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Erasmus+: Day to day Eupen, Belgium


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Day to day activities carried out during the C5 mobility in Eupen, Belgium

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Erasmus+: Day to day Eupen, Belgium

  1. 1. Erasmus + Eupen Belgium 23-29/4
  2. 2. Monday 24.4. 9 o’clock : At our first day at school we could meet the headmaster and all teachers and students from the project. We got a detailed explanation about the programm of the week and the rules at school: no chewing gum, no smoking and no hadwear are allowed at school. After a foto shooting we started a guided tour of school prepared by students in mixed groups, teachers and students together. As the school had recently been renovated and equipped with projectors and other ICT material for every classroom, it turned out to be an interesting visit of a real modern school. After a swedish « FIKA », we started our first activity, Interactive whiteboard : Lesson and workshop for pupils by Mrs. Margit Berns and lecture for teachers by Mr. Norbert Hermann. He explained in details about the tool and gave examples of how it can be used in class. Mr. Hermann recommended the interactive screen. He himself uses it especially to help students to find keywords in different texts.
  3. 3. Interactive whiteboard with Mr. Hermann
  4. 4. After free time for pupils and a nice lunch for teachers at the school canteen, Liliane Aussems took the teachers on a guided tour of Eupen with historical stories about town and country. Later in the afternoon, all teachers went to Verena’s house for a fika in the garden. “FIKA” became by now a very European word within this Erasmus project.
  5. 5. Tuesday 25.4.-Daytrip to Brussels We were fortunate to go to Brussels, where we first of all had a guided tour of the city. We discovered a lot of nice buildings, monuments and places and we were told some very interesting stories about people and areas. In the afternoon we were lucky to be on a visit at the European Parliament. We had a meeting with Mr. Pascal Arimont, a European Deputy, who, after a short report about his work at the Parliament, answered all our questions, telling interesting details about the functioning of Europe. By the way we got a more insight view and knowledge of EU. At least, we left with a very familiar feeling of EU and the awarenes that the main concern of the Union is to keep peace. We felt that our European project seems to be of even more importance as it has the role of creating close relationship and friendship between people of Europe. It can help to keep peace and understanding among people around the globe. Weather report: Truly and utterly windy, also a bit wet but sunshine in between. A nice way back to Eupen by bus, where parents waited for the pupils to come back.
  6. 6. Grand’Place Brussels
  7. 7. Brussels
  8. 8. Wednesday 26.4. Teachers were given a lecture by two external experts from «Creative school lab, Liège», Coralie and Vincenzo, about the benefits of brainstorming, starting with the question “How can I improve this situation?”. How can you challenge yourself and your brain to become more creative? Teachers were divided into groups and used post-it notes to make quick associations to different subjects and to come up with bright new suggestions and ideas. It is vital not to make a judgement in order to enable everyone to feel free and to developp his ideas. Another benefit of post-it notes is that you have to, and you really should, stand up when you do this exercise. You tend to perform better when you also move around. A parenthese is that quite a few people joined the Swedish tradition to take off shoes when you’re indoors :-) during this session.
  9. 9. The German village Montjoie. The High Fens; a walk on the moors.
  10. 10. Thursday 27.4. On thursday morning students and teachers attended science workshops. Animated and helped by their science teacher, Mrs.Brigitte Nihan, the Belgian students showed different experiments with fire. One of the experiments consisted in showing the different colors fire can have acording to the temperature. Another experiement with home-made batteries showed how to produce electricity from copper and sinc. Other experiments with u-v light showed the reaction of different acids mixed with other fluids and the different lights they reflect. At the same time coordinators from the 6 countries had a meeting about the Final Report and a controling visit from the National Agency. After lunch we went by public bus to Aachen, where teachers had a guided tour with Verena Brammertz while Belgian pupils had prepared an interactive and creative guided tour for their guest pupils. The main attractions of Aachen are the Cathedrale of Charlemagne, the Town Hall and old city center and of course the famous « Pinten » , alovely sweet we could taste .
  11. 11. Town hall and cathedral from Aachen
  12. 12. Friday 28.4. On Friday we met at school and students showed their presentations about the differents visits during the whole project period. All students performed well, using the innovative ways they learned as powerpoints, films, creative ways… and speeches about what they’ve learned and the benefit they gained from the Erasmus project. We also watched pictures and films from Barcelona, Beilngries and Bjurholm. In the afternoon teachers were invited for a FIKA to Liliane’s place. In the late afternoon the whole group visited the Parliament of the German-speaking Community of Belgium in Eupen. We had an informative guided tour around the place and met the President of the Parliament, Mr. Alexander Miesen, as well as Mr. Harald Mollers, Minister of Education. Finally the chamber choir « Pro Arte » gave a festive ambience to this visit. The evening ended in an Italian restaurant in Eupen before we all said Good Bye!