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Small Ship Cruising Cedar Swan


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Small Ship Cruising Cedar Swan

  1. 1. Bigger Isn't Always Better A look at small ship cruising Cedar Swan
  2. 2. The Smaller the Better: Who is Buying this Product?  50 +  Affluent  Well Travelled  Well Educated  Looking for a new travel product  Interesting
  3. 3. Smaller = BIG VALUE  Exclusive  Greater opportunity to Interact with locals  Able to do special excursions that simply could not be offered to larger groups  Not over crowded  Can purchase local product direct from the producer
  4. 4. How Small is Small What is small to one cruise company may be large to another  Cozumel vs Quebec Quebec vs Sept-Îles  Rome vs Halifax Halifax vs Digby  Fort Lauderdale vs St. John's vs Ramea St. John's
  5. 5. What will cruise ships be looking for? BE PREPARED  Port facilities: anchorages, water depths, pictures of the wharf, security procedures  Infrastructure: location of port vs town/attraction, types of vehicles available, maps, central gathering point, number/type of guides available  Activities: Outline ALL options, fitness level required, distances and terrain if walking or hiking, retail, guided/independent, cultural or nature based
  6. 6. Welcome
  7. 7. Delivery Communication Back up plan Guide to pax ratio Departure specifics/theme Enthusiasm Quality control Sound system Options/flexibility