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Facebook presentation


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Facebook presentation

  1. 1. FacebookReconnecting PeopleMaryam Bujsaim- 201013066
  2. 2. Content Definition – History – Company Purpose ( re-unite, Make new friends ) How to sign up Jing Video Impact (political social media ) – Examples Effect ( positive and negative ) How to use Facebook safely Quiz References
  3. 3. Home Video Definition Facebook is one of the most used social network in the world. People all around the world use Facebook, it has more then 800 million active users. Users must sign up for Facebook before using the site. After they can add other friend users, up date their profile and exchange messages. They can also join groups that are with in their interest. Moreover they can join their school and colleges network NextPreview
  4. 4. Home Video History Facebook was founded By Mark Zukerberg who first created Facebook when he was in his sophomore year at Harvard university. At the beginning it was created for Harvard university and only Harvard, its was created fro students to keep in touch over the internet and get to know each other more. It become so popular so they decided to open it to other collages. With in the years that follow Facebook was open for schools and then to every one as long as they are above 13. More people visited Facebook than Google for the week ending March 13, 2010. NextPreview
  5. 5. Home Video Company The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg owns only 24% of the company. Moreover in 2007 Microsoft jumped in and invested $248 million for only 1.6% share in Facebook. Not only that but some share owners in Facebook are celebrities for example Chris Hughes and Matt Cohler .Most Facebook‟s revenue comes from advertisement. NextPreview
  6. 6. Home Video Purpose  Re-unit Facebook is one of the best sites to re unit with your loved one wither they were your old friends or family members. In addition to that Facebook makes it easier for people to communicate and interact with one another and share valuable information  New friends You can easily make new friends on Facebook , you can also befriend people within the same interest as yours. More over you can interact with people from all over the world easily and make new friends their. NextPreview
  7. 7. Home Video How to sign up 1. Go to 2. On the right of the web page, you will find a couple of field that you will have to fill, fro example your first name , last name , gender etc. it contains all your basic information after you have filled the fields click on sign up. 3. After signing in, a security box will appear you should then inter the words in order to confirm your validity, once thats done click sign up. 4. The next step will be the Facebook sign up process, which will be about how to find friends, your profile information and your profile picture. However you can skip all these steps by clicking on skip this steps „to the end”. 5. At the top of the page a notification will appear, say that you have to go to your email account to complete the sign up process. NextPreview
  8. 8. Home Video How to sign up – continue 6. Click on the email that you have received and then click on the link that Facebook sent you. This process is made to conform the email address. 7. You will get a massage that you have successfully created an account. NextPreview
  9. 9. Home Video Jing Video Click on this link to view the jing video :- NEXTPreview
  10. 10. Home Video Impact Political:- Facebook became a way were people can speak their voice out and their voice is heard. Moreover Facebook became a site were politicians, leaders and the public can interact and share their opinions. Social :- Facebook made it easier for people to connect with one another. It also made it easier for collage and school students to connect with one another and make new friends. In addition allowed people from different parts of the world to share photos and videos to each other . Media In April 2011, Facebook launched a new portal for marketers and creative agencies to help them develop brand promotions on Facebook. Thousand of TV shows and movies get promoted on Facebook. It also became one of the newest way for a company to set a fan page or have a profile were they can connect and interact with their clients effectively and easily. More over new companys get their popularity from Facebook. NextPreview
  11. 11. Home Video Example Political impact Media Social impact Facebook teamed up with Facebook has now Facebook re ABC and Saint Anselm Collage been involved in united a to allow users to give live campaigns for TVs father and his feedback about the shows like True daughter after republican and democratic Blood, 20 years of debates. Another example is American Idol and being a part. when leaders and politicians Top Gear. interact with the public for example Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid and Obama. NextPreview
  12. 12. Home Video Effects  Negative Facebook is one of the most popular social network website with over 800 million users . Despite its positive effects Facebook also has negative effects. The negative side effects of Facebook are that people get too addicted to Facebook they would sit next to the computer and go through different profiles over and over again. In addition to that, random people start staking people, hacking into their accounts and getting to involved with their lives. More over Facebook is bad for your health when you sit beside your computers all day long eating and not exercising you become fat which may cause obesity. Not only that but people start to interact with one another over the internet and not face to face.  Positive the positive effect of Facebook is that it connects us to our network wither it was our school or collage, Facebook makes it easier for us to connect with them. More over we can broaden our network, for instants making a Facebook group with people that share the same interest for example people who are interested in painting or cooking can create their own group to share information and ideas. Moreover people all around the world can interact and share videos and images with each other for instants, a mother in America can view video and pictures of her grandchildren in the UAE. Facebook has games that its users can play and have fun. In Facebook you can share what you think, interesting topics and valuable information. NextPreview
  13. 13. Home Video How to use Facebook safely “We believe safety is a conversation and a shared responsibility among all of us. Thats why we provide the information, tools and resources youll find here.” - Family Safety Center, Facebook To stay safe on Facebook you should set your profile on private were only the people you want to see your profile can see it. Second Avoid filling in all of your personal information, sometimes when you add a friend that you don‟t know they might look you up. Last but not least don‟t post anything that you don‟t want the world to see. NEXTPreview
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