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Sabrina’s elf magic


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Sabrina’s elf magic

  2. 2. PAGE ONE Sabrina is a little elf who lived at the North Pole with Santa Claus. She looks after the reindeer.
  3. 3. PAGE TWOOne night before Christmas two evilwitches cast a spell on allChristmas presents, causing them
  4. 4. Page three Sabrina was caring for Rudolph when she heard the terrible news. She said “ Oh No! Rudolph, what are we going to do?”
  5. 5. Page four Sabrina stayed up late that night looking through books full of spells. She had looked through ten books, then she found it. The Christmas reversal spell.
  6. 6. Page five Carefully she made the spell. The ingredients were, four hairs from Santa’s beard, two reindeer hairs, a snow ball and some Christmas cheer.
  7. 7. Page six Once boiled for an hour she poured it on top of a Christmas tree. She closed her eyes and counted to ten and all the presents came back again. Sabrina had saved Christmas!
  8. 8. The end ofWritten by Madeline and book. By yourJasmine buddies Pictures by Madeline andJasmineFor Sabrina our wonderfulbuddy good luck in grade 1. Maddie and Jas