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Rolling in the dough funding your organization bodon1

  1. 1. Elements of a Successful Fundraiser Toni Bodon Executive Director
  2. 2. The Elements 1. Establish a Goal 2. Select a Theme 3. Set a Budget 4. Create a Check List and Timeline 5. Choose Volunteers and Delegate 6. Select a Venue 7. Find a Celebrity 8. Get a Band For Free 9. Set Ticket Price 10. The Invitation 11. Auction and Raffle 12. Mail Service 13. Marketing and Promotion 14. Venue Décor 15. Ticket Sales and VIPs 16. Event Management 17. Post-Event Thanks
  3. 3. Establish a Goal Should it be strictly to raise money? • Celebrating the organization’s success • Thanking volunteers, friends and major supporters • Promoting the organization • Branding and spreading good will • Not an adoption event
  4. 4. Select a Theme Select a theme that inspires donations and attendance
  5. 5. “Home for the Holidays” 2012
  6. 6. “Home for the Holidays” 2011
  7. 7. “Luau Doggy Pool Party”
  8. 8. “Luau Doggy Pool Party” 2012
  9. 9. Set a Budget Don’t stick to a number, be flexible while keeping your overall goal in mind • Decide on size of event • Determine revenue to meet goal • Evaluate results from the past • Estimate who will attend • Estimate who will donate • Estimate average donation
  10. 10. Create a Check List and Timeline Item The longer the list, the less work and stress Volunteer Deadline Completed TB 4/1/2013 2/15/2013 Select food TB, NL, AH 4/1/2013 Design invitation NC, TB 4/15/2013 Get sponsors AH, RL 4/15/2013 Research the band TB 4/1/2013 Coordinate video and photography NC 5/1/2013 Coordinate auction and raffle gifts LS, MM 6/1/2013 Set up auction and raffle tables LS 7/1/2013 Venue décor AH, TB 6/15/2013 Update mailing list BM 4/15/2013 Draft and edit text for invitation BM 4/15/2013 Coordinate printing and mailing of invitation BM 5/1/2013 Draft press release RL 5/15/2013 Market and promote the event RL, AH, TB Ticket sales AH 5/15/2013 Advance sales list AH 5/15/2013 Prepare VIP list RL, AH, TB 6/15/2013 Door host NL 7/1/2013 Venue volunteers NL, AH, BM 7/1/2013 Secure venue 6/1/2013
  11. 11. Choose Volunteers and Delegate Build a team with diverse interests and skills who love animals but need that extra push to get involved in rescue • Loyal to your organization’s mission and philosophy • Team players • Self-motivated • Dependable • Highly organized • Can take direction and delegate to others
  12. 12. Choose Volunteers and Delegate Recruit from within • Contact former fosters and adopters • Tell them about the upcoming event and • • • • why you thought of them Focus on their skills and strengths, and your need for them to join your team – e.g., communication, technical, graphic art skills Explain how their participation will make it possible to rescue more needy animals Explain the level of commitment required Let them know they are members of a team with a common goal
  13. 13. Choose Volunteers and Delegate Don’t ask for more than they can handle • Stay focused on their skills and time commitment • Smaller tasks go further than you think • Set reasonable deadlines Don’t forget to follow-up • Send updates on a regular basis • Send friendly email reminders • Offer help
  14. 14. Select a Venue Wine, cheese, and crackers are not enough Choose a venue that: • Offers hot food options and an open bar • Allows live music and is large enough for a band • Has good reviews, is trendy and popular • Is centrally located to public transportation or parking
  15. 15. Select a Venue Inspect venue and staff before signing • Is it clean and well maintained? • Is the staff courteous? • Can they accommodate a band’s equipment? • Do they allow posters and promotional materials?
  16. 16. Select a Venue Negotiate the Price • Make the venue a part of your team • Explain your mission, purpose of event, and how proceeds will be used • Offer to pay at cost • Offer your volunteers to serve the food or assist at the bar to lower cost • Ask for 3 or 4 complimentary guests to cover event volunteers • Reduce or eliminate service fee
  17. 17. Find a Celebrity It’s a lot easier than you think • Search within - volunteers, adopters and fosters’ careers and networks • Keep a list of connections to celebrities, regardless of their charitable work • Develop and maintain relationships • Keep them informed as part of your team Plan ahead, with a good presentation • • • • • Contact celebrity before planning the event Choose a date to accommodate celebrity Organize PR package Acknowledge on website, social media Thank celebrity and report on event success
  18. 18. Get a Band For Free A Lot Easier Than You Think Visit and • Consider venue and crowd in selecting a band • Check on-line reviews, listen to music samples Offer free promotion • Explain how event will promote the band • Feature band on invitation • Sell CDs at the event
  19. 19. Get a Band For Free Give them VIP Treatment Offer free food, liquor, parking and a big hug! • Coordinate and pay for parking • Set aside a table with food • Assign volunteer to bring drinks Make them part of your team • Keep in touch, send invitation • Meet them at the venue at least one week prior for inspection • Don’t forget to pay for lunch!
