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IT project (Myna application)


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IT project (Myna application)

  1. 1. List of Content1- Introduction 5- How to use Myna Tools &2- Who to use Myna Features- Music editor - Import Audio clips- Amateur - Add Non-destructive effects- Employee in TV & Radio stations - Add Fade-Ins & Fade-outs - Recording3- How to register in Aviary 6- Example4- Tools & Features- Import Audio clips 7- Conclusion- Add Non-destructive effects 8- References- Add Fade-Ins & Fade-outs- Recording
  2. 2. Introduction Aviary Myna is an audio manipulation and podcasting Web 2.0 application launched by Aviary in 2009. It is an advanced, user-friendly, and free online audio editing application that allows the creation and editing of multi-track audio recordings. In other words, it allows the user to record and import audio files and add super fantastic effects.(Introduction to Aviary Myna,2011)
  3. 3. Who to use Myna? EmployeesMusic Editors Amateur (TV & Radio stations)
  4. 4. Music Editors: This application can help the music editors in recording musicians voice, Playing with the severity of the sound by making it stronger or weaker and Playing with the sound layers.
  5. 5. Amateur: For music lovers, Myna is very easy to use as it helps them in Playing with the songs and music, and loaded into the websites. Also, it can be used at parties and DJ
  6. 6. Employees (TV & Radiostations): Employees in TV and radio stations can use the programme for intervals ads and for editing music for TV’s and radio’s programs.
  7. 7. How to register in Aviary?In order to use the Myna application, it’s important toregister in Aviary first. Firstly, type the showing address to access aviary
  8. 8. How to register in Aviary?Secondly, to start Thirdly, fill the required information. Once youregistering press sign in finish, click create (as shown(Top of the page) in the picture).
  9. 9. How to register in Aviary?Afterregistering, you willreceive aconfirming e-mail.Click the givingaddress tocomplete yourregister and startusing theapplications
  10. 10. How to register in Aviary?The address will take you to the shownpage. Press create then (Myna audio Finally, you can start editing inediting) to start this page.
  11. 11. Tools & FeaturesImport Non- and Fade-ins destructivexport and fade- e effects audio outs clips Record
  12. 12. Import audio clips This feature gives you the ability to browse and import audios from your computer rather than taking them from the application library.
  13. 13. Non-destructive effects Using this feature, you can add many effects to your audio clips including Pitch Change, Reverb, Delay, Parametric EQ, and more. Also, you can control the sharpness and the thickness along with the speed of audios
  14. 14. Fade-ins and fade-outs With this feature, you can fade ins and outs two or more different audios and make them sound like a one audio (mix them). To use this feature, press auto then Fades as shown in the picture.
  15. 15. Recording Recording feature gives you the chance to upload your voice to your project. Plus, using it as a background to the audios.
  16. 16. How to use Myna Tools &Features
  17. 17. Import audio clips Press file then (import file) to browse audios from your computer. After choosing the audio press next to start loading the audio
  18. 18. Adding Non-destructiveeffectsIn order to add various effects on your audio, double click the trackas shown in the picture and choose the effect you want from theboxes on the right (you can apply more than one effect)
  19. 19. Fade-ins and fade-outs You can add fade-ins and fade-outs by adjusting the interactive curve as shown in the pictures.
  20. 20. Recording To make a record, press the record button as was shown previously. The Audio Recorder box will appear, you can start and stop the record (red button), increase and decrease the volume, reduce the echo, import the record to your project and play to listen to your record (green button)
  21. 21. ExampleRecord- background- Fadeand three non- destructiveeffects To learn more about using Myna features
  22. 22. ConclusionTo conclude, in order to save your project allwhat you have to do is to press the (Save) buttonon the top of the page. We hope that you had a great time discoveringMyna and learning a new application of AudioEditing. As we said before, you can use Myna inso many fields. Even for fun and killing time bycreating powerful audio clips easily.
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