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America’s National Parks and 21st Century Trends, Priorities, and Values: Gaining Broad Support


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Moderator: Carlos Alcazar, President & CEO, Hispanic Communications Network

America's Summit on National Parks, January 25, 2012, Washington, DC

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America’s National Parks and 21st Century Trends, Priorities, and Values: Gaining Broad Support

  1. 1. America’s National Parks and 21st Century Trends,Priorities, and Values: Gaining Broad SupportModerator:Carlos Alcazar, President & CEO, Hispanic Communications NetworkPanelists:Dan Witters, Principal & Research Director of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being IndexErik Huey, Senior Vice President, Entertainment Software AssociationAngelou Ezeilo, Executive Director, Greening Youth Foundation
  2. 2. Current Population & Projections• Late 2009: Hispanic population crossed 50MM• 16.3% of US population• Outstripped US Census estimates; number of Hispanics counted in the 2010 Census was nearly 1 million more than expected, based on the most recent Census Bureau population estimates • Alabama (15.9%), Louisiana (13.2%), Kansas (10.8%) above estimatesTen Year Growth Rate (2000-2010)•Hispanic 43% •AAPI 42.7% (from a smaller base) •African-American 11% •White Non-Hispanic: 1.1%Latinos 56% of overall national growth (national: 27.3MM; Hispanics 15.1 MM)
  3. 3. Hispanic Youth Represent Significant GrowthUS Student Enrollment (millions) 73 • The median age of the US Hispanic population is 27.6yo; 9 years younger than the US median • Nearly all the growth in student enrollment will 54 come from the US Hispanic population • 1 in 4 Youth (under age 18) are Hispanic • Hispanic children grew by 4.8MM • Non-Hispanic white children shrank by 4.3MM • State Growth 18% – Lowest Hispanic 10-year growth rate = 38% New York 19.2% – Highest Hispanic 10-year growth rate = 18% Nevada 51% 2006 2050 Hispanic Non-Hispanic
  4. 4. And there’s more…
  5. 5. Our Multicultural Youth54% Caucasian23% Hispanic14% Black 41%4% Asian• Ethnic minorities accounted for all growth,under 18• Hispanics contributed nearly 74% of allgrowth•10 states, 35 metro areas have majorityminority child populations