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Alabama information.

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  1. 1. Katlyn Stockslager, Kitana Brown, Becky Zepp 10-18-12 Business Presentation
  2. 2. Cover● Basic Info ● Famous People● Website ● Major Cities● Major Industries ● Facts● Tourist Attractions ● History● Climate ● Current Events
  3. 3. Basic Information● Capital: Montgomery● State Nickname: Yellowhammer State and The Heart of Dixie● State Flower: Camellia● State Bird: Yellowhammer● State Tree: Longleaf Pine
  4. 4. Basic Information Continued● Location: South East of the United States● Population: 4,779,736● Size: 50,744 sq mi. (131,427 sq km)● Natural Resources: Coal, Forests, and hydroelectric
  5. 5. State Website
  6. 6. Major Industries● Agriculture● Hydroelectric Power● Steelmaking● Food Processing● Chemical Manufacturing
  7. 7. Tourist Attractions● Huntersville (Rocket City)● Talladega Superspeedway● Battle Ship Memorial Park● Noccalula Falls
  8. 8. Birmingham, Alabama
  9. 9. State Motto● We dare defend our rights
  10. 10. Climate● Rainfall(in.): 56● Snowfall(in.): 0.9● Precipitation Days: 144● Sunny Days: 221● Average Temperature: 60-70 degrees
  11. 11. Famous People● Heather Whitestone- Miss America● Rosa Parks- Civil rights activist● Kate Jackson- Actress
  12. 12. Major Cities-Birmingham - -Tuscaloosa -Vestavia Hills Bessemer-Mongomery -Hoover-Moblie -Dothan-Huntsville - -DectaurFlorence -Auburn -Madison -Phenix City -Gadsden
  13. 13. Facts● Have bear wrestling● Dominoes may not be played on Sunday● Masks may not be worn in public● You may not wear blue jeans down Noble Street
  14. 14. History of the State● First to be there: Indians● First to discover: Europeans● Joined United states: 1819● Alabama means "tribal town" from Indians● Was discovered around 10,000 years ago● AL gold rush: 1835● Biggest tornado: in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa
  15. 15. PicturesAlabama gold rush!Biggest tornado in Alabama.
  16. 16. Current Events● Children found in apartment, abused.● 18 year old shot by policeman.● Vice presidential election
  17. 17. Summary● South part of USA● Warm● Very rural● Lots of Industries
  18. 18. Citations●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●