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Modularity Lexicon v5.0


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Modularity Lexicon v5.0

  1. 1. Army Modular Force Lexicon v5• Modular Force. A force development design that restructures the way the Army fights. It refocusesthe Army from a division-oriented force to a “brigade based” Army that is more responsive to RegionalCombatant Commanders’ needs, better employs joint capabilities, facilitates force packaging and rapiddeployment, and fights self-contained units. Each self-contained unit is a brigade sized building blockof combat power-–a module. Maneuver unit modules are microcosms of a division in that theyreplicate the warfighting capabilities of a division, but on a lesser scale. Modules are not associatedwith any specific higher headquarters, and because of their structure, they can be plugged in to anyhigher Army headquarters, both physically and electronically. The central elements of the ModularForce are Units of Action and Units of Employment.• Unit of Action. A brigade-size organization. There are Brigade Combat Teams and SupportBrigades.  Brigade Combat Team (BCT). A combined arms Unit of Action consisting of maneuver battalions, a reconnaissance battalion, an artillery battalion, a brigade support battalion and brigade troops units. There are three types:  Heavy BCT. The Army’s objective is 20 Active Component HBCTs by FY07  Infantry BCT. The Army objective is 23 Active Component IBCTs by FY07  Stryker BCT. The objective is 5 Active Component SBCTs by FY07.  Support Brigades. A Unit of Action that provides combat support and combat service support. There are five types. Each of the “types” has an organic headquarters with variable attached or assigned task organized subordinate units, except for the Aviation Brigade which is a standard organization.  Aviation Brigade  Fires Brigade  Battlefield Surveillance Brigade  Maneuver Enhancement Brigade  Sustainment Brigade next
  2. 2. Army Modular Force Lexicon v5 (con’t) • UE—Unit of Employment. A headquarters organization for multiple Units of Action. There are two levels of UEs:  UEx. A 1000-person war fighting headquarters that provides battle command of up to six BCTs or joint/coalition equivalents plus Support Brigades. At least one of each type Support Brigade will be attached to a UEx when it deploys. The UEx consists of command and control assets formerly associated with division and corps headquarters.  UEy. The Joint Forces Land Component Command headquarters in a theater of operations. It is capable of exercising administrative control of all subordinate UEx and theater support commands. It consists of assets formerly associated with corps and army headquarters. • BSB—Brigade Support Battalion. Provides combat service support to a Brigade Combat Team. • BSTB—Brigade Special Troops Battalion. Headquarters support troops for a BCTor support Brigade. • FSC—Forward Support Company. Provides combat service support to a combat arms battalion in a Brigade Combat Team. • HHC—Headquarters and Headquarters Company. Command, staff and support troops for organizations other than artillery or reconnaissance. • HHB—Headquarters and Headquarters Battery. Command, staff and support troops for artillery organizations. • HHT—Headquarters and Headquarters Troop. Command, staff and support troops for reconnaissance/cavalry organizations. • STB—Special Troops Battalion. Support troops for the UExHome next
  3. 3. Unit Transformations 3rd Infantry Division 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) 10th Mountain Division 4th Infantry Division 1st Cavalry Division Stryker Brigades 25th Infantry Division Airborne Brigades 2nd Infantry Division 82nd Airborne DivisionHome back
  4. 4. From a division based to brigade based Army Existing Modular XX Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy Brigade Brigade Brigade Brigade Armor Infantry Armor Armor Mechanized Armor Artillery Brigade Brigade Brigade Infantry Tank Cav Battalions Battalions Engineers Division Cav (Recon) Signal Chemical Military Intelligence Field Artillery Division Troops Signal Military Police Logistics Logistics Intelligence Support Aviation Engineers Division Troops Chemical Chemical Military PoliceHome
