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Questionaire by Nico's group


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Questionaire by Nico's group

  1. 1. Breakfast Survey<br />Student’s name :<br /> Class :<br />QUESTIONS :<br />1/ Do you have your breakfast regularly? (Yes/No)<br />2/ What is your usual breakfast menu?<br />Scrambled egg, bread and milk ( )<br />Half-boiled egg, biscuits and milk ( )<br />Only bread : ) ( )<br />Rice and baked meat ( )<br />Others (Describe) : <br /> ___________________________ ( )<br />3/ When did you usually have your breakfast?<br />4.00 a.m<br />5.00 a.m<br />6.00 a.m<br />7.00 a.m<br />4/ Do you think the meal that you have for breakfast is good for you? ( Yes/No )<br />5/ Give the consequence if someone is not taking any breakfast :<br />_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />Under 2 Tekun© 2009<br />