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JFK: Getting Him to the Ambush


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How JFK was manipulated to the "L" shaped ambush in Dealey Plaza reveals the conspiracy that murdered him. A YOUTUBE version of this is below--but you have to vigorously click on the STOP button to read the detailed slides:

Since the original investigation, we have come to the more specific conclusions that THE CIA INITIATED THE MURDERED OF JFK; as in Nazi traitor Director Allen Dulles who was absurdly left in power for all of 1961 after the Bay of Pigs fiasco--JFK may have "fired him"--but he unwisely let the Wall Street Illuminati lawyer stick around to start the conspiracy to murder him in revenge. Dulles' henchman was Ed Lansdale who was snubbed by JFK over the ambassadorship to South Vietnam. Details in:

"James Bond is Real: The Untold Story of Political & Military Technological Threats Ian Fleming Warned Us About"

The CIA conspiracy was joined by LBJ's power group in order to get JFK into the ambush site--as detailed in these slides and correlates with the revelations of Attorney Barr McClellan.

We should strike the names of Allen Dulles and LBJ from all public buildings and put a black mark on them as traitors in our history books. The CIA should be disbanded and replaced by a revived Office of Strategic Services (OSS) that would be MORAL and accountable to WE THE PEOPLE helping export democracy--not Wall Street banker profits around the world. The Secret Service (SS) should be removed from executive protection duties and replaced by a new U.S. Army unit that understands war and weapons--and can't be bought off by corrupt politicians.

Details & Updates:

P.S.: as stated in slide 95, Harvey Oswald was ON THE STEPS OF THE TSBD as the JFK motorcade stopped in front of him; the ambush began and drove away. Recent revelations by Dr. Fetzer and John Kimber verify our suspicions from 2002 by noting that the recent discovery of Oswald's interrogation notes STATE THAT HE SAID HE WAS ON THE 1ST FLOOR!

Game over, Gerald Posner!--and other lone nut a**holes trying to make excuses for the establishment! C'mon, if the President's motorcade was being re-directed to pass in front of where you work to set you up as the "patsy" the least you could do is come out to the front steps and watch! Oswald saw his attempt to thwart the assassination as an under cover operative fail miserably and no doubt horrified him when he realized he was set-up.

Kimber's closer examination of the "Altered-gens" photo 6 verifies a Lovelady face was crudely pasted on top of Oswald's face using 1963 non-digital photo manipulation techniques:

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JFK: Getting Him to the Ambush

  2. 2. OUTLINE1. How best to ambush JFK?2. Motorcade route to get victim into close “kill zone”3. “Inside” Secret Service men to give shootersstopped, clear target4. Pre-position “patsy” to take blame for the murder5. Set up the “kill zone”6. Insure vehicle/victims not protected7. Kill “patsy” before he talks with “feel good” hero8. Cover-up Secret Service complicity at ALL costs9. Problems and their solutions10. Who was responsible for JFK’s murder?Summary/Conclusion: what we can do TODAY?
  3. 3. Static defense Shooting a foot-mobile VIP at a fixed location favors the defense which has only a limited area that has to be “fortified” by covering any and all line-of-sight shooting locations, screening for bombs and controlling access to the event. Any assassins would have to come to territory controlled by the defenders. The only chance an assassin has to breach a static defense is by fooling the defenses or having help from the defenders to let him in to make the kill shot or plant the bomb. The bomb option offers the only hope of get away as it can go off after the killer(s) has left beforehand with the defenders unaware. With the defense stacked against the shooting assassin, even if he does get close and/or fires he is usually captured/killed immediately afterwards (Hinckley vs. Reagan in 1981) unless he has set up a diversion, usually a “patsy” shooter to absorb the defenses (Sirhan Sirhan in RFK’s 1968 murder) so he can get away (Security Guard Thane Cesar vs. RFK in 1968).
  4. 4. Mobile defenseShooting a VIP while he is moving favors the OFFENSE which has a fargreater area to attain line-of-sight shooting locations, planting bombsand creating obstacles and diversions. The VIP motorcade has to cometo the territory controlled by the attackers. The motorcade has only afinite amount of men to defend a very large area; he who tries to defendeverything ends up defending nothing because he has been spreadthin. The traditional U.S. response is to “stack the deck” and bring insubstantial reinforcements to turn the entire motorcade route intoessentially a static defense except the VIP is moving in a vehicle,usually armored so that it could survive an opening barrage of fire andbe driven outside the kill zone as security forces converge on thethreats and kill/suppress them (OAS vs. DeGaulle in 1962). Succeedingagainst a moving armored limousine is very difficult; but if stopped notimpossible: Anastazio Somoza’s armored limousine was exploded by aRocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) in 1980. A precision ambush of aspecific VIP in an open limousine using rifles is possible but would begreatly helped if the limo is slowed or stopped to ease the aiming tasksof shooters. The benefit of ambushing a mobile target is that theshooters are widely dispersed and usually get away (DeGaulle’sshooters and JFK’s killers in 1963) even if the effort is thwarted.
  5. 5. Neither Static or Mobile defense?However neither a static nor mobile defense was set up for JFK who was killed November 22, 1963in a staged, multi-shooter ambush in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, home of Mayor Earle Cabell,whose brother, Charles was earlier fired as Deputy Director of the CIA by JFK.Why no static defense? Dealey Plaza was the “home turf” for all the Dallas Police and SheriffDepartments official buildings. There were plenty of armed men that could have “stacked thedeck” to make Dealey Plaza a static defense no shooter would be able to penetrate; but this wasdeliberately not done. This shows that Dealey Plaza was planned instead as the home for anOFFENSIVE AMBUSH where shooters could get into position and get away without DPD andCounty Sheriff Deputies opposition. Outside security help from the honest U.S. Army to securethe area’s building windows/crowds rejected (ambush would be prevented). Behind the grassyknoll frontal shooting position is a restricted-access Dallas County Sheriffs Department parking lot.After the shootings, Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig detained a woman in her ‘30s in this parking lot whoinsisted that she had to go. Who let her in? Cops this corrupt would allow shooters free reign. Why no mobile defense? In such a hostile situation,the last line of defense is the mobile protection of the Secret Service (SS), which instead offeredJFK in an open limousine without armor or flanking SS agent nor DPD motorcycle protection. Yet,this is not what killed JFK-- because even a poor mobile defense vigorously executed could havedriven itself out of the kill zone against a precision ambush directed against just one occupant inthe vehicle. What killed JFK was THE SECRET SERVICE’S ULTIMATE GOAL THAT HE BE KILLEDby SLOWING DOWN AND STOPPING THE LIMOUSINE SO SHOOTERS COULD KILL JUST HIM. Thecare taken to hit just JFK and not just open fire on the limo and kill everyone inside revealsPROFESSIONAL conspiratorial design political concerns beyond a “loner wanting attention”. Thedriving force behind all JFK cover-ups is to hide the blatant facts (eyewitnesses and photographicproofs) that the Secret Service and Dallas Police Department both “reverse-engineered” thekilling of the President of the U.S. The indefensible “weak links” in the conspiracy are the SS andDPD, and this is where the most vicious cover-ups have occurred. They do not have “plausibledeniability” (valid excuse) and they know it.
  6. 6. Dal-Tex TSBD County Records/CourthouseRestricted Access: DallasCounty Sheriff’sDepartment parking lot The Ambush Site: home turf for the Dallas Police Department and Dallas County Sheriff’s Department
  7. 7. Both Static and Mobile offenseFurthermore, Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas 1963 provided multiple shooters a safe ambushsite where the DPD would insure their getting into firing position and out; even if the SS wasnot involved and would resist. It was “home turf” with all the advantages of knowing wherethe best line-of-sight shooting positions would be along with a “cover” for extensive,specific prior reconnaissance of the area to perfect the shooting positions--after all theybelong there. The shooters had “homefield” advantage. They determined that a route alongElm street would isolate JFK along a one-way street without traffic going the other way toconfuse a shooter’s eye, and as close as possible to pre-surveyed shooting locations topreserve muzzle velocity/accuracy. The CIA would employ a “patsy” in a nearby building.How to insure the motorcade would go along Elm street? Chose a luncheon site that wouldbe accessible by the Dealey Plaza Stemmons Freeway exit--the Trade Mart. Word of theserequirements are sent to the conspiracy leaders: LBJ/Connally “right-wing” camp of the JFKadministration/Democratic party to absolutely insure the motorcade destination is not thepreviously used Women’s Building at the Fair Grounds (which would not require any turnsonto Elm street) but the Trade Mart. The Trade Mart destination was necessary to reverse-engineer the motorcade route so it would position JFK’s limousine into the ambush “killzone”. Remember, Connally said he “knew right away” that it was rifle shots.Would the SS cooperate and not resist? The plotters found that the key leaders of the SSwould arrange for men they could trust to be on the scene, in-charge of less experiencedagents so as to not resist the necessary steps needed to precision ambush JFK. The honestSS and DPD men participating in the route planning would be told of other, safer routes butas long as on the day of the event, the conspirators were in the lead cars, the route to theambush “kill zone” along Elm street would be fait accompli. Any moves on the part of the SSwould endanger Jackie and other SS agents; who they did not want to see hurt/killed.Learning from DeGaulle’s motorcade survival against ambush, the JFK limo would be open,unarmored and be slowed to a stop to insure he would be hit until made dead.
  8. 8. Dulles Lansdale Charles Cabell Twining Medal (Legion of Merit?)Director, CIA Deputy Director, (Ambassadorship to South(Fired by JFK) CIA(Fired by JFK) Vietnam denied by JFK) Award Certificate Holder Who would organize the JFK ambush and the cover- up? How about the man who over-threw the dictator in the Philippines, and just organized the assassination of Vietnamese President Diem and his brother in October, 1963? He conveniently retires USAF on October 31, 1963 and is “visiting his son” in San Antonio, Texas when JFK is murdered in ambush
  9. 9. The problem of shooting and hitting a moving target, part I If you aim at a target moving across your front, by the time the bullet reaches it will have moved--a .30 caliber bullet is only 1/3 of an inch 3 wide--you are likely to miss your target 21
  10. 10. The problem of shooting and hitting a moving target, part II Can you aim ahead to “lead” a target? YES, but its like shooting at an aircraft--the best way is to pour a continuous stream of fire and have the target move into it--however, doing this would create a “beaten zone” of bullets landing in a circle, likely killing everyone in the JFK 4 limousine, too many bullets in too many bodiesSingle-Shot Rifle Jackie JFK Cone of fire creates a Full-Auto Machine Gun “beaten zone”
  11. 11. THE SOLUTION: OBLIQUE AND ENFILADE FIRE FROM a “L” SHAPED AMBUSH Enfilade fire runs along the long axis of the target so that even if its moving, its always in the path of your bullets for as long as its in range Stop orOblique fire runs along slow thethe diagonal axis of the target totarget so that even if its startmoving, its still in the ambushpath of your bullets, noleading aim necessary
  12. 12. OUTLINE1. How best to ambush JFK?2. Motorcade route to get victim into close “kill zone”3. “Inside” Secret Service men to give shootersstopped, clear target4. Pre-position “patsy” to take blame for the murder5. Set up the “kill zone”6. Insure vehicle/victims not protected7. Kill “patsy” before he talks with “feel good” hero8. Cover-up Secret Service complicity at ALL costs9. Problems and their solutions10. Who was responsible for JFK’s murder?Summary/Conclusion: what we can do TODAY?
  13. 13. Where to ambush? High-ground pressure wheeled vehicles (limousines) are restricted to roadsWhile a wheeled vehicle can “Y” turn togo back the same way it came, itsimpossible with a convoy of carsfollowing directly behind in the samesurvival predicament Wheeled Vehicles that try to go off road can get stuck Smart militaries use TRACKED vehicles that can pivot turn and go x-country at will to evade ambushes: not an option for JFK on November 22, 1963, civilian non-chalance in effect
  14. 14. High-ground pressure wheeled vehicles that can only travel along roads can be anticipated where they must go (and easily ambushed) In a war situation where time is not a concern, you can set ambushes D ahead on ALL road paths and just wait for a target to appear ? ? Rockets/Missiles B ? C A Explosives Automatic weapons
  15. 15. Civilian coup “surgical” situation: must make target come to specific ambush site, hit specific target within vehicle, cannot wipe out entire vehicle, time is critical D Insiders reject safer routes = guilt C A Not going to Fair Grounds, target will be B moving too fast, too far away with background clutter, nor to IndustrialNEAR “L” Blvd or Stemmons toAMBUSH Trade Mart: no ambush
  16. 16. Standard “L” Shaped ambush places oblique and enfilading fire onto thetarget at end of defended area, accessed by slowing down via sharp turns 120 90Escape routes Any Parade security over Hit target at flank edge of any defenses, spectator crowds thin or empty, open avenues for unobserved escape
  17. 17. Why not route motorcade straight through Mainstreet and get to the Trade Mart?1. Spectators Nowould have linedthe grass on both shootingsides of Main st. positions available2. Structures &spectators would here! Restricted-block shooter’s accessline-of-sight Dallas County Punctuality:3. Motorcade safer Sheriffs Motorcade Departmentmoving faster 25- would have parking lot arrived at45 mph, hard to hit Trade Mart4. Rifles almost out sooner!of range, lessaccuracy Secret Service admits 2 alternate routes to Trade Mart:5. Commerce St.traffic clutters by Stemmons or Industrialtarget acquisition Boulevard from Main Street
  18. 18. Dallas circa 1963: no alternate routes to Trade Mart so you have an excuse to routemotorcade through Dealey Plaza via Houston/Elm streets to access Stemmonsfreeway? HONEST map and in-person recon reveal this is a lie. Any HONEST DPDcop would know ways to get to the Trade Mart without driving by a potential killzone. Here are two safer, alternative routes to get to the Trade Mart without violatingSS safety regulations and slowing down to make two sharp turns onto Houston/Elmstreets. But who says the SS and DPD are HONEST on November 22, 1963?Trade Mart 5minutes away<----- Industrial Boulevard
  19. 19. More ways to getto the Trade Martfrom Main streetwithout turninginto the Elmstreet “L” shapedambush, its evena Warren(Whitewash)CommissionExhibit, 2113!
  20. 20. Another route #4 would be to go on Industrial Blvd a short distance, THEN access Stemmons Freeway shown hereThe SS/DPD were not stupid,incompetents; this they werenot. Skilled, murderous traitors,with grudges against JFK, YES.
  21. 21. So why not motor down Main Street? Far linear ambush nothigh probability of success = no JFK removal from office. Linear Far Ambush: not likely to succeed Motorcade too fast to hit: 25-45 mph Crowds & structures blocking line-of-sight Too far away for good rifle accuracy No cross-fireTrade Mart 5minutes away<----- Industrial Boulevard
  22. 22. Main street route: too far for rifles, no line-of-sight from Dal-Tex building,3 lanes of eye cluttering traffic in the background: good for security, badif you want to murder the President of the U.S. 400 me te rs No shot rs mete 300 Restricted-access Dallas County Sheriffs Department parking lot Main street motorcade route = No ambush, JFK lives = no coup d ‘etat for Texan Vice-President, LBJ
  23. 23. Who sets themotorcaderoute?The Pilot car.Driven by:*SS Agent SorrelsPassengers:*SS Agent Lawson*LTC WhitcombUSAR Intel officer
  24. 24. OUTLINE1. How best to ambush JFK?2. Motorcade route to get victim into close “kill zone”3. “Inside” Secret Service men to give shootersstopped, clear target4. Pre-position “patsy” to take blame for the murder5. Set up the “kill zone”6. Insure vehicle/victims not protected7. Kill the “patsy” before he can talk8. Cover-up Secret Service complicity at ALL costs9. Problems and their solutions10. Who was responsible for JFK’s murder?Summary/Conclusion: what we can do TODAY?
  25. 25. Did the Secret Service murder JFK’s driver Shipman to replace him withGreer who was willing to go along with the assassination?Vince Palamara ASSOCIATION OF FORMER AGENTS OF THE SECRET SERVICES single page, listing the *32 *agents that passed away in the line of duty---out ofliterally thousands of men and women---since the late nineteenth century...the ONLY JFK-era agent listed is White House Garage/ Chauffeur Special AgentTHOMAS B. SHIPMAN: "October 14, 1963: Died of a heart attack while on a presidential protective assignment at Camp David, Maryland."Because of Shipmans death, Bill Greer drove JFK in Dallas and his immediate replacement, Henry J. Rybka, was recalled at Love Field...its never too late toinvestigate.MORE mysterious deaths BEFORE, during (?), and after 11/22/63 (inc. suicide): Shortly BEFORE 11/22/63 (the man who COULD very well have driven JFK inDallas instead of Greer):From page 211 of Col. George J. McNallys obscure book, A Million Miles of Presidents:"One of the Presidents drivers, TomShipman, died suddenly"In the chronology of McNallys narrative, after discussing the death of baby Patrick Kennedy (Aug. 1963) and the 10-state "Conservation Tour"(9/24/63-10/63),this would seem to indicate a time period of around Sept. 1963 for Shipmans death (McNally also mentions the death of Administrative Officer Frank Sandersonwho died in May 1963 as verified by an internet search at Ancestry.Com. Strangely, no death for a "Tom" or "Thomas” Shipman is listed for 1963.).However---Secret Service SA Tom Shipman was ON the "Conservation Tour", as Office-of-the- Naval-Aide records for this trip reveal.In fact, Shipman rode onHelicopter #2 from the South Lawn of the White House on the way to Andrews Air Force Base on 9/24/63 with Ken ODonnell, SA Gerald Blaine, SA Paul Burns,and SA William Greer. Also, Shipman is listed in the Protective Survey Report (written 9/20/63)for the 9/24/63 Milford , PA stop [RIF#180-10089-10262](Previously, Shipman had been on JFKs 3/23/63 trip to Chicago, IL, driving the follow-up car [RIF#154-10003-10012].).If that wasnt enough, it appears that there were two new additions to the regular White House Garage (chauffeur) detail in Oct./ Nov. 1963, in addition toveterans SA Samuel A. Kinney, SA George W. Hickey, SA William R. Greer, Special Officer (SO/ Uniformed Division) William C. Davis, WH Policeman JamesM. Carter, and SAIC Morgan L. Gies: SA Henry J. Rybka (attending Treasury School from 11/1/63 to 11/8/63 and who would go on to be recalled by AgentRoberts at Love Field) and SA Andrew M. Hutch (who doesnt join the detail until 11/18/63) [Secret Service Shift Reports for November 1963, inc.11/1/ 63:RIF# 1541000110180; 11//2/63: RIF#1541000110173;11/3/63: RIF#1541000110167;11/4/63: RIF#1541000110160; 11/5/63: RIF# 1541000110153;11/6/63: RIF#1541000110146; 11/7/63: RIF# 1541000110139; 11/8/63:RIF#1541000110132;11/18/63:RIF#1541000110062; 11/22/63: RIF# 1541000110034].From the record, then, it appears Shipman died suddenly sometime between October 3 and 11/1/63. It would be nice to have the travel logs for this time period,but the Secret Service destroyed them in January 1995: From Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board, p. 149---"However, in January 1995, the Secret Service destroyed presidential protection survey reports for some of President Kennedys trips in the fall of 1963. TheReview Board learned of the destruction approximately one week after the Secret Service destroyed them, when the Board was drafting its request for additionalinformation. The Board believed that the Secret Service files on the Presidents travel in the weeks preceding his murder would be relevant."WHY the destruction? [BECAUSE THE SS MURDERED JFK] WHERE is Shipmans death certificate?
  26. 26. SA Tom Shipman died in late 1963 (10/14/63 [known to the author as of 7/25/01]), before the Texas trip.DURING (?) 11/22/63:17 H 749 (CE 705: the DPD Channel 2 transcripts)---"One of the SECRET SERVICE MEN ON THE FIELD---ELM AND HOUSTON; said it cameover the teletype that one of the Secret Service men had been killed." [emphasis added]; SAMPLER FROM THE THREE TV NETWORKS THATDAY: Eddie Barker of KRLD-TV said, "The word is that the President was killed, one of his agents is dead, and Governor Connally waswounded"; from Washington: "A Secret Service agent apparently was shot by one of the assassins bullets" ; Bill Lord: " did confirm the death of theSecret Service of the Secret service agents was killed...Secret Service usually walk beside the car "; again, from Washington: "One ofthe Secret Service agents traveling with the President was killed today"; Associated Press Wire (read over the air): " A Secret Service agent and aDallas policeman were shot and killed...some distance from where the president was shot";20 H 410/ Seth Kantor:"A Western Union man who hadbeen with us since we came down from Andrews Air Force Base came into the [Parkland Hospital] office.A nurse asked him about a reportthat a Secret Service agent had been killed out on the street. HE SAID THAT IT WAS TRUE. This was one of the immediate rumors which sprungup. It took several days for this particular rumor not to be believed in Dallas itself (FELLOW IN JAGGARS-CHILES-STOVALL who got itfrom a friend who got it from a POSTMAN* supposed to have been at the death scene that the shot and bleeding SS man was in on the plot to killthe President.)" [emphasis added]; Mark Crouch,friend and confidante of PRS agent/photographer James K. "Jack” Fox, has told Harry Livingstone& myself that Agent Fox told him forcefully that the story of a dead agent was true!According to Crouch, Fox was working in the Executive OfficeBuilding on 11/ 22/63 (where the PRS office was), when he was asked by SAIC of PRS Robert Bouck to get ready a detail of four to six agents toassist in retrieving the body and casket of the unnamed Secret Service agent.Fox told Crouch, "We lost a man that day- our man" andqualified his remarks by stating that he was not referring to JFK!; FOR THE DYING/ "DEAD” AGENT, PERHAPS?---Nurse Bertha Lozano: 21 H213-215: report of activities 11/22-11/24/63 SEPARATE from JFK and Connally: "A technician came to the desk and asked me to expect a privatepatient who was bleeding Blood technicians came to ask me who "Mr. X" was who did not have an E.R. number. Hematology also came with thesame problem and was told the same thing."(Shortly) AFTER 11/22/63, inc. suicide:For some strange reason, Mysterious deaths lists often include Roy Kellerman [deceased 1984!] and William Greer [deceased 1985!]...those listsSHOULD include 2 of the 3 shift leaders on Kennedys White House Detail who were also on the Texas trip, Stu Stout & Emory Roberts [the onlysurviving shift leader, Art Godfrey, was interviewed by myself in 1996]---From Rex W. Scouten, former Secret Service agent who served with Stout and now currently the White House Usher (Letter dated 5/28/98): "DearVince, Stewart Stout, following his retirement from the Secret Service was hired (by me) as an assistant Usher at the White House. He had a heartdisorder-suffered a heart attack at the White House and died within a few hours. I believe this happened around 1963-1965."Incredibly, ASAIC Floyd Boring, in charge of planing the Texas trip, seemed to doubt that ATSAIC Stu Stout was even IN Dallas:Oh, gee, I dontthink so...then again, I guess I should have known he was there cause he died shortly thereafter (interview 1994).Sam Kinney told me that Stout died shortly after Dallas and ALSO seemed to doubt that Stout was in Dallas (interview 1994).
  27. 27. As for ATSAIC Stouts presence on the Texas trip, Donald Lawton said “I didn’t know he was on the trip; I didn’t know that...I didn’t know that”(interview 1995).Ironically, Stout rode in the hearse [JFKs] (presumably upright, and breathing) from Parkland Hospital to Love Field on November 22, 1963!! [Stouthad also been involved in protecting Truman at Blair House during the assassination attempt on November 1,1950 along with Floyd Boring, as well ashaving been with Vice President Nixon in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1958].Stout died without speaking to anyone: not the FBI, WC, or the HSCA (which acknowledged his death in a memo released by the ARRB).re: Roberts---Again, Rex Scouten (Letter received 9/98): "Emory Roberts, a very good friend of mine died in the late 60s as I recall---returned home from work oneafternoon----laid down on the bed and suffered a major heart attack---and died."Roberts died without speaking to the FBI, the WC, or the HSCA (which acknowledged his death in a memo released by the ARRB). Roberts DIDspeak to William Manchester twice, 12/4/64 & 4/26/65 [see my Secret Service chapter in "MIDP"]“Suicides”---High Treason 2 (p. 439), DNC advance man [for Houston & Austin stops] Marty Underwood said to Harry Livingstone-- "There were a couple ofsuicides in the thing, with the Secret Service and everything..." Livingstone: "Do you remember who committed suicide?" Underwood: "I dontremember. I think there were a couple...." [He is then cut off by Livingstone---?]An unnamed agent took his own life "in the late Sixties, in Washington, with his own weapon. There were signs he was beginning to buckle," asformer agent Chuck Rochner explained to fellow former agent Marty Venker ! (Confessions of an Ex-Secret Service Agent, pp. 216-217 [why he isunnamed is a mystery to me]). In 1973, agent Jim Connally took his own life (same source [notice that THIS agent was named!]).The ONLY two "Candidates" (confirmed as being deceased in interviews with colleagues in the early 1990s. However, circumstances & exact causesunknown. Whereabouts and "life status" known on all other colleagues. Other agents who died passed away years and years later under normalcircumstances): Henry J. Rybka (recalled by Roberts at Love Field) Toby J. ChandlerOne final clue to both the mystery of the "dead" agent and the "unknown agent" in Dealey Plaza on November 22 may come from the statements offormer Dallas agent Robert A. Steuart, as revealed in Bill Sloans 1993 work, JFK--Breaking the Silence (pp 1-5). Although the agent who spoke toSloan was unnamed in the book, Sloan confirmed to me the agents identity based on my firm conviction that this agent HAD to have been Steuart.Why? Because, as I told Sloan, the agent used the identical language with me during my two "attempted" interviews with him in 1992 and 1993; in "Kennedyany event, Sloan confirmed my suspicions. So, just what did Steuart say to Sloan (and me)? Sworn to absolute secrecy about thething," Steuart went on to say, "I cant talk about it...There are so many things I could tell you, but I justcant... I cant tell you anything...Id like to, but I cant.... It was a very heavy deal, and they wouldknow. Someone would know. Its...too dangerous, even now ."
  28. 28. OUTLINE1. How best to ambush JFK?2. Motorcade route to get victim into close “kill zone”3. “Inside” Secret Service men to give shootersstopped, clear target4. Pre-position “patsy” to take blame for the murder5. Set up the “kill zone”6. Insure vehicle/victims not protected7. Kill the “patsy” before he can talk8. Cover-up Secret Service complicity at ALL costs9. Problems and their solutions10. Who was responsible for JFK’s murder?Summary/Conclusion: what we can do TODAY?
  29. 29. “Patsy” already in position in Dealey Plaza: 30 days before, on October 8,1963, the man who was later charged with JFK’s murder (undeniableFACT even McPosnerford single-excuse, lone testicle, suck-up-to-the-government types admit) took the job at the Texas School BookDepository (TSBD) at the instigation of his Russian-speaking “handler”Ruth Paine. How could he have known that a month later JFK’smotorcade would be coming by his work place since the Secret Servicedidn’t “finalize” and publicize the motorcade route until November 18,1963?…Unless…. *Did draft cards have photos attached, or is this just a special LHO-only feature when you want to frame a “patsy” when killing a President and need an obvious visual cross-reference for the gullible?
  30. 30. Lee Harvey Oswald’s “handlers” were acting on foreknowledge from the guiding conspirators who had decided beforehand that Dealey Plaza was the desired L- shape, near-ambush site and had went about reverse-planning all the components of the ambush as per routine U.S. military and intelligence operational SOP. Prior planning would include positioning the designated “fall-guy” with an extremely guilty, un-American past by EMPLOYMENT (takes time to get hired) into one of the 3 areas determined accessible for shooting teams to operate from. He would have to be pre-positioned to be the “patsy” because his $ job $ placed him along a motorcade route yet to be publicly “finalized”. “Prior-Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance”. The final piece of the ambush preparations was getting the necessary motorcade route accepted; a surprisingly bitter fight over the luncheon location (Fair Grounds or Trade Mart?) resulted in high-level pressureWhat are you whining for the Trade Mart way out of proportion to its nominalabout? You refused to significance for JFK re-election efforts (ulterior motive attell LHO about a better work). SS agents in favor of the more static-defendablepaying job $ and Women’s Building at the Fair Grounds suddenly gave way toinstead got LHO the the Trade Mart destination after a SS agent from the Floridajob at the TSBD to detail (where a JFK ambush was narrowly averted) joined theframe him for JFK’s planning team. Hmmmm.murder. Why do youknow Russian? So you The “fix” was in. If all went as planned, the President of thecan help build state- United States of America; John Fitzgerald Kennedy would die.controlled child carecenters?
  31. 31. How did Ruth Paine know to get LHO a job at the TSBDunless she was told to put him there by her bosses who hadfuture plans for the area to be a JFK “killing zone” and wouldneed LHO to be the “fall guy”? “The best way to predict the future is to create it” --Peter Drucker
  32. 32. OUTLINE1. How best to ambush JFK?2. Motorcade route to get victim into close “kill zone”3. “Inside” Secret Service men to give shootersstopped, clear target4. Pre-position “patsy” to take blame for the murder5. Set up the “kill zone”6. Insure vehicle/victims not protected7. Kill “patsy” before he talks with feel-good “hero”8. Cover-up Secret Service complicity at ALL costs9. Problems and their solutions10. Who was responsible for JFK’s murder?Summary/Conclusion: what we can do TODAY?
  33. 33. Recap: so why did Secret Service route motorcadethrough Elm street? ABecause a “L” shapednear ambush with“patsy” was already Bwaiting for JFK! LHO C Driver SS agent Greer stops limo (corrected) and is looking back to insure JFK is ..and they wanted JFK finished off DEAD! C
  34. 34. Preparing the “Kill zone” PHASE I PHASE IITarget Reference Points(TRPs): X*Measuring kill zone distances so TRP 1 TRP 2 TRP 3shooters compensate for bulletdrop/winds, time shots so they htoverlap and appear to be less igshots -S*The Umbrella Man (TUM)/helper ofsignal limo driver/shooters - ne*Stemmons freeway sign Li*Yellow curb paint marks (seeZapruder frames, 295-312 by JeanHill, 345 -357)Command & Control van SS Roy*Spotters with radios so shooters Kellermancan maintain LOS aiming/firing on his 1963positions, maybe chat with Roy? “cell phone”*Limo must STOP in order for when heJFK head kill shots if Phase I rear should haveshots fail to kill JFK as per beenobservation of TUM/TA shielding the President
  35. 35. Conspiracy Mobile Command & Control Communications CenterIts SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to the present day for U.S. special operations to uselarge rental vans to conduct operations. A large rental van is in essence a “small home onwheels” that can be parked anywhere, turning that spot into a base while looking like amundane business truck. Entire vehicles can be rolled on/off from panel trucks to includesmall “Little Bird” helicopters. A communications suite with screens/chairs/monitors couldbe installed. BG Lansdale probably operated from the silver van across from the TSBD seenin the background of Jim Towner’s picture of Greer turning onto Elm street. Would SSregulations permit two large vehicles--the laundry van and panel truck to be parked nearby apresidential motorcade route? Notice Greer has not turned the front tires sharp enough andwill swing the limo wide right, causing a defacto stop in order to avoid hitting the curb---justbefore the ambush begins with the first hit on JFK’s back which collapses his right lung andcauses him to hold his left arm up to his chest as he remarks to conspirator SS agent RoyKellerman; “God, I’m hit” Kellerman wasn’t about to do anything about it. In fact, look at thegovernment mutilated Zapruder film, and you will see the silver van is conveniently removedfrom sight as Jack White points out in Dr. Fetzer’s superb book, Murder in Dealey Plaza(MIDP). What are they trying to hide? A conspiracy’s command center?
  36. 36. Dal-Tex Building: we can rent TSBD: elevator only goes up to the 4th space there and do Stairs to 5th, 6th and 7th floors closed off. Wewhatever we want to include can put our “workers” there to do much of the rear shooting. Designated patsy LHO worksshoot at the President below, hehehe County Records Building: Deputy Weatherford on a roof-top with a rifle? Who is going to stop him? Grassy Knoll parking lot area: we own it! Only those who pay our Dallas County Sheriff Deputy the set fee and we like them can park here. Sewer Storm drains? We’ll let the mobsters shoot from there
  37. 37. “Target destroyed” THE ASSISTANT: Arm raised; “STOP THE CAR, GREER!….” TUM: Open Umbrella; means fire the frontal shot, JFK’s head still intact; Closed Umbrella, don’t frontal shootAmbush Phase II Forward Observers: was the Umbrella Man’s snappy dressingassistant in direct radio contact with Kellerman to stop the limo (umbrellaopen?) and signal for frontal shooters to fire (arm raised?) or vise-a-versa? Arisky frontal shot reveals a multi-shooter conspiracy---only taken to insure JFKis finished off in event earlier shots before the Stemmons sign (Phase I) hadfailed to hit JFK’s head.
  38. 38. Guess who else had radio comms that day in Dealey Plaza? TA man shares LBJ, your same lame sense of President -- style, Secret Service man happy as can beVP LBJ wearingsunglasses andnot waiving Vice President Lyndon Johnson had a walkie- talkie turned down low according to Senator Yaborough in the car with him, and his SS agents were on the “alert” = foreknowledge
  39. 39. Police and Deputy’s ordered not to face crowd and provide security properly; by having theirbacks to the crowds, they cannot see threats and take action on it, while at the same timesuperior officers could say they had men on the street to avoid obvious participation in theconspiracy to kill JFK Is the man in the hat Jack Ruby? Why is this Rambler Station Wagon parked in the wrong direction, on the wrong side of the road, in front of the TSBD moments before the President of the United States was assassinated?
  40. 40. Where did all the parked cars go? JFKs limo is turning onto Elm Street, from this clip from the Hughes Film.? Where is the Rambler Station Wagon parked in the wrong direction?
  41. 41. N o r t h Film footage of the TSBD shows simultaneous movement in three of the 6th floor windows (Groden), which isWest impossible for one man to do (LHO). East Witnesses also saw men in the west end windows including a man in a brown suit. S o u t h
  42. 42. CIA Operatives and Anti-JFK Extremists in the crowds at Dealey Plaza that day….Right-wing leader Joseph Milteer isseen on the corner of Houston andElm Street in one of Altgens manyphotos (he sure got around that day).He told someone in Miami over thephone that after today, we wouldn’thave to “worry about Kennedyanymore”. Indicating he knewbeforehand that JFK would be killed inambush that day, and he decided hewanted to see the “festivities”.
  43. 43. CIA Operatives Hemming and Conein on Houston Street Square Tiles Is this Hemming crossing Houston Street as seen in the Hughes Film after the ambush? Hemming was directly in front of the Dallas County Criminal Courts Building with the square tiles.
  44. 44. Hemming? CIA Operatives Morales, and Shackley were also on Houston Street that day…Also on the corner of Main and Houston; FBI Agent James Hosty, LHO’s handler? Or tormentor? Across from him an IRS informant and Jack Ruby in front of the Post Office building. What were all these people doing? Sight- seeing or participating in a special operation?
