Add watermark to pictures easily


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I have tried many ways to add watermark to my pictures before, but always failed. As you can imagine there are loads of ways of putting your mark on your pictures, here is one I especially like to use.

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Add watermark to pictures easily

  1. 1. Add Watermark to Pictures Easily I have found many ways to add watermark to my pictures and always thought it difficult. Actually,it is not so difficult unless you download a good watermark software. Watermark Software provide easy way to add watermark to picture, and support batch watermarking mode that means you can add watermark to hundreds of picture less than 1 minute. Why Add Signature to Picture? Are you creating and publishing images on the web? Well, it’s fun to share these pictures with your family and friends. However, can you really protect your images from everyone who’d like to “borrow” them for their own use? Someone may use your images without your consent in manner which you never wanted to do. So it’s time to add a watermark to identify them as your property. How to Add Signature to Picture with Photo Watermark? Actually there are mainly two types of watermarks, such as text watermark and image watermark. Many photo watermark software supports to add these two kinds of watermarks, but Photo Watermark works the best and provides you a fun, easy and fabulous way to creatively watermark picture. So next let’s see how to add signature to picture with Photo Watermark. Following the steps below, you can easily get what you want. Step 1 – Run Photo Watermark Software and Add Your Pictures Note: After adding pictures, you can exactly see their original size and image types. And do you believe you are also supported to resize them or convert them to other different image formats?
  2. 2. Step 2 – Click “Next” Button and Begin to Add Signature Click the big blue “Next” button, you will see another user friendly interface. You are allowed to add text, image, frame as well as crop, rename and resize the pictures. And this time I want to show you how to add signature to picture, so pictorial instructions will be based on this separate function. Step 3 – Text Setting Click “Text Setting” button. You need to type your signature and then select current font, change font size as well as set font color. Besides, you are also able to shadow signature or add background color to make your signature more remarkable. If all have been done, click “Apply “button.
  3. 3. Note: Apart from signature, adding copyright symbols like©® ™ as watermarks to your pictures is also available. What’s more, controlling the opacity and rotate tangle of your signature is so easy with Photo Watermark. And don’t forget to use the function of adding new text layers to fulfill your demands better. It means you can have more than one signature on your pictures. Step 4 – Click “Next “Button and Start Watermarking Click “Next “button and you need to choose an output folder. Meanwhile if you’d like to convert your pictures’ format, Photo Watermark also supports you. In the end, click the big blue “Run “button and have fun!
  4. 4. Note: Photo Watermark can not only add signature to image, but also convert image format. The formats it supports include JPG, BMP, TGA, GIF, TIF, PCX, etc. Samples: