Light Infantry Resupply Transformation v3.0


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Light Infantry Resupply Transformation v3.0

  1. 1. Transforming Light Infantry Resupply
  2. 2. Problem: Break-bulk delivery into rucksacks wastes time, exposes troops, ruins their mobility, limits mission duration = enemy escapes to threaten America Small truckbeds and trailers carry limited supplies and must be loaded/unloaded one-item-at-a-timeSupplies coming by aircraft upon arrival cannot move byMHE if break bulk, on skid plywood or 463L pallets resultingin supply dumps that have to be guarded or transfer tosomething that can move (break bulk) or overloaded men
  3. 3. Problem: Light Infantry units have smallwheeled truck prime-movers; most troopswalk Light Infantry Battalion Rifle CompaniesHHC A B Supply & Transport 11 x FMTV 2.5 ton trucks C 3 x Humvee 1.25 ton trucks D Motorized Heavy Weapons Company
  4. 4. Problem: The Humvee or M-GATOR trucksloaned out to each rifle company can onlycarry 500 to 2, 000 pounds in back bed onlyif its loaded and unloaded one-item-at-a-time Humvee M-GATOR Break Bulk!
  5. 5. M-GATOR even overloaded cannot carrymuch supplies
  6. 6. Problem: even if Humvees/M-GATORs towa trailer, it must be loaded/unloaded byBREAK-BULK, too!
  7. 7. Problem: even though Humvees CAN beinternally carried inside CH-47s, THE ARMYDOES NOT DO IT even when its combat andit would improve range/speed/agility CH-47s in Afghanistan sling-loading a single Humvee truckA CH-47 can carry TWOHumvees inside!
  8. 8. Problem: M-GATORand other small ATVscarrying only smallamount of suppliesfit well into CH-47scausing constantresupply whichexposes helos andtroops, slowsmaneuver on ground= enemy escapes Tan Afghanistan Dark Green Army CH-47 = target
  9. 9. Problem: Is it a mystery why Bin Ladenescapes? Loud, Dark Green helo in TAN AfghanistanDark Green Overloaded troopsOverloaded walking at less thanFlimsy M-GATOR 1 mphATV
  10. 10. More gear than they can carry!Tired troops can’t findenemy Slow 1mph foot slog
  11. 11. Problem: if 463L or smaller 40”x96” “kick”pallets are pushed off from rear ramp ofCH-47 they are immobile... 463L rollers Stranded! Kick Pallet Rollers
  12. 12. CH-47s use rear ramp machine gunners to fire atplaces where enemy gunners could be lurking toprotect themselves
  13. 13. Problem: however, if you use pallet rollers on aCH-47 you CANNOT have a rear ramp gunner,making the helicopter lack rear firepower tosuppress enemy gunners from shooting itdown... pallet rollers = no rear machine gun
  14. 14. Battalion-to-CompanySolution: exploit the prime movers the light infantryhave by TOWING palletized supplies via acombination MHE forklift/trailer: the Lift-N-GoTM No break bulk! Pick up two 40”x48” pallets & Go! Dump off pallets & go! = More supplies!
  15. 15. MHE forklift/trailer: the Lift-N-Go LNG-463L-DTMCapable of itself being Dis-assembled and deliveredon 463L (and ECDS) pallets
  16. 16. LNG-463L-DTM Crank to lift trailer tongue on/off prime Forklift tongues mover’s towing hitch HydraulicTrailer tongue Landing 3rd wheel for movement when not connected to prime mover (not shown for clarity)
  17. 17. LNG-463L-DTM dis-assembles onto a 463L or ECDS or AIP
  18. 18. TM* We suggest using indestructible aluminum "Rhino Pallets " if you areshuttling supplies in a 2-way arrangement. The costs saved not having toconstantly replace broken wooden pallets will pay for the re-usable Rhino TMPallets . Rhino Pallets at 37 pounds are actually LIGHTER and strongerthan wooden pallets and do not catch on fire like wooden and plastic pallets.There are no international shipping restrictions since aluminum palletscannot be infested with worms like wooden pallets. TMRhino Pallets1111 13th Ave., S.E.Detroit Lakes, MN 56501(218) 846-2900FAX: (218) 847-4448E-mail:
  19. 19. Solution: S&T platoon’s FMTV trucks deliversupplies on pallets to companies who eachhave an LNG TM Light Infantry Battalion Rifle Companies Humvee/M-GATOR truck + LNGHHC A Humvee/M-GATOR truck + LNG B Supply & Transport Humvee/M-GATOR truck + LNG11 x FMTV 2.5 ton trucks Cwith winches & ramps to + LNGload & offload pallets; empty Dpallets recovered Motorized Heavy Weapons Company
  20. 20. S&T platoon’s up-armored and armed FMTV trucks needramp & winch kits to effect small palletized logistics... S&TWinch and ramp enables the S&T platoon’s FMTV trucksfrom Battalion HHC to rapidly load and off-load palletsof supplies that will be dropped off to the companies who TMwill pick them up with their LNG + prime mover A, B, C, D
  21. 21. Solution: kick palletsfrom CH-47s can bepicked up by LNG ;TMprime mover can alsobe on helicopter androll-off together! TM LNG + prime mover on CH-47 means it can have a rear ramp gunner...
  22. 22. After the rear ramp gunner detaches hismachine gun, the LNG + prime mover can roll TMoff the rear ramp toes... 1. Rear machine gun removed 2. Ramp toes must be unfolded
  23. 23. Lift-N-Go TM Butch Walker CEO/Inventor (800) 688-7627 (706) 718-0708 cell (706) 322-5773
  24. 24. Cost? TM TMLNG in the Light Infantry Company = 1 x LNG = $12, 000 TM4 x Companies in every Battalion = 4 x LNG s = $48, 000 TM3 x Battalions in every Brigade = 12 x LNG s = $144, 000 TM3 x Brigades in every Division = 36 x LNG s - $432, 0003 x Light, Air Assault Divisions = $1, 296 M11 x FMTV winch/ramp kits in every S&T platoon = $11,0003 x S&T platoons in every Brigade = $33, 0003 x Brigades in every Division = $99, 0003 x Light, Air Assault Divisions = $ 297, 000 TMTOTAL (- minus x_____Rhino pallets)__________________________________________$ 1,593 M
  25. 25. Solution for the Airborne: Large ECDS pallets+ LNG-463L-T MHE forklift/trailers TMSmall re-usable pallets have not been developed that aresturdy enough to be parachute airdropped. The plywoodskid board on the existing Container Deliver System (CDS)offers no place for MHE forklift tines to reach under and aresimply too costly to throw away in training jumps. SeaBox’sEnhanced Container Deliver System (ECDS) pallet is sturdyenough to be dropped again & again but is a LARGE PALLET TM(88” x 108”) requiring a larger LNG-463L-T . The same formulaof S&T platoons’ FMTV trucks with ramps/winches will workexcept the Army’s 82nd, 173rd and 1-501st Airborne units willuse larger ECDS pallets than the 40”x48” pallets the otherArmy light units will employ. ECDS also replaces the flimsy463L pallets that cannot be parachute ECDS
  26. 26. Lift-N-Go LNG-463L-T TMCan Transport 463L and ECDS large pallets but must beairdropped on a Type V platform or airlanded on C-27J, C-130or larger aircraft... LNG-463L-T TM C-27J Spartan “Baby Herk” C-130 Hercules
  27. 27. Possible Solution to break down 463L/ECDSloads into smaller pallets: AIP AAR mobility Systems has created a give-away 88” x 108” plastic pallet that units take so air units keep their 463L/ECDS pallets…if AIPs were two 44” x 108” pallets or four 44” x 54” pallets they could be easily taken off the “mother” air pallets and move by way of small LNG forklift trailer which can roll-on/off fromAIP Inventor CH-47s...Jim Bomberger, AAR Mobility 779-8800 LNG-463L-D
  28. 28. Cost?LNG-463L-TTM in the Airborne Infantry Company = 1 x LNG-463L-TTM = $12, 0004 x Companies in every Battalion = 4 x LNG-463L-TTMs = $48, 0003 x Battalions in every Brigade = 12 x LNG-463L-TTMs = $144, 0003 x Brigades in every Division = 36 x LNG-463L-TTMs - $432, 0001 x 82nd Airborne Division ($432, 000) + 173rd Brigade ($144, 000) +1-501st Battalion ( $48, 000) = $624, 00011 x FMTV winch/ramp kits in every S&T platoon = $11,0003 x S&T platoons in every Brigade = $33, 0003 x Brigades in every Division = $99, 0001 x 82nd Airborne Division ($99,000) + 173rd Brigade ($33,000) +1-501st Battalion ($11, 000) = $ 297, 000TOTAL__________________________________________$ 927,000
  29. 29. Cost?LNGTMs + FMTV winch/ramp kits in Air Assault, Light Infantry = $1, 593,000LNG-463LTMs + FMTV winch/ramp kits in Airborne units = $927, 000____ x $4,950 each ECDS pallets = ?TOTAL (- minus x_____Rhino & ECDS pallets)__________________________________________$ 2, 520,000 M (- minus x ____ Rhino & ECDS pallets)
  30. 30. Caveats...U.S. Army Light, Air Assault and Airborne Infantry needs LIGHTTRACKED ARMORED FIGHTING VEHICLES that are 28% more capableof armor layering and can travel cross-country to avoid road ambushesunlike wheeled trucks. The Army has enough M113 Gavins in storagenow to re-equip all the Delta and AT Heavy Weapons Companies, Platoons,S&T, Mortar platoons instead of flimsy Humvee trucks. Its possible toreduce the 98 inch width of a M113 Gavin and reduce its length by aroadwheel and weight overall to be an excellent CH-47 internal load forroll-on/off operations. Such a “Mini-Gavin” has already been successful inthe Canadian and Dutch armies as the “Lynx”. Full-sized and “mini” Gavinswould be the optimal prime movers for LNGs and LNG-463Ls. A cut-downrear hull Gavin (XM1108) can also act as the S&T platoon’s bulk palletdeliverer. Gavins with band tracks and hybrid electric drive can go 60 mphfor 600 miles and be all-electric for stealth to sneak up on enemies. LightInfantry no longer has to foot slog and can get Bin Ladens! M113 Gavin XM1108 Lynx
  31. 31. Tracked Armored Vehicle + Bulldozer +“Bucketlift ” = Rapid DZ clearance TM M113 Gavin Bucketlift TMAdditional help by Combat Engineers to clear drop zone ofECDS pallets and get them in Company LNGs!
  32. 32. What if you are a small unit don’t wantparachutes and large bundles? Don’twant the CH-47 to land? Use CopterBoxes for loads under 50 pounds! DropMaster, Inc. 3600 Abernathy Drive Fayetteville, NC 28311 (910)630-DBOX (3269) Charles V. Warren, President (910) 630-2997
  33. 33. Company-to-PlatoonSo now U.S. Army Light, Air Assault, Airborne infantry companies have2 tons of ammo, water, food, fortification supplies towed by a prime mover.As they consume these supplies the pallet’s cargo nets can be cincheddown to keep the load intact. How do these supplies get distributed to theplatoons, squads, fireteams, buddy teams and individual Soldiers?BN-->Company = pallets on FMTV trucks-->Company ANTs + prime moversCompany--->Platoons = Company ANT + prime mover drops supplies offPlatoons--->Squads = Supplies placed in All-Terrain, All-Purpose Cart/SledsSquads--->Fireteams = Supplies from ATACS dropped off at fireteamlocations and dragged by Collapsible SKEDCO plastic to buddy teams
  34. 34. Light unit ground mobility enhancer: the Darby ATACS BG William Darby: creator of modern U.S. Army 1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne) Non-Profit Think-Tank of Veterans January 2002
  35. 35. Javelin missile offers battle-winning anti-armor, point target destruction capabilities--many enemies have tanks and have dug-in to hide from air strikes Missile T-72 Before T-72 After Command Launch Unit (CLU) Own the Night!+ Day/Night thermal surveillance capability
  36. 36. However, Javelin missile at 35 pounds and 47 inches long is too heavy to jump or manpack No room on MOLLE ruck frame for any other mission orJavelin field living gear!outlineoverStinger
  37. 37. Fortunately, Javelin missiles canbe dropped as either a 2 or 4missile A-7A strap door bundleFM 10-552 Rigging Dragon and Javelin Missiles
  38. 38. But Javelin missiles are still too heavy to carry when Paratroopers are already overloaded with 100+ pounds of “lightweight” gearSlow 1 mph movement, only 1 missile
  39. 39. The Army standard, MIL-SPECUT 2000 All-Terrain All-purposeCart/Sled (ATACS) can tow Javelinmissiles lightening Soldier’s load anddoubling firepower Ferno MILITARY PRODUCTS 70 Weil Way Wilmington, Ohio 45177 Phone: (618) 651-9205 FAX: 9086 E-mail: NSN 6530-01-398-3949 Part number: 42-000 Cost $759
  40. 40. Darby’s Rangers used all-terraincarts to speed march across Africa andItaly with superior firepower in WWII;winning many battles Brigadier General William O. Darby wrote in, We Lead the Way pages 130-131: "If it hadnt been for our standard operating procedure of carrying extra mortar shells ashore in the assault boats, we might have lost our hold on the Sorrento Peninsula...For the Sorrento Peninsula and its mountain fighting, there was an evident need for extra mortar ammunition, so each Ranger carried one round of 60mm ashore with him on the landing. The first men to leave the boats were unencumbered with heavy equipment. Each carried one extra bandolier of ammunition around his neck; as soon as he hit the beach he threw it off above the high watermark. The last four men out of the boat carried the cases of mortar and small-arms ammunition. When they passed the high watermark on the beach, they simply dropped their loads and kept going. The beach naturally looked like a junkyard when morning came, but the second waves supply officer straightened it out...Operating in high mountains that rose sharply as high as several thousand feet, the mortar battalion had to improvise or find means of carrying their ammunition. The Chemical Warfare Service had built a small cart exactly fitting the ramp on the LCI. These carts, loaded with ammunition, were pulled ashore down the ramps of the boats..."
  41. 41. All-Terrain Carts have been usedsuccessfully by Airborne ForcesGermans U.S. Army British
  42. 42. All-Terrain Carts are compliant with U.S. Army doctrineFM 7-90 Tactical Employment of Mortars; Chapter 8 Special Considerations For The 60-mm Mortar Section states:8-16. LOAD-CARRYING DEVICES“The heavy loads of equipment and ammunition carried by the mortar section can quickly exhaust Soldiers movingover rugged terrain unless loads are distributed evenly and load-carrying equipment is properly used....""b. The use of field-expedient, load-carrying methods is encouraged and only limited by the imagination of theSoldiers and leaders involved....""For carrying mortar ammunition short distances, a standard Army litter can be used. A detail of two to four mencan carry large amounts of mortar ammunition over rough terrain by lashing it to a litter and using universal slingsto distribute the load (Figure 8-11). Using the sling frees the hands to carry weapons or negotiate obstacles. Thismethod is useful in circumstances where an ammunition resupply vehicle can approach near the mortar sectionlocation, but large amounts of ammunition must still be carried the last few yards. Carrying the ammunition in oneor two trips by using a litter reduces the time that the carrying party is exposed to enemy observation or fire.Medical personnel should not be used to transport ammunition since doing so violates their status asnoncombatants.The rapidly employable, lightweight litter referred to as the SKEDS litter can also be used to move mortarammunition and equipment. One man can pull a fully loaded SKEDS litter out of a helicopter and overmost types of terrain for short distances."So if SKEDCO and litters are ok to transport mortars and ammunition, why not the Army-standardUT 2000 cart system at greater efficiency for longer distances if needed?????
  43. 43. The Darby ATACS is composed of 7parts: Left Wheel Cross-Brace Left Strut Ruckframe B Ruckframe A Right Strut Right Wheel
  44. 44. The Darby ATACS (disassembled)goes in the place of 2 Javelin missilesinside a 4-missile A-7A strap door bundle
  45. 45. Rigging the Darby ATACS and 2-JavelinA-7A strap door bundleSpecial thanks to CW3 David Haskins and the 824th Quartermaster Company of Fort Bragg, NCwithout their expertise this door bundle would not have been possible! Airborne! PHOTOS PENDING
  46. 46. Javelin/Darby ATACS A-7A strapdoor bundle pushed out jump doorfollowed by Paratroopers withpadded Command Launch Unit inrucksacks Javelins/Darby ATACS CLU/rucksack
  47. 47. ATACS A-7A strap door bundle openedto access Darby ATACS and Javelinmissiles. CLUs lowered in rucksacks CLU Darby ATACS 2 x Javelin missiles
  48. 48. Darby ATACS is rapidly reassembled onthe Drop Zone 1 Connect ruckframes 2 quick-release pin cross brace to a strut 3 pin brace to other strut 4 Place wheel set on ruckframes 5 Latch-down hooks
  49. 49. 6 Extra quick-release straps clipruckframes to wheel frame 7 Waist pad can be clipped around bottom of ruckframes and wheel set to streamline cargo area 8 Attach wheels
  50. 50. 9 Ready! Load Javelin missiles and/or other cargo…. *Rucksacks *Ammo cans *Wounded Soldiers *MRE cases *Water cans *Class IV material10 Connect quick-release buckle at Soldier’s rear beltor tow by grabbing Darby ATACS frame
  51. 51. Paras with Darby ATACS quickly pick-up more Javelin missiles delivered by bundles= more firepower
  52. 52. 2-8 Javelin missiles areplaced inside the Darby ATACSand towed into action--door bundleplywood, straps, chute turned in forre-use in training
  53. 53. The Darby ATACS is towed into actionhands-free by a Paratrooperready-to-fire his weapon with aquick-release to detach the ATACS
  54. 54. Darby ATACS + Javelin + Door Bundle =More Airborne Firepower, Mobility =Enemy defeated = Victory + + = 18 Hours 4-7 mph mobility Fire & forget Top-attack
  55. 55. Cost?2 Javelins in a Platoon = 1 x ATACS = $7593 Platoons in a Company = 3 x ATACS = $2, 2773 Companies in a Battalion = 9 x ATACS = $6, 8313 Battalions in a Brigade = 27 x ATACS = $20, 4933 Brigades in a Division = 81 x ATACS = $61, 4794 Light, Air Assault, Airborne Divisions = $245, 916+ 173rd ABN BDE ($20,493) + 1-501st ABN BN ($6, 831)Total = $ 273, 240No Changes needed in TOE orForce Structure!
  56. 56. Platoon-to-Squad Collapsible SKED M3A Ernie Blanco Combat LifeSaver (CLS) Assault Pack TM Bottom M3A pouch opens for organized visual access to small items Collapsible SKED TM Each FASTEX quick- release flap pouch holds one IV bag/set and/or many field dressingsCollapsible SKEDTM can haul supplies or MEDEVACinjured Soldiers, rolls up into M3A CLS Assault Pack when not needed...
  57. 57. Collapsible-SKEDTM CLSBag backpack-style forhands-free towing Quick-Releases Control HandleCollapsible-SKEDTM Tow line comes from zippered pouch on bag bottom, shoulder straps also tuck inside when not in use Quick-Release
  58. 58. Col-SKED CLS M3AAssault Pack Carry-modes Horizontal: underneath a rucksack top flap: good for jumping Vertical: backpack-style using shoulder straps or strapped to side or top of rucksack
  59. 59. Bud CalkinCEO/InventorSKEDCOPOB 230487Portland, Or 97281(503) 639-2119FAX:
  60. 60. Cost?1 x Combat LifeSaver in each Squad with M3A + Col-SKED TM = $3603 x CLSers in a Platoon = 3 x M3As + Col-SKEDTMs = $10803 x Platoons in a Company = 9 x M3As + Col-SKEDTMs = $3, 2404 x Companies in a Battalion = 36 x M3As + Col-SKEDTMs = $12, 9603 x Battalions in a Brigade = 108 x M3As + Col-SKEDTMs = $38, 8803 x Brigades in a Division = 324 x M3As + Col-SKEDTMs = $116,6404 x Light, Air Assault, Airborne Divisions = $466, 560+ 173rd ABN BDE ($38,880) + 1-501st ABN BN ($12, 960)Total = $ 518, 400 M3A Col-SKED M3A
  61. 61. Airborne Infantry Rifle Platoon Transportation Flow PL PSG RTO Company HMMWV/M-GATOR + LNG Weapons SQUAD SL ATACS Javelins MMGs 1st SQUAD CLS SLCol-SKED CLS 2nd SQUAD SLCol-SKED CLS 3rd SQUAD SLCol-SKED
  62. 62. Individual Soldiers Instead of Soldiers dragging and carrying rucksacks they could use “ruck wheels” if the ARUC Systems frame was used instead of MOLLE. ARUC inventor Kevin Aston is an Army reserve officer going to Iraq but has 200 frames ready. ARUC Systems Ruck wheels TM
  63. 63. Total Cost?LNG-463L-Ds/LNG-463L-Ts + FMTV winch/ramp kits = $2, 520,000____ x Rhino + ECDS pallets = ?ATACSTM = $ 273, 240Collapsible SKEDs/M3A CLS Assault PacksTM = $ 518, 400GRAND TOTAL (- minus x_____Rhino & ECDS pallets)__________________________________________________________ $3, 311,640 M (- minus x ____ Rhino + ECDS pallets)