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Small Nation Approach to Appreciative Inquiry


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Aderonke Wilson, Duranda Green, Gordon Johnson
Presentation at the #2012waic Conference - Ghent, Belgium

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Small Nation Approach to Appreciative Inquiry

  2. 2. WELCOME !" Please state your name and the country you are from." Select a word to describe how you are feeling
  3. 3. Facilitators !"  Aderonke Bademosi Wilson"  Gordon Johnson"  Dr. Duranda Greene"  Karen Cabral
  4. 4. Facilitators !"  Aderonke Bademosi Wilson"  Gordon Johnson"  Dr. Duranda Greene"  Karen Cabral
  5. 5. Where in the world is Bermuda? !
  6. 6. !
  7. 7. !
  8. 8. !
  9. 9. !
  10. 10. !
  11. 11. !
  12. 12. !
  13. 13. Viewing Bermuda CollegeThrough an Appreciative Lens – Dr. Duranda Greene
  14. 14. Duranda’s Video !
  15. 15. Building a Performing Arts Centre For An Island - Karen Cabral
  16. 16. The Centre Limited !" A Bermuda Registered Charity" The long-term objective is to develop in Bermuda a centre for performing arts having fine acoustics and flexibility in uses." Appreciative Inquiry stages modified for the purposes of this project." AI approach to research process undertaken over a two year period." Utilized qualitative software database Nvivo to capture research results.
  17. 17. PHASES OF THE PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE PROJECT DISTINGUISH) Choose)the)posi2ve)as)the)focus)of)inquiry. ) ! PHASE)1)–)DISCOVER) Inquire)into)excep2onally)posi2ve)moments.) Iden2fy)what)is)inspiring,)moving)and)creates)posi2ve)energy.) PHASE)2)–)DESIGN) Create)a)shared)image)of)a)preferred)future.) PHASE)3)–)DELIVER) ) Develop)that)future.)
  18. 18. Phase One – Discover !" Identify what is inspiring, moving and creates positive energy;" In 2101 more than 300 one-on-one conversations conducted;" Learned the community’s desire for a centre and why performing arts matter." Consistently, the community voices cited the power of performing arts as a catalyst for a renaissance in Bermuda, grounded in four vital signs.
  19. 19. Youth Video !
  20. 20. Phase Two – Design !" Create a shared image of a preferred future." Mission – focus on what opportunities, functions and purposes a performing arts centre is to serve, especially for its young people." 33 round table discussions conducted from June – November 2011" The community told us the centre must be accessible, authentic, enable connections, support growth and have a 360-degree focus on performance.
  21. 21. Progress to Date !"  Five hundred and twenty-three Bermuda residents have participated in formal AI-based interviews and round- table discussions."  A space list for the centre has been prepared."  The space list is now being costed."  An economic impact study is also now being prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers (Bermuda)."  Five possible locations for the centre have been identified."  Next step: Phase 3 – Deliver – develop the future together."  Visit
  22. 22. Sharing Appreciative Inquiry With The Community– Aderonke Bademosi Wilson
  23. 23. Community Involvement !" Participated in a weekend workshop – January 2009" Attended the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal" Returned to Bermuda and met with Gordon and Duranda
  24. 24. Community Seminars !" Sharing the theory of Appreciative Inquiry with attendees;" Attendees experience an interview;" Conduct a debrief from the interviews;" What would you like to see happen next?" Follow up meeting – how are you using Appreciative Inquiry?
  25. 25. Continuing Appreciative Inquiry !Theory and interviews for:" church groups" work teams" community based groups" a small private school PTA" Centre on Philanthropy conference in Bermuda
  26. 26. AI Interview !
  27. 27. AI Interview !
  28. 28. Meeting with Government Leaders !" Unprecedented violence;" An email sent borne of frustration to the leader of the country;" Meeting with the Premier of Bermuda and asking for permission to present the concept of Appreciative Inquiry to Cabinet;" Going for broke, asked for a radio interview (the first).
  29. 29. Heart of the Matter Radio !" 15 minute interviews – focused on changing the conversation in Bermuda;" Using AI based questions;" Asking how the interviewee has made a difference in another’s life;" What are the characteristics that show us at our best to each other and to the world;" What are their hopes, dreams and aspirations for Bermuda
  30. 30. Heart of the MatterRadio Program Promo !
  31. 31. Next steps !Developing a strategic plan ! Vision: To have everyone in Bermuda live in appreciation and all visitors experience appreciation. ! Mission: Through partnerships and training opportunities be the resource that enables appreciation to flourish in Bermuda.
  32. 32. Developing a strategic plan !" Offer AI certifications" Training for identified groups" Develop an institute" Become a resource to Bermuda and maybe the world" Host the WAIC in Bermuda
  33. 33. Developing a strategic plan !" Offer AI certifications" Training for identified groups" Develop an institute" Become a resource to Bermuda and maybe the world" Host the WAIC in Bermuda in 2018
  34. 34. Experiencing an Interview !
  35. 35. Appreciative Inquiry Interview !"  Interviewing is about allowing natural curiosity, even wonder, to manifest: !  Spotlight !  Seek story"  You will find a partner and interview each other."  Using the interview questions take no more than 30 minutes to complete the interview (15 minutes each).
  36. 36. Appreciative Inquiry Interview !" If you are leading the interview: read it as it is; and read the question as if the person doesn’t know it." If you are being interviewed, take the person there; paint the picture.
  37. 37. Identifying themes !" With your partner, identify and uncover any themes that were similar in the stories shared.
  38. 38. Debrief !Talking about the experience:" Who would like to share their experience of being interviewed?" Who would like to share their experience of conducting the interview?" Were there any common threads between the story you shared and the story shared by your partner?
  39. 39. Global Thinking !You have been tasked withdeveloping an Appreciative Inquirycenter in your community, what aresome of the factors and successesthat should be in place in order for itto flourish?
  40. 40. Next Steps ! What would you like to do when youturn home with all you have learned at the conference?
  41. 41. “There is more than one right answer” with DeWitt Jones