The path of a capital campaign linenfelser2


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The path of a capital campaign linenfelser2

  1. 1. SPCA SERVING ERIE COUNTY RAISE THE ROOF CAPITAL CAMPAIGN TIMELINE 4th Quarter 2010 · · · · · · · Finalize Task Force Work Case, Prospects, Recognitions, Policies Identify Central Erie County Site Conduct Strategy Study Interviews Achieve Campaign Plan Board Approval - Task Force Outcomes Recruit Campaign Chairs and Committee Confirm Board Leadership Gifts Initiate Board Asks 1st Quarter 2011 · · · · · · · · · · · Initiate Construction Budgeting Select Architect Establish Monthly Meeting of Campaign Committee o Continue and Conclude Board Solicitations o Review Basics of Successful Personal Asks for Gifts o Review Priority Prospects, Assign Target Ask and Solicitators Finalize Case package (Eric Mower) Print Case, Stationery, Pledge Form establish Campaign branding Design and Introduce Monthly Campaign Reporting Establish Campaign database tracking and pledge acknowledgments Target 2 4 Solicitation Meetings (Asks for Gifts) Weekly Design and Implement Case-Making Cultivation Events Finalize Campaign Budget for Leadership Phase Present Campaign Plan and Case to Staff and Volunteers 2nd Quarter 2011 · · · · · · · · · · Continue Monthly Campaign Meetings and Personal Asks Establish Monthly Case-Making Tours of Ensminger Road Finalize Site Finalize Floor Plans and Donor Recognition Opportunities Develop Cash Flow and Financing Plan for Future Construction Set Goal for Campaign Pledge Attainment relative to Construction Expand Campaign Committee if Needed Test National Corporate Ask Consider a Campaign Committee Team for Corporate Asks Establish an eBulletin for Donors only to Update on Progress
  2. 2. 3rd Quarter 2011 · · · · · · · Continue Monthly Meetings, Asks, and Cultivation Initiate PR Focus: Ensminger Road Facility Bursting at the Seams Assemble Western New York Foundation Leaders and Make the Case Schedule Foundation Proposal Submissions Make the Case to Western NY Delegation FYI Assemble Estate Planning Attorneys for Case-Making Event Design Future Thermometer for Tracking Progress 4th Quarter 2011 · · · · · · · 2012 · · · · · 2012 · Focus on Finalizing Commitments from all Asks Collect Pledge Forms for All Commitments Issue 1st Round of Pledge Reminders Assemble Lead Donors and Report on Progress and Plans Target Completion of Site, Construction Planning/Budgeting/Financing Review Strategy and Successes and Need for Plan Changes Hope for $5 Million in Pledges toward Goal January through June Complete Personal Solicitations and Cultivation of Priority Prospects Write and Submit Kresge Proposal Design Community Phase o Branding o Messages o Media Use o Recruit Community Phase Teams and Train Develop Media Plan to Support Blitz Campaign Fund Raising (Aug 2012-Dec 2013) Assess Need for Added Staff and/or Systems for Community Phase July through December · Test and Initiate Community Phase Asks o Mail o Events o Web o Face Book Clubs and Associations · · Heighten PR and Mobilize Communitywide Awareness of Need and New Building Plan for SPCA