Slides David Cooperrider Pre-Conference #2012WAIC (part 2)


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Slides by David Cooperrider during the pre-conference of the 2012WAIC.
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Slides David Cooperrider Pre-Conference #2012WAIC (part 2)

  1. 1. Inquiry & Change What is Your ROA ?100 Expensive Studies of Costly Turnover Will Not Teach us One Thing About: Magnetic Work Environments
  2. 2. Topic Choice: Examples Magnetic Work Environments Revolutionary Customer Responsiveness Improbable Collaboration The Good to Great Transition Outstanding Arrival Experiences Instinctive Execution Innovation by Design Optimizing MarginsPervasive Leadership and the Super-Engagement Factor Lightning Fast Consensus Going Green Win-Win
  3. 3. Topic Re-framing Can Lead to Breakthrough Results--Reducing Our Environmental FootprintOR--UNLEASHING ECO-INNOVATION
  4. 4. The Topic Framing of “Sustainability=Innovation”Leads to Phenomenal Growth: 40% Annual Revenue
  5. 5. Appreciative Inquiry at Fairmount Minerals40% Growth in Earning & Turned on Workforce#1 US Corporate Citizen, Within 2 Years.
  6. 6. Fairmount Minerals EBITAPhenomenal Growth 40% Annually
  7. 7. Where Do Good Topics ComeFrom? How to home-grow from the 3generic AI questions TOPIC creation Images Continuity of the strengths we Future We Want High Point want to keep stories-- when we are best
  8. 8. Topic Choice (creating transformative topics)What you study, GROWSFraming and re-framingconversation in groups :1.  Imagine we want to create a set of Topics to be used in every organization…things that will build thriving organizations—ideal for the future2.  As a group create 3 topics that have high transformational potential3.  Remember: words create worlds4.  Good topics: bold, desired, energizing words, inspired, elevatingFor example the topics: magnetic work environment or Outstanding arrival experience ; Unleashing Eco-imagination
  9. 9. The AI 4-D Model of Positive Change Discovery What gives life? The best of what is. Appreciating Destiny Dream How to empower, Affirmative What might be?learn, and improvise? Topic Envisioning Sustaining Results/Impact Design What should be – the ideal? Co-constructing
  10. 10. Genius is Creating the Question What would the universe look like if I wereriding on the end of a light beam at thespeed of light? – Albert Einstein
  11. 11. The Art of the Question in Leadership and Change!  What s the biggest !  What possibilities exist problem here? that we have not yet!  Why did I have to be considered? born in such a !  What s the smallest troubled family? change that could!  Why do you blow it so make the biggest often? impact?!  What troubles you !  I will be most proud of most--keeps you up at this corporation in night? 2010 when…?
  12. 12. The Encyclopedia of Positive QuestionsA Craft That Can Change Everything3 Types of Questions1.  Diagnostic—deficit-based2.  Neutral—is there really neutral?3.  Strength-centered— questions that S.O.A.R (strengths, opportunities, aspirations, results)
  13. 13. What New Questions? From a Study Customer Dissatisfaction and Complaints
  14. 14. Magnetic ConnectionsPreface:In the physical world, all matter is held together by thepull between opposite electric charges. Likewise,successful companies are magnetic-- people connect innew and innovative ways; suppliers and customers arepulled together and become seamless edge-to-edgeorganizations. Communities of interest form and are pulledtogether by shared values. Knowledge networks form ascatalysts for innovation and creativity.
  15. 15. Magnetic Connections (continued)A. Think of a time when you felt magnetically connected to your client, your colleagues, and your community … connected in a way that the force was so strong that it could not be broken. What was that experience? What did it feel like?B. As you look into the future, describe how you see us connected to our customers and our colleagues — in ways that are so strong that we are seen as inseparable business partners?
  16. 16. The Surprise of Friendship!One could say a key task in life is to discover and define our life purpose, and then accomplish it to the best of our ability.A.  Can you share a story of a moment, or the period of time, where clarity about life purpose emerged for you. For example, a moment where your calling happened, where there was an important awakening or teaching, where there was a special experience or event, or where you received some guiding vision?B.  Now, what do you sense you are supposed to do…rest of your life?