  45. 45. OUTLINE1. How best to ambush JFK?2. Motorcade route to get victim into close “kill zone”3. “Inside” Secret Service men to give shootersstopped, clear target4. Pre-position “patsy” to take blame for the murder5. Set up the “kill zone”6. Insure vehicle/victims not protected7. Kill “patsy” before he talks with feel-good “hero”8. Cover-up Secret Service complicity at ALL costs9. Problems and their solutions10. Who was responsible for JFK’s murder?Summary/Conclusion: what we can do TODAY?
  46. 46. Preparing the Target Limousine11/21/63: At San Antonio AFB, onlyone jump seat was in front so NellieConnally had to sit with Jackie andJFK. Yet, the next day, this was nolonger acceptable (!), Jackie andNellie could be hit in the ambush;suddenly, both jump seats areinstalled
  47. 47. Forget it! We’re not putting any of this on top of thelimo. How else will JFK get shot and killed? Wedon’t do windows, either! (see next slide)
  48. 48. NBC film footage shows BOTH JFK Limo windows were UP theday before the ambush, November 21st from San Antonio airportto Brooks Air Force Base and on the next day on arrival at Lovefield to provide significant side protection as FDR and Truman’slimos had been configured--someone lowered the windows beforedeparting for the Dallas “kill zone”; the goal is to get JFK killednot protect him
  49. 49. Preparing the victims: both Jackie andDO NOT Nellie wear bright pink outfits and haveSHOOT red and yellow rose bouquets to assist shooters in target discrimination Notice both flags are limp fromShoot! limo moving very slowly Do not shoot
  50. 50. Surrounded bySecret ServiceAgents, NYC Where are the Secret Service Service Agents? Why no protection?
  51. 51. Where’s the protection? SS Agents laughing and not paying attention to JFK ?Bystander allowed to get close enough to touch the President, what if they had ahand-gun? Agent Greer walks along Jackie’s side when limo is moving so slowthat JFK can shake hands but no one is walking on his side. Where is JFK’sagent? What could be more obvious that the Secret Service does not want toprotect our President?
  52. 52. JFK Aide Dave Powers in a WFAA-TV special, 1987, “JFK: the daythe nation cried” brags that he told Jackie to wave to the crowdson her side and JFK his side: “from Ft. Worth to Dallas, I’m talkingto the President, Jackie in the back of the plane, and I said: ‘Mr.President, you wave to the Texans on the right and Jackie willwave to the ones on the left’ and this is exactly what’s happeningwhen the first shot was fired.” Jackie is seated as far away fromher husband as possible to greet crowds on opposite side oflimousine, her window partially up to provide some modicum ofprotection--but NOT JFK’s. Window controls electronicallycontrolled by nearest person and master switch by driver, SS agentGreer (?) Powers takes a home movie of the motorcade anddoesn’t tell anyone about it for years afterwards…what does itreveal? Side window
  53. 53. BEFORE MOTORCADE AMBUSH: A Real Hero tries to savethe President?The late JFK aide Dave Powers says he ran out of film before getting to DealeyPlaza, and forgot all about the film we have today until prompted. His film shows(clips below) a man in a white shirt rushing the JFK limo after it had stopped forJFK to shake hands en route to Dealey Plaza. Who rushes a President’s limousineat risk of being shot and/or imprisoned for a federal offense? Or was this man, SSAgent Robertson--was he rushing to the limo to WARN THE PRESIDENT OF THEIMPENDING AMBUSH? Vince Palamara notes what Seth Kantor and others likePenn Jones and Gary Shaw have discovered: "Our 1965 investigation led us tobelieve Robertson was in Dallas but was posing as a POSTAL INSPECTOR, but itwas reported to us that he had left Dallas. We also learned from newsmen thatsomething unusual did happen on Harwood [street] shortly before the turn toMain Street. No one wanted credit for this, but we were told by reliable newsmenthat a man jumped in front of Kennedys car on Harwood shouting, "Stop, I musttell you." The man, according to the report, was promptly wrestled to the groundand hustled away."
  54. 54. 20 H 410: "A Western Union man who had been with us since we came down fromAndrews Air Force Base came into the [Parkland Hospital] office. A nurse asked himabout a report that a Secret Service agent had been killed out on the street. HE SAIDTHAT IT WAS TRUE. This was one of the immediate rumors which sprang up. It tookseveral days for this particular rumor not to be believed in Dallas itself (FELLOW INJAGGARS-CHILES-STOVALL who got it from a friend who got it from a POSTMAN*supposed to have been at the death scene that the shot and bleeding SS man was inon the plot to kill the President.)" [emphasis added]*the 1/22/77 issue of "The Continuing Inquiry" contains an article written by Penn Jones and Gary Shaw re: the "dead" agent incident as reported in a letter sent to Jim Garrison during the Clay Shaw trial:"A Mr. Robertson, Assistant Director of the Dallas or Fort WorthSecret Service office, confided to [friend of writer who requestedanonymity] in 1963 that a plot to kill President Kennedy was plannedand he did not want any part of it. On November 22, 1963, my friendwas in the office of Mr. Robertson when all phones began to ring,about the time Kennedy was arriving at Carswell Air Force Base [inFort Worth], Mr. Robertson then said, Well, this is it and left theoffice. Since that time Mr. Robertsons family of seven children andwife have not seen or heard from him, yet his paychecks continue tobe mailed to his home.”
  55. 55. In the 1987 WFAA-TV Special, “JFK: the day the nation cried”,actual video footage from November 22, 1963 shows ProgramDirector, Jay Watson and announcer, Jerry Haines statingthat a SECRET SERVICE AGENT HAS BEEN SHOT/KILLED:“May I report this bulletin…that a Secret Service Agent and aDallas policeman were shot and killed here today…they wereshot some distance from the area where President Kennedywas assassinated, no other information immediately availablefrom there.”
  56. 56. No Secret Service agents on the JFK limo nor DPDmotorcycle cops on the flanks to get in the line-of-sight ofpotential shooters
  57. 57. JFK’s limousine placed in lead of motorcade passenger carsfor easy target identification by shooters: shoot at far rightrearmost male in first open-topped vehicle after it has turnedonto Elm Street AFTER THE AMBUSH: JFK limo passes LEAD CAR then stops for impromptu meeting
  58. 58. TSBD Dal-Tex BuildingIf there was only a lone gunman in the 6th floor of the TSBD (see photo above),why didn’t he shoot JFK’s limo as it approached towards him on HoustonStreet, where he would have enfilading fire (red arrows)? Instead, the shootingdid not begin until JFKs limo had turned onto Elm Street where a large tree isblocking his line-of-sight. The Altgens photo proves the ambush began byother shooters in the Dal-Tex building, firing from a lower trajectory depicted bythe green arrows. Later shots were fired from the west-end of the TSBD oncethe Limo moved past the tree (gold arrow).
