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AI in Nation Building and Regional Development


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Ilma Barros
Keynote presented at the #2012waic conference - Ghent, Belgium

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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AI in Nation Building and Regional Development

  1. 1. Ilma Barros, Ph.D.2012 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference Ghent, Belgium April, 2012
  2. 2. Future 10 Parana Forum Purpose!   Purpose: To bring together major business leaders, policy makers, government, private sector, technical community, academia, and civil society to dialogue and create an integrated proposal for the development of the State.!   It was featured as an unique opportunity to create reference, find creative solutions, and propose innovative ways to collectively become responsible for the future of Parana.!   One of the biggest challenge: –  To ensure representativeness from all different realms of society.
  3. 3. Future 10 Paraná Forum Summary!  The most important leaders’ meeting ever held in Paraná. –  A unique opportunity to create references, find solutions, and to collectively create a set of strategic directions for the development of the state.!  Planning – 9 months!  Held in 8 cities in the state – 5 months;!  Total of 5,070 leaders participated;!  Web Portal – 900 hits/day and 112 thousand hits total.
  4. 4. Calendar!  Planning Phase – 9 months –  September/2004 to June/2005 •  Definition of Approach to be used •  Creating 11 AI Interview Protocols (11 Themes to be addressed at the meetings) •  Planning communication with Leaders •  Fundraising!  Workshops Rollout –  July to November/2005!  Closing Ceremony –  November/2005
  5. 5. Expected Outcomes!   To create a consensual and desired vision of the future and map the current situation of the State of Parana related to the 11 topics approached during the summits. –  The idea was to come up with a number of ideas and suggestions for actions that would serve for all the organizations represented in the Forum and for the society in general.!   Promote the integration of the most important business, social, and political leaders from the State in order to create proposals for the integrated strategic planning for the State Development for the next 10 years;!   Enhance the commitment of this group of leaders and their institutions;!   Obtain the largest size of factual and updated information related to business and State economy.
  6. 6. Appreciative Inquiry Summit Topics!  Commerce, tourism and services - Samir!  Health and Quality of Life - Sonia!  Culture and Education - Lindamir!  Security - Miguel!  Agribusiness - Ademir!  Mobilization and social responsibility - Marcelo Reis!  Environment and Forests - Carolina!  Industrialization and urbanization - Vinicius!  Infrastructure (telecom, energy and logistics) - Jairo Preissler!  Research, technology and university - Maria Cristhina!  Public Policies & Society - Dorgival
  7. 7. Sponsors! RPC – TV! FACIAPE – Federation of the Commercial Associations of Parana State! FAEP – Federation of Agriculture! FeComercio – Federation of Commerce (211 thousand)! FIEP – Federation of Industries (93 unions)! IBQP – Brazilian Institute for Productivity and Quality! IPD – Parana Institute for Development! OCEPAR - Organization of the State Cooperatives! SEBRAE – Service for Small Business and Entrepreneurs! ACP – Association of Commerce! AERP – Association of the Radio Stations! PIE - Parana Institute of Engineering
  8. 8. Paraná State: Demographics!  Population of the State of Paraná: 10,016,931 (10 million) –  8.2 million urban –  Rural 1.7 million –  Literate 8.3 million (83%) –  2.4 million urban households –  493 000 rural households –  Source: Focus Brazil in 2004 - Target Marketing!  The Sate of Paraná occupies the sixth position in the ranking of Brazilian states
  9. 9. Why AI Summit?!  Creates a container where people are able to –  Capitalize on their strengths to create a vision that attracts all involved and encourages them to act towards it.!  Promotes synergy between people and the willingness to engage in something greater than themselves.!  Increase capacity to listen with an open heart – –  Because of the positive questions, people offer the best of their ability to listen, they show empathy, they let go of judgment.
  10. 10. What Convinced the Sponsors to Use AIS?! Appreciative Inquiry:   –  Focus on Strengths –  Purpose •  Search for the best in the past and create a vision of the future that is shared, challenging, and attractive for all. •  Create provocative propositions and action plans. –  AI Team: •  Main consultant – responsible for the whole •  11 AI consultants – responsible for each topic
  11. 11. Number of Participants per Region! Leaders Total Local Regional Ponta Grossa 550 56% 44% Londrina 600 40% 60% Maringá 640 55% 45% Foz do Iguaçu 700 40% 60% Cascavel 600 42% 58% Umuarama 430 65% 35% Curitiba 1100 55% 45% Guarapuava 450 52% 48% Total 5070 51% 49%
  12. 12. Sector Representatives PG LDA MGA FOZ CVEL UMU CWB GUA TotalBusiness 32% 36% 28% 23% 24% 26% 31% 27% 28%Government 24% 19% 19% 21% 23% 29% 21% 30% 23%Representative 16% 24% 29% 31% 28% 22% 17% 14% 23%Academia 17% 11% 11% 13% 15% 12% 19% 23% 15%NGOs 7% 5% 8% 6% 3% 7% 6% 2% 6%Midia 2% 5% 4% 3% 4% 2% 5% 3% 4%Religious 2% 0% 1% 3% 3% 2% 1% 1% 2%
  13. 13. Report 28% 23% 23% 15% 6% 4% 2% Education
  14. 14. Planned Vs. Achieved
  15. 15. Operationalization Turismo Educação Agronegócio Meio Ambiente Infra-Estrutura Visão Política Saúde Segurança RS Industrialização Pesquisa
  16. 16. Leader’s Engagement! In each region 11 leaders were elected as representatives for each of the 11 themes covered in the Forum; –  Responsibility: To work on the consolidation of the information.! There was one meeting to consolidate all the information generated in the regional forums;
  17. 17. FF10: Unleashed A Web ofCollaboration!   Societal –  Within and across sectors –  Within and across topics –  Generations, gender, faith tradition, political preference, etc.!   Institutional –  Federations through their presidents – who are responsible to defend the interests of their associates came together to work on the making of the forum 10 and also to implement proposals afterwards; –  Businesses, such as the most important media station of the country (Rede Globo de Televisão) –  collaborated with other stations, competitors, to broadcast this initiative throughout the state.
  18. 18. Expanded Political!   The society became aware about each other perspective and political leaders became aware of the the society!   Public Policy & Society! An Enormous Request from Society! –  Professionalization of public service; –  Strategic planning with social participation - increased participation of society in defining and monitoring of priority actions; –  Information Technology; –  Balance of public finances; –  Respect the laws; –  Review of resource transfers (pact of municipalities); –  Pact for improving education; –  Greater transparency in public resource management; –  Participative management and social control - Encouraging the strengthening of community councils; –  Political reform.
  19. 19. ! Dream of -----  
  20. 20. Closing Ceremony
  21. 21. Closing Ceremony! Luís Inácio Lula da Silva – President of Brazil! Paulo Bernardo – Minister of Planning, Budget, and Management! Roberto Requião – Governor of the State! Osmar Dias! Flávio Arns! Rubens Bueno! Gleisi Hoffmann! Mayors of host cities! All the sponsor organizations
  22. 22. Important Issues for the Continuity!   Political Shield –  Seek synergy between government, society and the private sector;!   Integrated work and commitment of sponsor’s organizations;!   Continuity of the Steering Committee (participation of all organizations);!   Integration between the Sponsor’s organizations and maintenance of the Steering Committee;!   Communication to legitimate social participation;
  23. 23. Next Steps – Proposed in 2006! The Forum for The Development of Parana was launched in 2009 –  All the Sponsors have a seat at the board;!   Mapping of all actions and joint projects undertaken by the sponsor’s organizations – fulfilling the basis of proposals obtained in FF10.!   Design and maintain the Web Portal to act as a channel of communication and integration of the 5070 participants and leaders of the community in general;!   Use the media as a means of communication between the Forum and population;!   Plan self-sustaining development of the Permanent Forum –  (Center for strategic information, projects and actions available)!   Introduction and integration of the Permanent Forum on Development with all of society: November 2006
  24. 24. PERMANENTE FORUM FOR DEVELOPMENT PROPOSED IN 2006Permanent Forum for State Development or Development Council Board of Directors Federations - Associations -G8 Executive Committee - Institutions Consult Committee (Leaders elected) Operational and Technical Implementation of Projects
  25. 25. Objectives of the Permanent Forum!   Continue the work undertaken by the Future 10 Parana Forum –  Seeking synergy between government, society and the private sector.!   Analyze and integrate the strategic plan for development of the state.!   Alignment and integration of the proposals with the various institutions involved.!   Information and mobilization of society Paraná to the proposals.!   Encourage the participation of entities to a new phase of the movement.!   Account to the Future Forum on results of 10 Parana and about the actions of continuity!   Establish priorities for developing the Parana.
  26. 26. Links DVD Overview President Lula
  27. 27.