  5. 5. Heavy Brigade Combat Team X I HHC (3735) 167 II II II II II II BSTB SPT 286 381 706 706 347 1140 I I I I I I HHC HHC HHT HHC HHC HHB 91 100 114 197 197 87 I I I I Field Med I I Artil Co Arm. Mech Mech (230)Sig. Co. Recon Co (292) Co (290) Btry 76 Troop (267) 150 146 146 I 68 89 Maint I I Co Tank TARGET I Tank ACQ 80 Co (134) Co (134) I MI 30 Distro 67 67 Co 118 I I 163 Engr E E Engr I Co Co 75 75 231 FSC 142 FSC 231 FSC FSC 128 Home
  6. 6. Infantry Brigade Combat Team X I (3369) HHC 140 II II II II II II BSTB BSB 368 304 1328 1328 292 937 I I I I I I HHC HHT HHC HHC HHB HHC 95 170 170 79 86 104 I I I I I I MI (192) 70 (423) (423) I 122 69 96 141 141 I I I I 107 TARGET WPN WPN ACQ I (140) 71 21 68 70 71 214 I I E 260 FSC 105 FSC 74 260 FSC 95 FSCHome
  7. 7. Stryker Brigade Combat Team (3983) HHC MI (2142) 121 75 68 436 714 II BSB 463 54 351 127 609Home
  8. 8. AC Brigade Combat Team Summary Activation / Conversion Plan 1st CAV 1st AD 1st ID 2nd ID 3rd ID 4th ID 10th ID 25th ID 82nd ABN 101st AA 2nd CR 3rd ACR 172nd IB Abn Bde New Type Count TBD Start Hvy Bde 17 3 3 3 1 3 3 1Light Bde 3 2 1ABN Bde 4 3 1 AA Bde 4 1 3 Subtotal 28 3 3 3 2 3 3 2 1 3 3 1 1 Add Hvy UA 3 1 1 1 Lt UA 12 1 1 2 2 3 1 1 1 SBCT 5 1 2 1 1 Total 48 4 4 4 5 4 4 4 6 4 4 1 1 1 1 1 Home
  9. 9. Aviation Brigade Provides multifunctional (strike, lift, cargo and medical evacuation) aviation support of supported forces. Heavy Light AH-48 OH-60 X X UH-38 UH-38 CH-12 CH-12 MF HH-12 MF HH-12 I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II II II I I II II II II I U U HHC HHC ATK ASLT GS ASB CL IV ATK ASLT GS ASB CL IV 3x8 AH 3x10 UH 1x 8 UH 3x10 OH 3x10 UH 1x 8 UH 1x12 CH 1x12 CH 1X12 HH 1X12 HH Medium OH-30 X AH-24 UH-38 CH-12 MF HH-12 I I I I I I I I II II II II II I U HHC ATK ATK ASLT GS ASB CL IV 3x8 AH 3x10 OH 3x10 UH 1x 8 UH 1x12 CH 1X12 HHObjective:Objective: 11 Active Component 11 Active Component • No organic aviation at the maneuver BCT 14 Reserve Component 14 Reserve Component • Support up to five maneuver BCTs • Standardized Heavy, Medium and Light structuresHome
  10. 10. Fires Brigade Provides close support and precision strike via joint and organic fire platforms. X 1172+ Organic Assigned II I I ISPT SIGNAL TAB HHB IO Rocket/Missile Cannon Rocket/Missile Cannon Enablers411 68 134 141 539 ATK Task organized based on strategic plans, training and TBD readiness requirements, stationing, and specific operations Objective: Objective: 6 Active Component 6 Active Component 6 Reserve Component 6 Reserve Component Home
  11. 11. BfSB BrigadeConducts Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Intelligence operations to enable the UEx, JTF, or JointForce Commander to focus joint combat power and effects with precision to simultaneously supportcurrent and future operations throughout the Area of Operation. X X SOF ~1004 Organic II I II I 199 R Intelligence 511 HHC Brigade Troops 304 SOF UAV A Alt Bde TOC I Hunter BTB HQ 21 I I I I I R Tech I R HHC TUAV Collection C&E CI/HUMINT Signal 68 Attached R A I Support 159 Task organized based on strategicGnd Sensor Multi-Sensor TES-FWD CI HUMINT I plans, training and readiness LRSD 56 requirements, stationing, and specific operations Objective: Objective: 3 Active Component 3 Active Component 1 Reserve Component 1 Reserve Component Home
  12. 12. Maneuver Enhancement BrigadeShapes, leverages or mitigates the effects of the operational environment at the tactical andoperational levels. Augments maneuver and support brigades with functional assetsto optimize the tailored capabilities of those organizations and enhance force application,protection, and focused logistics across multiple areas of operation and can provide aheadquarters to command and control an assigned area of operations including maneuverforces. X Maneuver Enhancement 509 Organic Assigned Attached or OPCON I I IIHHC BSB MP EOD CA MAN E Objective: Objective: 3 Active Component 3 Active Component 13 Reserve Component 13 Reserve ComponentHome
