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spring note


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website that help you to make note

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spring note

  1. 1. Huda Qassim 200916324 Spring noteHow to make note?
  2. 2. Out line ~*  Introduction about spring note :  Definition of spring note : How you can understand the spring note? How you can analyze the important information?How can you use spring notes to take note?
  3. 3. Introduction about spring note : Spring note wiki website that provide help in taking notes . Spring note also have many feathers that help students to organize their information if they feel lost. When you used spring note it will easy to you to write your note in perfect way Whether it be an educational notebook,collaborative group notebook, or an open notebook – Springnote provides users to with the freedom to customize exactly who gets to see the created notebook. Also you can do your own design as you want that will help you to like taking note.  And you can sharing with friend.
  4. 4. Definition of spring note :  Spring note as I mentioned is wiki website .Wiki website is website that every body can butinformation that he have without consider , For example wikibeada website. But spring not can be private or public . Also you can sharing information with other students by spring note. Spring note is a great tool for various tasks. A high priority in Spring note is to allow users to
  5. 5. Spring note is a free online notebook based on wiki :If you ever have anything to do with things such as ideas, content,projects, or documents, Spring note is the way to go.Spring note allows you to create pages, to work on themtogether with your friends, and to share files. Spring note is also agreat tool for group projects as it allows group members to easilycollaborate. Advanced search, numerous templates, and 2GB ofFREE File Storage are only few examples of how Spring note canhelp you. Of course, you already know that Spring note is anInternet service, meaning you can access it from anywhereanytime .Spring note is an Open ID enabled web application that combinesthe elements of wiki, word processing, and file organization intoan easy, simple, and intuitive user experience.
  6. 6. How you can understand the spring note?Examples :1- Educational :Creating a notebook for educational or academicals purposes is agreat way to have accessible notes anywhere you go. Think abouthaving your notes and notebooks available wherever there is acomputer. * The link is examplefor Educational Note book .
  7. 7. 2- Personal :Notebooks in Spring note are not only about sharing andcollaboration, but also to have a personal notebook to be usedhowever you like without having it exposed to anyone . This link is Example forpersonal Note book.Who use it ? Spring Note can be used from every one , students , teachers ,Business men and shops.Why they use it ? To create notebooks on subjects and things that they want ,Spring note provides users to with the freedom to customize exactlywho gets to see the created notebook.
  8. 8. Spring note is useful for education : From pervious slide we can analyze that spring note useful for Education . This are addition examples for Education use :
  9. 9. How you can analyze theimportant information?~First , you have to choose the topic that you want to make note bookabout it , and it is independent on what you want to write about it .The topic it should be clear and useful if it is Educational .Secondly , You have to show the issue that you write about it by yourtopic.Finally, you have to summary the information you have by 3 steps :•Write essay about information that you have , Introduction , Body andconclusion.•Select the main topic from your essay it will be essay to you tounderstand real topic of information.•Summarize your essay again it will give you the important information.
  10. 10. This is the link of spring note concept video : is picture of video page you canclick at Replay than video will open
  11. 11. Links of video to explain more about spring note :Notebook Types :Personal Notebooks :Group Notebooks :View Mode :Edit Mode :
  12. 12. How can you use springnotes to take note? Sing up to spring note by this linkThen you can open account by click at open ID .Then you will get page that show you the information that springnote account need .Finally , you will open account and it will move you to notebook cpage immediately. c c
  13. 13. Sing up steps with picture :This is picture from springnote WIKIIn the top ( Right side ) youcan see the sing up thereYou have to click in open IDto doing new account .
  14. 14. Now you can seefrom this picture thatyou are sing up tospring noteSee the top ofpicture ( Right side)
  15. 15. list of other resources that canhelp you to learn more aboutnotes :•Kerika : Share your ideas, documents and projects with friends andcolleagues around the world using Graphical Wikis. Download•LittleWiki : Web site where you can create public and private wiki pages.Hosted•Spring note : Allows you to create pages, to work on them together withyour friends, and to share files. Hosted•Wikia : Create a wiki about your favorite topic and begin collaboratingwith people who love what you love. Hosted