World Terrain Demands Light Tracks v3.0


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World Terrain Demands Light Tracks v3.0

  1. 1. What’s GO and NO-GO Terrain for Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles? First, what’s OPEN and CLOSED terrain? CLOSED Flat OPEN terrain without thick vegetation is “tank country” CLOSED where even medium-to-heavy tracked tanks can go. If flat terrain TW CLOSED is firm, wheeled vehicles can pass. CLOSED Water collects in low areas and this is where people live to CLOSED grow food. Where people live they have buildings which creates more CLOSED terrain. As you can see, where TW wheeled trucks can go is rather limited TW on as-is planet CLOSED earth.TW CLOSED CLOSED TW T = tracksCLOSED CLOSED W = wheels CLOSED (maybe) CLOSED
  2. 2. Factoring in urbanization, NO-GO Terrain within OPEN Terrain for Wheels and Medium-to-Heavy tracks increases CLOSED CLOSED CLOSEDElevationVegetation CLOSED Population CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSEDCLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED
  3. 3. Adding in Elevation, Vegetation and Population, Half the world is CLOSEDterrain to wheels and even medium-to-heavy tracks So how does the world get around in CLOSED wheels if planet earth’s terrain will not let them pass? Man cheats. He builds CLOSED ROADS which are man-made hardened, flat, clear strips of OPEN TERRAIN. Heavy CLOSED Forces are needed to control these exposed areas via overland 2D MANEUVER. 2D CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED 1D CL OS ED CLOSED
  4. 4. Sub-National Groups evading nation-state control hide in CLOSED terrain Out-Maneuvered 2D maneuver by heavy forces can bottle Out-Gunned SNGs up and keep government areas secure Out-Supplied but they still have closed terrain sanctuaries. If our light forces enter closed terrain on foot they will fight these SNGs “even” M16 vs. AK47 or worse at a disadvantage against foes in superior numbers who know the terrain and have cached supplies and heavy HE ambushed weaponry on fortified ground. If our light forces use Humvee/Stryker/MRAP/JTVL wheeled trucks they will be restricted to roads/trails where the enemy can see them coming 1D and have land mine, RPG and HE ambushes awaiting them. Even medium-weight tracks like FCS @ 27 CLOSED tons are too heavy/large to fly 3D, will simply CLOSED CLOSED not be able to go up steep or through thickCLOSED vegetation and soft terrain to empower our CL OS light infantry with superior 2D cross-country ED CLOSED mobility, armor protection and firepower to have overmatch against SNGs in their closed terrain “home turf”. Our troops need 3DM Now
  5. 5. Light Infantry Light mechanized with High Technology M113 Gavin Light ArmoredTracks: most of the 50% world that is closed terrain becomes “CLOSED-GOterrain” --Light tracks can traverse 90% and fly over 100% of the world to effect 3DManeuver avoiding road ambush and surprising the enemy, establishing security! JCA, C-130, C-17 CH-47 3D Airland or Airdrop 2D X-country
  6. 6. Real World Example: PBS Afghanistan: the Other War Canadians in wheels can’t reach remote villages to do SASO/COIN ops due to mud, ambushes or lack of roads to win them over from Taliban; they sometimes can walk but can’t bring supplies and are vulnerable 2 ?However, with Mini-Gavins they canFLY by CH-47 and/or DRIVE x-country toreach villages and prevail vs. Talibanbringing supplies to build trust Center Of Gravity 1 3 Kill Taliban & Charlie Mike
  7. 7. Our NATO allies in Afghanistan have re-equipped their Light Infantry withTRACKS after finding out that wheeled trucks do not work... DUTCH BRITISH M113 Gavins CH-47 AIFV Bv10S Viking M113 GavinsLeopard 1 C-17 CANADIANS