  17. 17. Allstate InsuranceRevolutionary Partnerships!  The mark of a revolutionary partnership is doing things radically different together. Not only different, but quicker, with a common focus, leveraging each other s diverse strength. Also, establishing new ways of doing business that are based on trust, mutual respect and a shared vision.!  Think of a time when you were part of a revolutionary partnership, a time in your life – at work, or in your personal or community life, when you not only met the other person(s) half way, but met and exceeded needs on both sides. Describe the situation in detail. –  What made it feel radically different? –  Who was involved? –  How did you interact differently? –  What were the outcomes and benefits you experienced?
  18. 18. Engagement and Positive Energy!  Preface!  Organizations work best when they are vibrant, alive and fun. You know, when the "joint is jumping!" You can sense that the spirit of the organization is vital and healthy and that people feel pride in their work. Everyone builds on each others successes, a positive can do attitude is infectious and the glow of success is shared. Whats more, this positive energy is appreciated and celebrated so it deepens and lasts.
  19. 19. Engagement & EnergyA. Tell me about a time when you experienced positive energy that was infectious. What was the situation? What created the positive energy? How did it feel to be a part of it? What did you learn?B. If positive energy were the flame of the organization, how would you spark it? How would you fuel it to keep it burning bright?
  20. 20. We Live in the Worlds Our Questions CreateBe patient … and try to love the questionsthemselves. Live the questions now.Perhaps you will then gradually, withoutnoticing it, live along some distant day intothe answer. – Rainer MariaRilke
  21. 21. Groups Crafting the Question return ____!  Choose one of your Topics and craft the Ai question (s): 3 PARTS I. Positive Preface—it is a topic intro. A.  A question to evoke a story from persons history B.  A question to evoke/help give voice to their best images of future –  return...
  22. 22. What Matters Most in DoingAppreciative Inquiry InterviewsThe IMAGINE CHICAGO Story
  23. 23. The AI 4-D Model of Positive Change Discovery What gives life? The best of what is. Appreciating Destiny Dream How to empower, Affirmative What might be?learn, and improvise? Topic Envisioning Sustaining Results/Impact Design What should be – the ideal? Co-constructing
  24. 24. Introduction to theAppreciative Inquiry Summit MethodMagnifying Whole System Strengths Using Large Group Methods
  25. 25. The AI Organization Summit MethodCreating an Alignment of Strengths Using Large Group Methods
  26. 26. 5 CommonApproaches to Change !  Top Down Strategies !  Bottom Up Strategies!  Representative Cross-Section Strategies !  Pilot Strategies !  Back Room
  27. 27. Typical Results!  Less Informed and Ultimately Less Effective Change Efforts!  A Few Try to Convince Many That Change is Needed!  Partial Responsibility Mindset!  Change Occurs Sequentially!  Change is Perceived as a Disruption of Real Work
  28. 28. Typical Results (cont)!  Pace of Change is Too Slow!  Substantial Change in Part or Modest Change in an Entire Organization!  Breakdown at Implementation
  29. 29. Success Factors The AI Summit #  Whole)System )in)the)Room ) #  The)Task)is)Clear ) #  Stakeholders)Match)the)Task) #  The) Concentra=onCEffect )of)Strengths ) #  Top)Down)&)BoUom)Up)&)Whole )#  From)Dialogue)to)Design-Inspired Innova=on ) #  2)½)C3)Day)Event:)300)to)2,000)Par=cipants ) #  FaceCtoCFace)&)WorldCWide)Web) ) #  Uncommon)Ac=on)Results )
  30. 30. Nutrimental FoodsThe Results One Year Later !  Rodrigo Loures, CEO !  300 % Increase in Profit !  75 % Decrease in Absenteeism!  Appointment to President Lula s Economic and Social Council !  World Business Academy Award!  Rise to Best 100 Companies in the Nation
  31. 31. Why Does Experience ofWholeness… ! Bring out the best in human beings? ! Propel innovation? ! New life? ! Eclipse old patterns? ! So easy?