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Slides David Cooperrider Pre-Conference #2012WAIC (part 3)


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Slides by David Cooperrider during the pre-conference of the 2012WAIC.
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Slides David Cooperrider Pre-Conference #2012WAIC (part 3)

  1. 1. Why Does Experience ofWholeness… ! Bring out the best in human beings? ! Propel innovation? ! New life? ! Eclipse old patterns? ! So easy?
  2. 2. AI Summits: Three Ways toUnderstand Positive Change
  3. 3. Business Impact and Research ResultsBUSINESS RESULTS: WHY SO EASY?Navy: $2 Billion* Vigor, Passion, System Winning the Battle for Engagement, Dedication PeopleTrucking Company: Pipeline of Customer- Stock Price Follows focused Innovation/ Increasing Engagement Speed Scores:$14 $ $41 in 1.5 Years 38 % Higher Productivity (Glavas 2009)*Testimony House Armed Services Committee 2004
  4. 4. Why Does Experience ofWholeness… ! Bring out the best in human beings? ! Propel innovation? ! New life? ! Eclipse old patterns? ! So easy?
  5. 5. Why High Engagement? The Business Case!  Approaches to competitive advantage: –  Low price – less than 60 days –  Operational/technical expertise – less than 3 years –  Fully engaged employees (people think and act like owners) – more than 7 years
  6. 6. Gallop Study: 1.7 Million Employees I have the opportunity to do what I do best!  What percentage of people do you think - 1.7 million people from 101 companies - strongly agreed that they are empowered to do what they do best in their work and company?!  Hint: The wealth of unrealized capacity in enormous - people are dying to be tapped on the shoulder and asked for more engagement in the strategic issues of the day - like the Navy example.
  7. 7. Experience of Authority & Influence r ganization a gement O HIGHInfluence High Eng LOWInfluence 1st 2nd Top Levels Level Level
  8. 8. AI Summit Planning!  Forming summit planning team!  Defining summit task and topics!  Mapping summit stakeholders!  Designing the summit format & Logistics!  Creating the summit design!  Preparing the opening AI questions!  Preparing summit communication strategy!  Envisioning post-summit momentum
  9. 9. Questions to consider when creating the summit agendaDay 1: DiscoveryPre work, questions, continuity scan, wider environment and mapping the key stakeholders?Day 2: Dream & Images of Desired FutureHow far into future, type of group activity,Summarizing visions, discovery of common ground, differences?Day 3: Designing—principles, org propositions of ideal, prototyping?Day 4: Destiny: open space; work groups or whole system action; convergent smaller projects, individual line of site.
  10. 10. How AI Addresses the ThreeEssentials of Change ManagementSuresh Srivastva and others Executive Continuity. Managing •  Planned Change Transition •  A$B Rational Change Managing •  Managing Surprise •  The Unexpected Novelty •  Emergent Complexity •  Threads of Identity and Managing Positive Core •  Inter-generational Continuity history as positive possibility
  11. 11. Research on the Functions of Good Continuity Management•  For Individuals: Pride, confidence to act, ethical guidance connection to others, freedom•  For the Organization: Strengthened commitment; better decision making; decentralized control; mission stability; accelerated organizational learning; more long-term thinking; customized change; more effective inter- organizational partnerships and alliances
  12. 12. Power of Stories•  Stories stick like glue…great leaders know it•  Why? They make information easier to remember: Whole brain•  Stories make information more believable than statistics•  Narratives create the basis for identity formation and they foster high quality relationships•  Story-telling is the most powerful human medium for conveying values and visions•  Stories paint pictures in the mind•  Organizations vary: narrative rich to narrative thin
  13. 13. How About Appreciative Inquiry Under Conditions of Crisis and Conflict?!  Hotel Story.!  The Crisis Boils.!  The Jr. Consultant Looses All Composure…Storms Out. Senior Consultant Hates Conflict!!  What Would You Do?
