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iPad Review

  1. 1. ==== ====For iPad Video Lessons .... Check This Outbit.ly/AA4ORO==== ====BuildThe iPad truly is a beautiful devious. On look at it and you will feel that we have jumped forwardtwenty years into the future. The iPads exteriors is a combination of aluminum and reinforcedplastic. Like most Apple mobile devices, the iPad only has one button: the home bottom found onthe bottom of the iPad when help in portrait. There is the usually audio jack for those who want toplug in headphones, and also a mic. The iPad speakers do their jobs, but they are not going toblow you away with their quality.The iPad has the standard Apple external connector which is the only way you can hook up theiPad to other devious due to the lack of a flash drive. However, there are many devious that canconnect to the iPad and more are being custom built for the iPad and should be coming out soon.The iPad weighs 1.5 pounds. It is significantly lighter than a laptop, but much heavier than youraverage smart phone or mobile devious. You will begin to feel the exertion in your wrist after holdthe iPad for about half an hour.DisplayThe iPad display is truly something to see. It packs 1024x768 pixels in its screen which seems likea low number, but images are crisp nevertheless. The color and contrast on the iPad is reallyamazing. The iPads one Achilles heel is that in direct sunlight you will see a ton of reflection onthe screen, and the screen which is back lit get hard to see. This is most notice able when videoswith dark scenes.Eye strainThe has been a lot of discussion about whether or not the iPad causes eye strain. Based on myown experience and the experiences of others who have tried the iPad, this is really a hit or missthing. I do not get any eye strain from using the iPad even after spending an hour reading aneBook. However, if you plan on making the iPad your next eBook reader, I would advise you to gotest out an iPad at the Apple store first.Media ConsumptionMedia consumption was supposed to be the one thing that the iPad excelled at, and it does.iBooks: iBooks is Apples eReader that can be downloaded free on the iPad. It comes with a freesample of Winnie the Pooh. iBooks gives the readers a lot of options such as changing the text
  2. 2. size or the brightness of the screen. iBooks does not have a huge selections of books yet, but itoffers books in full color and the touch screen ui makes it fun to read.Kindle: Amazon has made a dedicated app on for the iPad which always Amazon customers toaccess their eBooks or buy more from the Amazon store. The Kindle has about 340,000 moreeBooks than Apples own iBooks. You can now watch videos that are embedded in the eBooks.Comics: I think that comics where made to be viewed on a tablet like device. The beautiful displayof the iPad combined with the interactive touch screen makes reading a comic on the iPad almostmore enjoyable than holding a physical copy in your hands. Marvel and DC Comics both havededicated apps for the iPad where you can buy new releases. Japanese manga are slowly makingtheir way to the iPad for those of you who are fans of manga.Magazines: So far the magazines that have been released on the iPad have enjoyed hugesuccess. Big names such as Time Magazine, GQ, and Wired have all made dictated apps for theiPad where you can download the latest edition. The magazine companies are really excited aboutthe opportunities the iPad brings and are still experimenting with how they should deliver theircontent to their subscribers. The eMagazines still have a way to go with things such as ui andpricing, but you can expect them to get better with time.Newspapers: The iPad is an ideal product for reading the latest news in the morning at thebreakfast table or on a train on your way to work. USA Today, BBC, The Wall Street Journal,Bloomberg, and many more have already made their content assessable on the iPad.VideoThe iPad is an excellent device for looking at videos. There are many options of where you canget videos from. Off course you have iTunes which has a huge selection of videos that you canbuy and upload to your iPad. With a paid subscription you can also access Netflix on your iPadand stream movies and shows. For you quick videos you can always head over to YouTube andwatch movie trails or a funny clip.MusicThe way you access the music is a little different from the iPhone, but it is still simple and easy.Apple has simple merged its iPod functions into iPad. One of the strong points of the iPad is thatyou can create your playlist directly on the iPad without having to use iTunes.KeyboardThe iPad keyboard is much bigger than the iPhone or iPod Touch virtual keyboards, and the extraroom makes it a breeze to type on. Dont expect to be able to bang out a 10 page paper (althoughIve heard that it has been done) but for quick typing the iPad will get the job done.GamingThe gaming on the iPad is not for extreme gamers, but more so for the casual one. In fact, Iveheard of dozens of people who havent played games in years finding a couple that they really
  3. 3. enjoy on the iPad. The iPad offers all of the classic board games such as chess and scrabble andyou can even play multiplayer. Then there are games that were designed specifically for the iPad.These games are clever, challenging, addictive, and loads of fun. And did I mention cheap? Mostgames are free and none get more expensive then about $5.00.Want a chance to earn a free Apple iPad? Read this blog to learn how:[http://www.loogos.org/articles/how-to-get-an-apple-ipad-tablet-for-free]Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Edson_Phicil==== ====For iPad Video Lessons .... Check This Outbit.ly/AA4ORO==== ====