  20. 20. Set Ticket Price Think big, within limits • Consider your main goal • Quality and popularity of venue • Type of open bar and food • Live music • Group discount
  21. 21. The Invitation Create a design concept • Consistent with the event’s theme • Clean and simple Branding, marketing and promotion • Prominently display your logo • Your own rescued animals as models • Sponsors show broad reach and appeal First impressions make a difference • Professional design • Paper quality • Simple, clean text
  22. 22. Auction and Raffle Choose a coordinator • Highly motivated with good organization, communication skills • Provide guidance and support • Monitor progress closely as event date approaches • Offer help and other volunteers Reach out to everyone • Ask volunteers, adopters and supporters to request their employers to sponsor event in the form of products or services • Reach out to local artists for art work or photography • Put an ad on your website and social media outlets for sponsors
  23. 23. Auction and Raffle Contact local businesses for gift certificates Popular items include: • Dinner for two at a popular restaurant • Theater tickets with back-stage tour • Local sports tickets, sports memorabilia • Electronics – flat screen TV, iPad • Weekend stay at a cabin or B&B • Facial and massage • Professional photography session • Doggy day-care and boarding • Liquor and food baskets • Pet-related products and baskets
  24. 24. Auction and Raffle Acknowledge sponsors at the event • List them on a poster at the raffle and auction tables • Include them in the event program Send a thank you note • Sponsors, venue manager, band, and volunteers • Send note doon after the event • Show your appreciation, reinforce good will • Email ok for volunteers, but sponsors should be thanked by mail using organization’s letterhead
  25. 25. Mail Service Use professional mail service to send the invitations Local mail service does not translate to lower cost • Shop around nation-wide for best price and service • Evaluate level of experience with non-profit mailing • Prompt responses to inquires, good rapport with staff Apply for non-profit standard mail price • At least 3 months in advance apply at your local post office branch • Use mail service bulk mail permit Don’t worry about the cost of postage • Average donation will outweigh the cost of mailing • Timing of mailing is important - not too early or too late The check is in the mail! • Most people cannot attend • Most donations amount to ticket price; many exceed ticket price • Large donations will often come from previous donors
  26. 26. Marketing and Promotion The invitation is your best marketing tool • Appealing envelope and insert encourages people to give • Thank you letter should follow after receipt of donation • Maintains relationships with supporters • Helps update mailing list Rack cards • Good for mailing and hand-outs in the community • Less expensive to print and easier to mail
  27. 27. Marketing and Promotion Website, social media, and email communications • E-version of invitation links to event page, donation sites • Expands reach beyond mailing list and brings in new donors • Volunteers can help promote event via their networks • Monitor traffic, confirmed attendance on event page
  28. 28. Venue Décor Beautiful images have positive impact and are memorable • Focus on happy endings • Assign a volunteer to collect images • • • • • from adopters Create slide presentation for screens at the venue Create large posters of successful adoptions and volunteers Prominently display your logo Display event poster at venue entrance Place posters and photos strategically - behind the bar, onstage, in restrooms
  29. 29. Ticket Sales and VIPs Tickets and donations • • • P.O. Box VIP list • Make sure it is current • Assign volunteer with good presence to welcome guests
  30. 30. Event Management Arrive early to set up • Meet briefly with venue manager and staff • Make sure all provisions of agreement are met – inspect bar, food selection, electronics set up, band space • Schedule time for food service • Any last-minute preparations Have fun while managing • Manage flow of event • Mingle with everyone • Don’t drink too much • Create an emotional moment • Acknowledge everyone
  31. 31. Post-Event Thanks The day after • Email thank you to volunteer team and keep them connected • Highlight special contributions from individual volunteers • Share numbers of attendees and total proceeds from event • Keep them informed of any further accounting updates regarding donations from mailing of the invitation
  32. 32. Elements of a Successful Fundraiser Thank you! Visit us on the Web: on the Facebook: and in the Twitterverse: @StrayfromHeart Toni Bodon Executive Director