  14. 14. Principles of Metaphor!  Metaphor: An Invitation to See the World Anew!  Subtle Transaction Across Contexts!  Facilitates Learning New Knowledge!  Overcomes Defenses That Constrict Us!  Challenges Traditional Change Norms…Is More Subtle, Indirect, Constructionist, and non-deficit in Theory of Change
  15. 15. Generative Metaphor Intervention/Enhancement!  The whole story.!  What we did and why.!  Carl Jung s wonderful clue.!  The results: relationships; bottom line; and breakthrough performance to Five Star hotel
  16. 16. The AI 4-D Model Discovery What gives life? The best of what is. Appreciating Destiny Dream How to empower, Affirmative What might be?learn, and improvise? Topic Envisioning Sustaining Results/Impact Design What should be – the ideal? Co-constructing
  17. 17. What is Design? Designing renders visible our hopes and dreams, it is the first signal of human intentions.--William McDonough
  18. 18. Our Work With IDEO World Class Designing in Action1.  Provides a new, optional way to do the Design Phase2.  Great choice when you wish to design products, new customer experiences, and initiatives that are more tangible and focused.3.  Instead of propositions or principles we are designing prototypes—actual three dimensional models or mock-ups of the concepts.
  19. 19. Fast Company said… IDEO is the worlds most celebrated design firm" The Wall Street Journal dubbed IDEOs offices "Imaginations Playground" Fortune titled its visit to IDEO "A Day at Innovation U"Every spring, Business Week includes a cumulative tally of firms who have won the most Industrial Design Excellence Awards. IDEO has topped that list for ten years running.
  20. 20. Are Ai Summits Too Small, Too Limited?! What happens after a company has done over 50 Ai Summits?! This is exactly the opportunity Roadway Express faced a couple of years ago.
  21. 21. AI Ovationnet Next Practice Sharing Digital StoriesOne Story Magnified a Trillion Times From Best to Next
  22. 22. Examples how the network has benefited the company!  One facility!  671 added one more shipment on every outbound load.!  +$429,000 Profit after taxes!  Transfer to Company!  What if we had 1 more shipment on every linehaul trip?!  + $13 million Profit after taxes!  It is happening! Recent $10 million Savings—Operating Ratio…Winston Salem Story…2000 people on last call
  23. 23. Exciting Application Arenas Appreciative Inquiry & Strength-based Approaches♦  AI Organization Summit for Transformation ♦  Corporate Strategy and Alignment ♦  Innovation and Design: Products, Services ♦  Business IT Changes♦  Lean Operations & Sustainable Green Design ♦  AI Knowledge Alliances & Webs ♦  Labor-management Partnerships ♦  Measurement Scorecards ♦  Project Management and Hot Teams ♦  Mergers & Acquisitions ♦  Branding ♦  Corporate Talent Development
  24. 24. Moving to Action: Where Might a More Strengths-Based Leadership Approach Create Value in My Own Work and Life?!  If anything imaginable were possible—assuming there are no constraints whatsoever—what kind of AI initiative, project, or experiment might I want to launch?!  Name the possibility or possibilities—and begin the conversation with your original interview partner…what/ where/why/who?!  What is one small initiative or possibility?!  What is one big possibility—something that would be a real stretch?
  25. 25. The Appreciable World is So Much Larger Than Our Normal, Everyday Appreciative Knowing Capacity…!  "If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." --Thomas Edison
  26. 26. Ai s Theory of Positive Change: 1.  Elevate and Extend 2.  Broaden-and-Build& Universal Capacity High 3. Establish and EclipseExtension of Relatedness Activation of Energy Pro-Fusion of + Strength Elevation and Extension of Inquiry Elevating Inquiry into Lo w Initiating The Appreciable World Advancing
  27. 27. We Are Born To Appreciate:Three Facts About All Human Beings !  Exceptionality !  Essentiality !  Equality/Voice and Vision
  28. 28. For Those Interested in more resources & learning opportunities r please go to:1. Appreciative Inquiry Certificate Program (nextsession Dec. 7 2012 Longboat Key Florida then February)! Leadership Deep Dive:! For hundreds of free tools, articles, power point slides see the Appreciative InquiryCommons! or AICommons@case.edu4. For an advanced program online (for people who have already hada foundations course in Ai) see! Interested in a Masters in Positive Organization Development fromthe #1 program in the world. See: