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Font Awesome Review


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Published in: Design
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Font Awesome Review

  1. 1. Font Awesome Review: Everything You
  2. 2. Font Awesome is a web font that contains instantly customizable vector icons
  3. 3. One Font, 439 Icons All the icons are beautiful, unique and perfect at any size. These can be fully edited using CSS.
  4. 4. No JavaScript Required Feel free from having any compatibility issues.
  5. 5. Infinite Scalability Scalable vector graphics allow every available icon in the collection to look great on any size and screen.
  6. 6. Free Font Awesome can be used freely on all your websites, whether they are for commercial purposes or personal usage.
  7. 7. CSS Control It can be a very challenging task to control the size, color and shadow of the icons. But with CSS you can easily manage and control them without doing a lot of work.
  8. 8. Plays Well with Others Font Awesome was originally designed to use with Bootstrap, but it works perfectly with all other frameworks.
  9. 9. Desktop Friendly If you want to use it on the desktop, just install the FontAwesome.otf. If you want to make it as the font in your application, then, simply copy and paste the icons directly from the complete set of vectors into your own designs.
  10. 10. Some Icon Examples
  11. 11. Wanna learn more? Check out our webinar!