  59. 59. The 11 Ambush 9 7 8 10 5 Begins: as 6 JFK limo turns onto Elm 2 /3 Street during 4 the Zapruder film’s1. Greer stops limo at end of curve 1 “Missing time”2. JFK hit in back, left fist points at wound, Jackie grabbing his elbow Z132-1333. Bullet hole through windshield4. Left DPD cyclists look at stopped limo, concerned they will get out of position behind rear wheels5. LBJ secret service agents realize shots are fired, and get out of vehicle6. SS Agent Emory Roberts(wearing sunglasses), orders all the SS Agents to NOT REACT to the shots. JFK Aide, Dave Powers, no longer filming,says he "ran out of film:, is smirking7. Right DPD cyclist looks back to where one of the shots cam from8. Bystanders looking up where shots came from, notice no one on that side is clapping9. Secret Service Agents on running board; Ready and Landis on left are looking back, same direction as the bystanders. Hill and McIntrye arelooking towards JFK and Jackie10. Surprise! Surprise! Bystander in doorway appears to be Lee Harvey Oswald, wearing the exact same clothing as when later arrested. BillyLovelady says he was there also, but was wearing a red/blue plaid sportshirt11 Possible dark-skinned shooter in broom closet window, no window security along entire route
  60. 60. Guess what? When was the first Altgens photo taken? Frame 225 of Zapruder film? Hell no! The Altgens photo shows the TSBD Doorway motorcade during the huge missing segment of the Zapruder film, between frames 132 to 133--which also is when the the first two shots are fired (one hits JFK Street in back, the other goes through the JFK lamp by limo windshield) Greer has brought the white Motorcade pillar limo to a complete STOP which is why the appears Z133 DPD motorcycle cops are looking back because they are going to overtake their “Lone Cameraman” orders to not get past the JFK limo’s rear Zapruder wheel. Comparing the position of the motorcade middle in the photo, its alongside the TSBD entrance and cannot be aligned with Zapruder frames 225 or 255 as some have suggested because the footage we should be seeing is missing!!! When the Zapruder film shows the motorcade suddenly at frame 133 it is far beyond the TSBD doorway!!Street lampby white pillar Altgens
  61. 61. Altgens photo shows the JFK motorcade right in front of the TSBDZapruder/Sitzman Mary Moorman and Jean Hill
  62. 62. Can Moorman and Hill be at two places at one time? Moorman and Hill are across Elm Street Some say these shadows are Moorman by the steps and retaining wall, and Hill hundreds of feet from the corner where
  63. 63. TSBD Dal-Tex TSBD Passenger limos are still in LARGE Houston/Elm intersection as they turn to line up when ambush begins; U.S. Government doesn’t want you to see moving footage LHO of these events JFK SS-P LBJ SS-VP IntersectionDiver, SS Agent Greer has STOPPEDthe JFK limo because lead car withDPD Chief Curry is stopped under theunderpass to start ambush; all of thismust NOT be seen by public or SS“goose is cooked”; hence bye, bye allZapruder frames between Z132 and133! The big cut for the BIG LIE!
  64. 64. Motorcade is in middle of wide 3-lane street so DPD motorcycle cops have room; large turn places 1/2 motorcade in intersection as JFK limo passes TSBD entrance and “turkey shoot” begins--events missing from U.S. Government mutilated Zapruder filmOne VERY LARGEintersection We’re not alone in this assessment; this ambush schematic starts long before “Z- 189” and other fantasies
  65. 65. THE ZAPRUDER VIEW Zapruder frame 132 Altgens photo No Stemmons Freeway Sign, thank-you conspiracy!Ambush already underway at red line where Altgens photo was taken, DO NOTBEND DATA TO FIT THE ZAPRUDER FILM! IT’S A TROJAN HORSE!
  66. 66. Note the HUGE intersection! During the motorcade turn onto Elm street, the cars stay in formation, and while doing so are positioned spread out inside the intersection, especially if Greer stops the limo--a fact those that date Altgens late fail to understandJFK SS LBJ SS JFK’s LIMO IS JUST A LITTLE PAST THE STREET LAMP AND THE FOLLOW-UP SS CAR ALONGSIDE THE WHITE PILLAR---ALTGENS SURE GOT AROUND THAT DAY TAKING PICTURES FROM MANY LOCATIONS!
  67. 67. When conspirator SS GreerSTOPPED (red line) thelimo during the turn, thecars following behindbunched up behind intothe intersection---allcaught in the Altgensphoto and deliberatelyremoved from the Zapruderfilm between frames 132and 133, the blue lineindicates the angle ofAltgen’s aim looking intothe Dal-Tex buildingNotice a Secret Service agent couldhave ridden on the back of the JFKlimo during the entire motorcade, buthe would then have had no excuse fornot throwing his body in front ofbullets to shield JFK, and we wouldn’thave had JFK removed from office bymurder. Again, why the Secret Serviceis directly involved with JFK’smurder.
  68. 68. He ain’t gonna make DPD cop with Lansdaleit! Greer has not white hat Milteerturned sharply orearly enough andhe’s going to almosthit the far curb rightin front of the TSBD! Note: even in the Secret Service re-enactment, they admit driver Greer has taken too wide a turn and is struggling to bring the limo back to the center lane as caught in the Altgens photo seconds after the first salvo of shots in phase 1 of the ambush.
  69. 69. Greer applies brakes, JFK hit in cheek by pavement fragments from bullet miss, hit in back, limo windshield holed, chrome above rear view mirror dented DPD cops close on JFK limo in forward lean from brakingDPD motorcyclists overtaking JFK limo, SSfollow-up car braking to a halt, LBJ limo andfollow-up car stop in Elm/Houston intersectionto keep press cars with cameramen out ofDealey plaza while JFK is shot dead
  70. 70. “Firecrackers” said the earwitnesses as the motorcade FRONT (JFK’s limo) turned onto Elm street, President Kennedy hit in the back by a bullet, “bunched jacket” or not puncturing his“Then one of the doctor’s noticed a lung (hard to do if you are notfrothing of the neck wound. ‘He’s bubbling hit in the back Gerald Ford);air’ the doctor said, this means a hole in missed shot goes throughthe lung. limousine front windshieldPeters and Baxter immediately inserted a which SS will replace withintube into the right upper part of the hours after a little “targetchest, just below the shoulder to re- practice” with 15 windshieldsexpand the lungs and keep them from until they can get a minorcollapsing. Perry and Jones at the ricochet to go along with thesame time inserted a similar tube on theleft” “big lie” of a minor, relatively sterile attack by a lone man--UPI’s Bruce Miller quoting Dr. James instead of the blood-covered,Carrico on November 29, 1963, Ledger- multi-shooter ambush that wasEnquirer, Columbus, GA Dealey Plaza, November 22,
  71. 71. UPI Still photographer Altgens captured this black man, arm reaching out from the Dal-Tex building lower-floor window…perhaps for a tube to place his rifle inside since he’s done shooting for the day? Phase I of the ambush: kill JFK, complete? Or will Phase II frontal shots be needed? Even under 100 meters, JFK is a very tiny targetTube to conceal his through a rifle scope!rifle? Low, flat trajectory shot from Dal-Tex building--hits JFK in the back, puts bullet through limo windshield
  72. 72. Dallas County Criminal Courts Building with STOP! square ridges on Houston Street!Best proof that the JFK limousine STOPPED is the Altgens photo which showsLBJ’s Secret Service Agent car STOPPED at the intersection turn onto ElmStreet as they are getting out to protect HIM, while NO ONE acts to protect JFK(they wanted him DEAD). LBJ’s car acts as a “jam car” keeping the press carswith photographers out of the kill zone so they cannot witness and documentit as a multi-shooter, bloody ambush created by government conspiracy.Here. 40 seconds into the Muchmore film. we cansee that Secret Service Agent Jerry Kivett hasalready opened the car door on HOUSTON STREETbefore the car have even reached Elm Street. Thismeans either he was anticipating a shooting, viaconspiracy or the shoots began as soon as the JFK Door already opened on Houstonlimo turned onto Elm Street and his car was still Street!stuck on Houston Street. Or both.
