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M113 Gavin Flexibility


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Published in: Technology
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M113 Gavin Flexibility

  1. 1. M113 Flexibility• GENERAL: – 85,000 produced, more than 60 mission variants – Used by 186 sheriff’s offices and 40+ countries for interoperability – 10 active U. S. Army variants• DESIGN: – The chassis doubles as the armor. It is a rigid box. • Infinite number of hard points to secure mission equipment. • Flat sides (including top) to facilitate mission equipment. • More space under armor than any other vehicle shape. • Hull is over-designed. It cannot wear out. Age is NOT a factor. – Use of aluminum virtually eliminates corrosion. • Weight parameters permit air transport (C-130, CH-47, etc.) and air-drop. • Capable of swimming (A Philippine variant crosses Subic Bay). – Tracked • Zero turning radius. All-terrain mobility. Low ground pressure. • Low Profile for survivability. Top access for situational awareness. It is the combat vehicle designer’s “Easy Button”.