  13. 13. Sustainment Brigade Conducts logistical operations within an Area of Operations X Organic SUST 368 Attached II II III BTB Assigned LTF MED I IHHC FIN HR AMMO TRANS MAINT S&S308 60 Objective: Objective: *Task organized based on strategic plans, training and 16 Active Component readiness requirements, stationing, and specific operations 16 Active Component plans, 19 Reserve Component 19 Reserve Component Forward Sustainment Brigades are comprised of multi-functional battalions Rear Sustainment Brigades are comprised of functional battalions Home
  14. 14. UEx Headquarters UEX 207/40/711/958 * LNO CMD MCG TAC 1 TAC 2 MAIN GRP TMS 6/0/7 - 13 0/0/4 - 4 38/7/51- 96 35/6/46 - 87 90/22/156 - 268 8/0/0 - 8* Mobile Command Group STB 30/5/442 - 477 SCTY SIG HHC 12/1/170 - 183 5/0/103 - 108 13/4/169 - 186 Objective: Objective: 3-star UEx—3 Active Component 3-star UEx—3 Active Component Home 2-star UEx—10 Active Component 2-star UEx—10 Active Component back 88National Guard National Guard
  15. 15. UEx Tactical Units X X X X FCS Infantry Heavy Stryker Future Brigade Combat Teams with organic combined arms capabilities X X X X X SUST Maneuver Battlefield Aviation Fires Sustainment Enhancement Surveillance Supporting brigades with standard headquarters, but variable subordinate unitsHome back
  16. 16. The Theater of Operations UEy ++ ++ ++ UEx TSC TPC TISC X X X X X X X XMI SUST SUST SUST X X X X X X X X ADCONNET NET X X X Single IO MP MP MP Function SUST MP MP XHome back
  17. 17. 3rd Infantry Division  Location: Fort Stewart and Fort Benning • Heavy BCT1 • Heavy BCT2 • Heavy BCT3--Ft Benning • Heavy BCT4 • Aviation Brigade--Hunter AAF/Stewart • Sustainment Brigade • UEx  E date: 1 July 04  Deploy: Provisional configuration to OIF3. Fully convert on return.Home back
  18. 18. 101st Airborne Division (AASLT)  Location: Fort Campbell • Infantry BCT1 • Infantry BCT2 • Infantry BCT3 • Infantry BCT4 • Aviation Brigade1 • Aviation Brigade2 • Sustainment Brigade • UEx  E date: 16 September 04  Deploy: Modified design.Home back
  19. 19. 10th Mountain Division  Location: Fort Drum and Fort Polk • Infantry BCT1 • Infantry BCT2—16 September 05 • Infantry BCT3 • Infantry BCT4—16 January 05—Ft Polk • Sustainment Brigade • UEx • Aviation Brigade—16 September 05  E date: 16 September 04  Deploy: “Modified & Partial”. Only 3 brigadesHome back
  20. 20. 4th Infantry Division  Location: Fort Hood and Fort Carson • Heavy BCT1 • Heavy BCT2 • Heavy BCT3--Ft Carson • Heavy BCT4 • Aviation Brigade • Sustainment Brigade • Fires Brigade • UEx  E date: 16 December 04  First true Heavy BCT structureHome back
  21. 21. 1st Cavalry Division  Location: Fort Hood and Fort Bliss • Heavy BCT1 • Heavy BCT2 • Heavy BCT3 • Heavy BCT4—Ft Bliss • Aviation Brigade—16Jun06 • Sustainment Brigade • UEx  E date: 16 October 05Home back
  22. 22. Airborne Brigades 4th Brigade, 25th Infantry Division  Location: Fort Richardson, Alaska  E date: 16 September 05 173rd Airborne Brigade  Location: Vicenza, Italy  E date: 16 June 06Home back
  23. 23. 82nd Airborne Division  Location: Fort Bragg • Infantry BCT1 • Infantry BCT2 • Infantry BCT3 • Infantry BCT4 • Aviation Brigade—March 07 • Sustainment Brigade • UEx  E date: 16 June 06Home back
  24. 24. 25th Infantry Division  Location and E date • Stryker BCT 5  Schofield Barracks, Hawaii--16 October 05 • Infantry BCT3  Schofield Barracks, Hawaii--16 November 05 • Infantry BCT5  Ft Benning, Georgia--16 September 06 • Infantry BCT6  Fort Riley, Kansas--16 January 06 • Aviation Brigade  Hawaii and Alaska--16 June 06 • Sustainment Brigade  Schofield Barracks--16 November 05 • UEx  Schofield Barracks and Alaska--16 November 05Home back
  25. 25. 2nd Infantry Division  Location and E date: • Heavy BCT1—Korea 16 April 05* • Infantry BCT2—Ft Carson 16 Nov 05 • Heavy BCT3--TBD • Heavy BCT4--TBD • Aviation Brigade—Korea 16 Oct 06 • Sustainment Brigade—TBD • UEx—Korea 16 April 05* * Reorganize only. Restation in FY08Home back
  26. 26. Stryker Brigades  Location and Edate Stryker BCT 1 Ft Lewis, Washington—FY 02 Stryker BCT 2 Ft Lewis, Washington—FY 03 Stryker BCT 3 Ft Wainwright, Alaska—FY 04 Stryker BCT 4 Ft Lewis, Washington—16 April 05 Stryker BCT 5 Schofield Barracks, Hawaii—16 October 05 Stryker BCT 6 Pennsylvania Army National Guard—FY 06Home back