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Exceeding Expectations (Matthew Moehle)


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Presentation used at the #2012waic Conference - Ghent, Belgium

Published in: Education, Business
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Exceeding Expectations (Matthew Moehle)

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  2. 2. The Ever-Expanding Innovationof AI in Education AI Innovation in The ways people are Education applying AI in Education is reflecting the generative spirit of both AI and the field of education
  3. 3. AI in Education:Whole Systems›  District Strategic Planning›  State-wide Initiatives›  Innovating What is Possible in Education
  4. 4. AI in Education:Groups & Teams›  Professional Learning Communities›  Data Teams›  Teacher Development
  5. 5. AI in Education:Individuals›  Teacher Coaching›  Daily Assessments›  Teacher and Leader Reflection
  6. 6. Many Levels ofAI in Education
  7. 7. Let’s Discover Together We have all been involved in education at some point in our lives. Think of a time in your educational experience when you have seen or have been a part of something in a education system at the individual, team, orwhole system level that embodies the spirit and principles or AI (even if it was not part of a ‘formal’ AI process). Something that inspired you or had a lasting impact on you.Please share this experience. What happened?When and where did this this happen? How did this event impact yourself and others? Whatdoes this event teach us about AI in Education?
  8. 8. Let’s Dream Together›  Yesterday we envisioned our world 20 years into the future. Focusing on 2032, what is your dream for education in your own country and across the globe? What does your vision of education look like at the: ›  Individual level? ›  Team/group level? ›  Whole systems level? How will AI help elevate & scale up the positive innovations in education at each of these levels?
  9. 9. Let’s Scale Up›  When you consider the people and strengths represented in– and with our colleagues beyond -- this room, what might be capable for us to achieve together? How might we design networks or ways of sharing to continue to advance AI in Education around the world by sharing and engaging collectively? How can we ourselves engage at the individual, group, and whole systems level?
  10. 10. “Education is themost powerfulweapon which youcan use to changethe world.”-Nelson Mandela