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Prezi presentation


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Prezi presentation

  1. 1. PREZIHESSA ALOLAMA – 201031863IMAN GHUBASH – 200980923AISHA KHERBASH – 200920258
  2. 2. CONTENT1. Introduction to presentation programs a. Examples of presentation programs2. Introduction to Prezia. Prezi featuresb. Uses of Prezi in different fields3. How to use Prezia. How to use Prezi tutorialsb. A sample of PowerPoint presentation vs a Prezi presentation4. How to learn more about the latest updates on Prezi5. References
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION TO PRESENTATION PROGRAMS a. Examples of presentation programs
  4. 4. 1. INTRODUCTION TO PRESENTATION PROGRAMSPresentation program: a computer software package that enables a person to display information via slideshows.It has three major functions: Editor: formats and inserts text A function to insert and manipulate graphic images Slideshow system: displays content
  5. 5. EXAMPLES OF PRESENTATION PROGRAMS Microsoft PowerPoint Google Docs SlideRocket Apple Keynote Prezi
  6. 6. 2. INTRODUCTION TO PREZIa. Prezi featuresb. Uses of Prezi in different fields
  7. 7. INTRODUCTION TO PREZIWhat is Prezi? *Prezi is a cloud-based presentation web software and ZUI (Zooming User Interface) for exploring and sharing ideas upon a virtual canvas. * Prezi’s stated mission is to “make sharing ideas more interesting and act like a visual narrative.”
  8. 8. PREZI FEATURES*Pan and Zoom (navigating through the presentation in a lifelike dimension)*Prezi Zebra (icon that enables the user to rotate, resize and edit an object)*Prezi Canvas (the space used to add text, images and other presentation media)*Frame (User Interface that collates presentation media together as a single presentation)*Path (connects presentation objects in the sequence required)
  9. 9. PREZI FEATURES - CONTINUED To insert text, images or shapes Zebra Zoom in and out the canvas Canva s Presentation preview
  10. 10. USES OF PREZI IN DIFFERENT FIELDSPrezi’s role in education:• E.g. Stanford University, Harvard University and Discovery Education.Prezi’s role in businesses and conferences:• E.g. The World Economic Forum is currently using Prezi as part of its presentation and media strategy.• Many TED Conference speakers have used Prezi
  11. 11. USES OF PREZI IN DIFFERENT FIELDS - CONTINUED • Data visualization • Complex systems, process diagrams, and network diagrams • In the realm of cognitive sciences, as a mind- mapping tool • Résumés and portfolios • E-cards and other individual expressions of creativity
  12. 12. 3. HOW TO USE PREZIa. How to use Prezi tutorialsb. A sample of a PowerPoint presentation vs a Prezi presentation
  13. 13. A. HOW TO USE PREZI TUTORIALSPart oneHow to sign up and register for a free Prezi account with up to 100MB online storage.Part twoDemonstration – How to create a new Prezi presentation. How to use Prezi Zoom and Pan, Zebra and Canvas. It also demonstrates how to add and edit text.Part ThreeHow to insert and edit images. How to use a Path to create a storyline and how to finalize the presentation.
  14. 14. A. HOW TO USE PREZI TUTORIALS - CONTINUED Part four What you could do after creating the presentation; from re-editing it to downloading and publishing it on Twitter.
  15. 15. B. A SAMPLE OF A POWERPOINTPRESENTATION VS A PREZI PRESENTATION This video shows the comparison between a Powerpoint presentation and a Prezi presentation, demonstrating the visual differences between the slide movements and animation.
  16. 16. 4. LEARN MORE ABOUT PREZI Get the latest updates, tutorials and additions on Prezi via their Blog: Twitter:!/prezi Facebook RSS Feeds feed://
  17. 17. 5. REFERENCES the-rock/