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Plain2013 PL in Pro Bono-Speak Normal S McCoubrey


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Using Plain Language in Pro Bono Projects: Speak like normal people, Sarah McCoubrey, Ontario Justice Education Network

Published in: Education
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Plain2013 PL in Pro Bono-Speak Normal S McCoubrey

  1. 1. Speaking like normal people Sarah McCoubrey Executive Director Ontario Justice Education Network
  2. 2. The problem
  3. 3. Remedy
  4. 4. Discovery
  5. 5. Recess
  6. 6. Detention
  7. 7. Consideration
  8. 8. Damages
  9. 9. Leave
  10. 10. Sentence
  11. 11. Accessory
  12. 12. Bar
  13. 13. Tort(e)
  14. 14. Tips •Stop talking about our qualifications •Listen before we talk •Imagine feeling afraid and confused •Use scenarios – not war stories •Invite questions and interruptions •Make it fun
  15. 15. L.I.F.E. Project Legal Information For Everyone (LIFE): A collaborative project between OJEN, the Law Society and Community Legal Education Ontario to both encourage and improve the quality of public legal information sessions delivered by lawyers and paralegals. •CPD credit •Video modules •Print materials •Referral information •Checklists •Podcasts
  16. 16.