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Casa Batlló

Oral presentations. Visual support Gaudí(r) Barcelona

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Casa Batlló

  1. 1. ANTONI GAUDÍ CASA BATLLÓ Nikita, Lisa, Júlia and Saád
  2. 2. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS • 1. Information about Gaudí • 2. How he became a famous architect • 3. Casa Batlló • 3.1. Special features of the building
  3. 3. 1. INFORMATION ABOUT GAUDÍ • Antoni Gaudí was born the 25th of June in Reus and he died the 10th of the same month in 1926. • Gaudí had a high sense of geometry and volume. • Gaudí didn’t draw detailed plans of his buildings. • Antoni Gaudí had to work as draftsman for other architects to pay his own career. • In 1883 he agreed to take over the newly initiated continue work on the Sagrada Família. • Gaudí died when he was 73 when he got hit by a tram. He was undocumented and dressed like a homeless so nobody cared about his life.
  5. 5. 3. CASA BATLLÓ • Casa Batlló is a famous building located in the center of Barcelona and it is one of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces. • A remodel of a previously built house, it was redesigned in 1904 by Gaudí and has been refurbished several times after that. Gaudí's assistants also contributed to the renovation project. The local name for the building is Casa dels ossos (House of Bones), as it has a visceral, skeletal organic quality.
  6. 6. 3.1. SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE BUILDING Façade Noble floor