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Proactive community control stosuy3

  1. 1. HELP US HELP OUR ANIMALS! We’re YOUR community shelter. Your support and participation are crucial to our success. Here are just of few of the many ways you can help our community’s neediest animals. Join our Foster Care Program Our foster care program truly expands the walls of SCCAS with foster volunteers opening their hearts and homes to our shelter’s homeless animals. Foster homes provide young and old, injured and sick, abused and under-socialized animals a chance to grow or heal before finding their forever homes. In addition, fostering animals creates space in the shelter to accommodate other homeless animals. Report Animal Abuse We rely on you to be our eyes and ears in your neighborhood. The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter enforces California Penal Code 597 which makes it illegal to abuse or neglect an animal. If you feel that an animal is being neglected or abused, please contact the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter at 831.454.7200, ext. 1. AL T M ER SA Each year millions of lost, unwanted, neglected and mistreated animals are taken in by shelters around the country. Many of these are euthanized. To help combat this situation we are asking you to take these actions: CRUZ COU TY The lives of animals in a shelter can be very challenging. Having an opportunity every day to have special time and attention is what helps them “get by with a little help from their friends.” Our volunteers are truly best friends to the animals in our care, and many say they get a huge reward from their time with the animals. I Be a Responsible Pet Owner AN Volunteer TA N N Our Animals Depend on YOUR Support in So Many Ways! SHE L • Make a lifetime commitment to care for your pet • Keep your animals under restraint when off your property • Spay or neuter as required by local laws • Provide rabies vaccination and licensing • Provide identification for your pet (tag and microchip) Donate We are so grateful for donations which help support and sustain the important programs and services we provide. Our Tax ID# is 90-0039494. Donate online OR SEND A CHECK to either location below Animal Shelter Locations There are two locations for owners to find and recover their lost pets and adopt new animal companions. Live Oak - 2200 7th Ave. • Santa Cruz 95062 Watsonville - 580 Airport Blvd. • Watsonville 95076 Phone: 831.454.7200 • Fax: 831.454.7210 For more information and current hours of operation, please call or visit our website. OPEN DOOR OPEN HEART The Open-Door Shelter Serving Santa Cruz County’s Neediest Animals!
  2. 2. OPEN DOOR—OPEN HEART Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Programs & Services The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter is an open admission shelter which welcomes EVERY animal in need. This means that we will not turn away ANY animal that comes to our doors, regardless of age, breed, adoptability or medical condition. Our goal is to be a humane resource for the community by providing a safety net and second chance for local animals in need. Our success is achieved through the varied lifesaving services and programs described here. Animal Rescue & Control One Stop Program Our field officers provide 24-hour rescue service throughout the county, taking in any animals in danger or in need, including those suffering from neglect, abuse or cruelty. SCCAS’s ONE STOP program provides a low-cost, convenient way for responsible pet owners to vaccinate, license and microchip their pets. Adoption Dog Licensing Adoption is a cooperative labor of love with the people who choose to look for their new family member at our shelter. Dog licensing, now available online, is part of our rabies control program. It is also the key to reuniting lost dogs OPEN ADMISSION VS. “no-Kill” We appreciate and applaud people who make the life-saving decision to adopt a homeless animal! with their owners. Santa Cruz County residents are required by law to license all dogs over 4 months of age. Animal Sheltering Services Spay/Neuter Programs Caring staff and volunteers provide veterinary and humane care for every animal that comes through our doors. The animals’ living areas are kept clean, warm and comfortable. Frightened animals are reassured, and sick or injured animals receive treatment or a peaceful end to their suffering. Through our Planned Pethood program, SCCAS provides high quality, low-cost spay/neuter services for ALL resident dogs, cats and rabbits of Santa Cruz County. We offer a reduced spay/neuter fee ($50) for Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas, who account for a large percentage of dogs entering our shelter. By assisting county residents with population control costs, we work to dramatically reduce the number of animals in need. While open admission shelters give refuge to ALL animals, many limited admission shelters—which sometimes call themselves “no-kill”—limit in various ways the animals they accept. While many animals who come to us are immediate candidates for adoption, we also receive animals who are severely sick, gravely injured or behaviorally unsound. In the case of an animal who cannot be rehabilitated, we strongly believe that euthanasia is the most humane alternative to an existence of suffering and pain or being limited to life in a cage. saving lives together We are lucky in Santa Cruz County to be supported in our goal of saving lives by over 50 private animal welfare partner organizations. With their help and yours, we will come closer to our goal of saving every precious life. We are also working hard to create a community which produces fewer unwanted animals. Safe Keep Program Our animal control services are performed in close association with municipal law enforcement agencies and local health departments. Animals often enter the shelter through dramatic circumstances such as a house fire, owner arrest, hospitalization or death. This program ensures that animals from such circumstances are held for longer periods of time to allow the most optimal outcomes for the pet and owner. Outreach/Education SCCAS is proud to share its mission through shelter tours, public information booths and classroom presentations for all ages. We also provide a forum for community animal welfare education. For detailed information on all programs, visit
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