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  1. 1. Nevada Michaella Ward and Jillian Persing Business presentationsBy: Michaella Ward and Jillian Persing Business Presentations
  2. 2. Introduction-Education-Famous People-Interesting Facts-Current Events- History-Cities
  3. 3. Basic Info-Official state website: http://nv.gov/-State capitol: Carson City-Population: 2,723,322
  4. 4. Famous PeopleEdna Purviance-actress in RenoThelma Pat Nixon-first ladyBen Alexander- actor in Garfield
  5. 5. Attractions Resources-Reno -gold -silver-Vegas -cattle-Hoover Dam -hay/food -limestone-11 Famous spas in -salt vegas -small amounts of oil -gypsum
  6. 6. History-found 12,000 years ago-fishermen and hunters traveled around and ended up in the area now known as Nevada-First explorer: Spanish priest Francisco Garces
  7. 7. Continued History-Officially a state on October 31st, 1864-The fastest growing of all 50 states-36th state to be admitted into the union-Looked like an old western town when it was first founded
  8. 8. Geography-In the west next to CA-Geographical size- 1,480 miles- summer, up to 110. winter, down to 40
  9. 9. Extra InformationState Motto- "All for our country"State Bird- Mountain BluebirdState Flower- SagebrushState Nickname- The Silver State
  10. 10. PopulationCarson City 55274Fallon 24877Las Vegas 1951269Minden 46997Elko 48818Goldfield 783Eureka 1987Winnemucca 16528Battle Mountain 5775Pioche 5345Yerington 51980Hawthorne 4772Tonopah 43946Lovelock 6753Virginia City 4010Reno 421407Ely 10030
  11. 11. Education and Colleges-University of Nevada Las Vegas • Founded in 1957 • 1.5 miles from the Las Vegas strip- Nevada State College Henderson • Opened in 2002 • Second largest city in Nevada
  12. 12. Current Events- CBS News: "Nevadas foreclosure rate remains fifth in the nation after big drops in activity compared with last year"-Crime Rate has gone up tremendously • 1960 there were 25 murders reported • 2010 25 murders became 158
  13. 13. Interesting Facts-Las Vegas itself consumes about 60,000 pounds of shrimp per day-About 150 couples get married in Las Vegas per day-In Nyala, Nevada a man cannot buy drinks for more than three people apart from himself per day
  14. 14. Current Events Continued-Nevada boxing commission temporarily suspends Julio Cesar for failed drug test
  15. 15. Industries & Cities-Top Industries -tourism -mining (gold, silver) -hydroelectric power-Top Cities -Las Vegas -Reno -Carson City
  16. 16. Viva Las Vegas: Top 10things to do and see
  17. 17. Conclusion-Nevada is a very popular place to go to-Lots of big cities and attractions- Interesting history- Would be a great vacation spot
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