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Tracks vs. Wheels


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Tracks vs. Wheels

  1. 1. Tracks versus Wheels Drivetrain Comparison Tracks WheelsExamples: M113A3 stretch MTVL Tracked Vehicle and LAV-III Wheeled Vehicle Drive line & Suspension Increased Complexity reduces Reliability
  2. 2. TRACKS: M113A3 “stretch” MTVL Drivetrain
  3. 3. Wheels: LAV-III type DrivetrainTracks: 28% more propulsion weight/space efficient--wheeled drivetraincomplexity adds LAV-III’s 6+ tons extra weight to deliver same internalvolume as a 11-ton M113A3 stretch MTVL type-tracked armored vehicle
  4. 4. Wheels: Water Jet for Swim Mode Moot point: LAV-IIIs for Army IAV program have no waterjets or props/rudders and cannot swim
  5. 5. Tracks swim by their…tracks!
  6. 6. Wheels: Central Tire Inflation System to reduce 40 PSIground pressures to attempt off-road travel Only small area in ground contact = high ground pressures Off-road mobility failure
  7. 7. Tracks: do not have air-filled tires, have low 9 PSI groundpressures and are cross-country-mobile Large surface area in ground contact = low ground pressure and excellent off-road mobility
  8. 8. Tracks remain mission-capable against small-arms fire;Wheels deflated by gunfire/shrapnel to so-called “run-flats”limp home at best 5 mph for 5 miles--if tires catch fire--vehicle cannot move.
  9. 9. Tracks: lighter, C-130 transportable (under 16 tons),more compact, amphibious and fully cross-country-mobile!
  10. 10. Tracks are simpler, thus more reliable---can be moreheavily armed and armored while remaining cross-countrymobile due to low-ground pressure, and higher power-to-weightratios than wheels... Powerful Weapons stations with room for full infantry squad space...
  11. 11. Tracks proven in combat; on duty today all over the world by free world armies...Palestine/Lebanon Panama East Timor Vietnam Iraq
  12. 12. Wheels in combat??