• Baltimore is the home for the Baltimore Orioles.• The inner harbor is a nice place to go boating and fishing
  11. 11. Famous PeopleSome of these people you wouldnt believe the people that live or are from• Maryland.• Cal Ripken Jr. was born 1960 in Havre de Grace, MD.• Babe Ruth was born in MD in 1895 Francis Scott Key (writer of the Star Spangled Banner). He had lived on his familys estate "Terra Rubra" located western Maryland.
  12. 12. Current Events• The baltimore Orioles have made it to the MLB postseason for a chance to go to the world series.• Also around this time of the year Marylands oyster plantings begin.
  13. 13. Maryland CollegeOfficial webpage:• This school is known for their technology focused curriculum.• This school is also local to us• Recently added a new farm facility
  14. 14. Maryland State FairThe Maryland state fair is a fair where people can show their animals and there are also many other contests there.
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  16. 16. Maryland Video
  17. 17. Pictures of Maryland Maryland Farm Inner Harbor Maryland State Fair
  18. 18. Conclusion• Maryland is a great state• Many tourist attractions• Rich in History• Good Climate
  19. 19. Sources•••••••