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It project 1


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PICNIK --- --- Helps users to add many kind of edits, text, stickers, touch ups (makeup), & frames on a regular photo.

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It project 1

  1. 1. MaryamMohammed201015514 MaryamAbdulrahim200920563
  2. 2. • Define what is Picnik (introduce) A. Normal photo edit B. Different tabs to use• Readymade example (of before and after picture)• Who is using it and why A. Majored students B. People in job fields C. teenagers• How to use it A. Steps on how to use it B. Show pictures on how to use it C. Show tutorials on how to use it• Results on the survey we made• Bibliography
  3. 3. • PICNIK is a web based application , that any user might enters the web page and starts editing photos.• People could use the normal photo edit which are • Crop • Rotate • Exposure • Colors • Resize• It has different tabs that lead to different functions. Each tab has its own functions, which includes : • Features tab • Effects tab • Text tab • Stickers tab • Touch up tab (makeup section) • Frames tab
  5. 5. WHO IS USING IT AND WHY• STUDENTS:1. Information Technology students could use it to make their work much nicer.2. Media students could use it to make multiple photos edited all together in a really nice way.3. Business students , specializing in marketing they could edit their pictures and use as advertisings.
  6. 6. • PEOPLE IN JOB FIELDS:1. Doctors could use Picnik to make before and after pictures , after a particular surgery.2. Business men and women could also use picnik to advertize for their shops and businesses.3. Models could also change their features.
  7. 7. • TEENAGERS ALL AROUND THE WORLD:1. Teenagers could use it to hide some pimples and spots on their faces.2. Changing the hair and eyes color.3. Changing from white skin to tanned skin color (which show really natural).4. Adding eyebrows , or just making them thinker.5. Adding lipsticks
  8. 8. HOW TO USE IT ?• THE STEPS ON HOW TO USE IT:1. Enter the website : (wait for it to download)2. Click on Upload Photos3. Select an image from your desktop4. Start editing it by using the different tabs
  9. 9. • CAPTURED PICTURES (HOW TO USE IT) :1. Enter the website2. Click on Upload Photos3. Select an image from your desktop
  10. 10. 4. Start editing• People could use the normal photo edit which are• Or by using the tabs (which are more advanced and get nicer results)
  11. 11. • TUTORIAL (ON HOW TO USE IT) : Click here to see the video and to learn more about Picnik
  12. 12. RESULTS ON THE SURVEYimages MADE Edits WE Q1:- Photoshop: software development 20% Manipulate, cro Answers; A and p, resize, correc B t color on digital 57% photos A program for 20% making videos 3%Q2:- Did you use a website called Picnik Yes 5% No 95%
  13. 13. Q3:- You prefer using Photoshop for:Requirements in Painting your work field 17% 29% Photo editing 54% Q4:- Which one is more suitable for the use: Downloaded Web Base Photoshop Application 18% Photoshop 82%Q5:- Do you think Photoshop can help UAE local femalesto express themselves through hiding or changing someface features due to its conservative society? No 25% Yes 75%
  14. 14. Q6:- How many times did you use Photoshop in your lifetime? 0 4% 1 t0 4 times 8% 5 to 10 times Many times 16% 72% Q7:- You believe Photoshop is more useful because: Another reason 13% I can share my professional It is needed in my pictures with my major friends and family 33% 54%Q8:- Is Photoshop in your opinion is difficult to learn? No 18% Yes 82%
  15. 15. Q9:- The biggest disadvantage of Photoshop is:takes space inyour computer There are a lot of 19% different tools that do very different things 50% Takes lots of time to edit 31% Q10:- Are you interested to listen to a presentation talking about Photoshop? No 5% Yes 95%
  16. 16. BIBLIOGRAPHY• &bih=622&tbm=isch&ei=CBuyTuDqOMKDOs6xhJQC&start=20&sa =N•
  17. 17. Thanks for Listening 