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Adding Photo Watermark to Digital Image Easily


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If you have some difficulties in adding photo watermark to digital images, you come to the right place. Today i will show you a good way to finish it, and tell you the importance of adding watermark to your photos, just keep reading.

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Adding Photo Watermark to Digital Image Easily

  1. 1. Adding Photo Watermark to Digital Image Easily I was worried about adding photo watermark to my digital images. I always cannot find a good way to do it. However, after my unremitting efforts, I finally found a good way to finish it. Actually it is not so difficult unless you find a good software. When see the title you would ask me what the watermark is. Photo watermark is a special mark which could be embedded into digital photos. Photo watermark can be designed at your will for making your digital photos or images special. There are some forms of photo watermark such as visual watermark, transparent watermark, company logo and personal signature, etc. But why we need to add photo watermark to our digital images? With the development of the camera, almost everyone uses digital cameras and posts the pictures clicked through them on the web. There are many photos sharing sites and other social networking portals where one likes to share their pictures for public viewing. However, in case you wish to protect your digital pictures from unauthorized copying and malicious sharing, you must use the watermark software. Here are some steps I can share with you: The first thing you need to do is to download such a software and install it. Step1: Add photo to photo watermark software Launch watermark software, choose the picture which you want to add watermark and click "Next" to edit window,. then, click "add image" to image edit page. Step2: Create a photo watermark
  2. 2. Click "Add Image" tag. You can select a existing image watermark or click "Browse" to load a new photo watermark from your disk. Step3: Watermark settings 1) Photo watermark thumbnail. 2) inverse proportion setting, you can set the photo watermark width, high with separate or lock. 3) Adjust opacity and rotate of the photo watermark. 4) Two photo watermark modes. General = place a watermarking on digital photos. Tile = A power watermarking mode. 5) Photo watermark alignment. 6) Activat the box, photo watermark will be auto resize to fit your photo size;
  3. 3. disabled the box, all watermarks will be same size. Step4: Save. Click "Run" to apply your settings to digital photos.
  4. 4. See it here: I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.