  73. 73. SS Jerry Kivett’s LBJ follow-up car door opens by the County Criminal Courts Building with squares and ridges; the right half of the Dallas County Records buildings on HOUSTON street!!!Door closed Door open
  74. 74. Secret Service Agent Emory Roberts ordered SS agents to not react to protect JFKWhen Agent Ready jumped off to run to JFK, Roberts ordered him back. Before leavingLove field, Roberts ordered Agent Rybka off JFK’s limo and left him at the airport(WFAA-TV’s special; “JFK: the day the nation cried”). Agent Roberts would later write(April 28, 1964) that "there was no question in my mind as to (the agents) physical andmental capacity to function effectively in their assigned duties." despite the fact thatthey had been partying all that morning. Like Chief Rowley and Inspector Kelley beforeboth the WC and the HSCA, Agent Roberts covered up the drinking incident, despiteSecret Service regulations which stated that this was grounds for removal from theagency. Sleep deprivation and alcohol consumption wreak havoc on even the besttrained reflexes.While leaving Love Field on the way to the heart of Dallas, destiny, and murder, AgentRoberts rose from his seat and, using his voice and several hand gestures, forcedagent Henry J. Rybka to fall back from the rear area of JFKs limousine, causing aperplexed Rybka to stop and raise his arms several times in disgust (Rybka would thenremain at the airport during the murder, having been effectively neutralized) --althoughPaul Landis made room for him on the right running board of the follow-up car, AgentRybka did not budge. Although Rybka worked the follow-up in Houston the day beforeand was a gun-carrying protective agent, he was not allowed to do his job onNovember 22,1963 (Rybka has since died...). Agent Henry Rybka was also on thefollow-up car team in San Antonio on 11/21/63. In addition, the newly-released Cooperfilm depicts Rybka jumping out of the follow-up car in Fort Worth on 11/22/63 -- he wasthe first agent out of the car. In both cases, Rybka was not the driver. He revealedhimself as a conscientious SS agent wanting to protect the President, so Roberts knewhe didn’t want him on the trip into Dealey Plaza where he might do something stupidlike ruin the murder of JFK by shielding him with his body as he was supposed to do.
  75. 75. What is Dave Powers so happy aboutin the jump seat of the SS follow-oncar? His alleged “best friend”, JFKhas just been hit by the first shots ofan ambush…Why isn’t he filminganymore? He says he “ran out offilm”, after just 28 seconds offootage.Why didn’t he produce the film hehad taken earlier until many yearslater? Powers says he “put it awayand forgot about it”.We now know it shows a SS Agenttrying to warn the motorcade of animpending ambush! Why wasn’t hiswarnings heeded?
  76. 76. AMBUSH, PHASE II: JFK NOT FATALLY WOUNDED, frontal shots needed.JFK immobilized so he cannot get down and take cover (like Connally did)by poison dart to the throat by TUM. Then finished off after limo stops byfrontal head shot to the temple as per conventional killing wisdom for1963? Earlier shots had missed JFK (ask JC) and head shot is now VITALto success. Close, Forward Observers TUM & TA see more shots needed. Zapruder film stills For reality, Where’s all the move this blood, brains Who are these two SS agent Hill is blob to rear black men? Their talking about? of head testimonies? TUM TA"The right rear portion of his head was missing. It was lying in the rear seat of the car. Hisbrain was exposed. There was blood and bits of brain all over the entire rear portion of thecar. Mrs.. Kennedy was completely covered with blood. There was so much blood you couldnot tell if there had been any other wound or not, except for the one large gaping wound inthe right rear portion of the head..."---SS agent Clint Hill, 3/9/1964 WC Testimony (H 2 132-44)
  77. 77. Why not have some FUN whilemurdering your elected President?Flamboyance is a signature of“black operators”; a sort of “insidejoke” so they can later on brag “if it works and it looks stupid, its notabout what they did without stupid”revealing what they did... --actual U.S. special operations saying
  78. 78. USAF General Edwin Lansdale: Mr.. Black OperationsHo-Hum. Not too shook up about the bloody ambush of the U.S. President
  79. 79. Lansdale’s Shooting Gallery: 6 inches from failure; above- average but not best shooters playing around with their exotic weapons miss JFK’s head, conspiracy-revealing frontal head shot necessary, JFK 6 inches away from living through the ambush. A fun time to confuse everyone, except America!Umbrella Weapon? Remington .222 XP-100 pistol? Small entry wound in JFK’s throat Small bullet fragments in JFK’s skull .222 casings by grassy knoll fence Felon Files (Sutton) testimony he-did-itSilenced .30 cal M1 carbine? .30 carbine bullet found 500m from DP 7.65mm Mauser in TSBD? With 2 empty cartridges .30-06 scoped rifle? Empty .30-06 case on Dal-Tex roof 5 inches of Connally’s rib SHATTERED .45 cal single-shot “burp gun”? Deputy Weatherford on rooftop with rifle Deputy Buddy Walther find .45 slug in DP grass SABOT found on Records Bdg rooftop Set-up later to die in arrest of felon to silence him 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano in TSBD? Deputy Craig says 3 empty cases found in ROW No clip in rifle
  80. 80. The Reluctant Frontal Shots Second Cameraman? Stemmons Freeway Sign removed by City of Dallas to continue their cover-up into the 4th decade, thanks JFK’s limousine had to be STOPPED to accurately fire head shots that hit him and not his lovely wife, Jackie. Its still a tough shot to make, and the greatest risk to theconspirators is that it would reveal an “inside job” where the Secret ServiceDriver, Greer was directly involved stopping the limo. To cover this up atALL COSTS, the “Lone Cameraman” Zapruder film was extensively alteredwith the best film forgery techniques available at the time. In addition to the“Second Gunman” (Badgeman) firing from the Knoll to actually do thedeed, there was probably a “Second Cameraman” that actually filmed theJFK murder with a larger 16mm film camera set on slow-motion collecting alarge quantity of film stock to work from to create the grotesque Zapruderfilm fraud forgery to deceive the world for 4 decades...
  81. 81. Badgeman shooter from Moorman photo enhanced by Jack White Good elbow/arm rests for stable firing position Zapruder ‘n SitzmanFedoramanBlackdog Shooter & BadgemanBlackdog shooter seen in Nix Film
  82. 82. Fedoraman in Moorman photo enlargedFedoraman in Z413 withXP-100 .222 FireBall high-velocity long barrel pistol?Did James Files(Sutton) leaveteeth marks onthe shell casingto reserve later“braggingrights” to thedeed
  83. 83. Who covers the frontal shooters? The frontal diversion team Who is this man? Broken glass and red liquid found on steps Bottle would land in grass or bushWith Blackdog MAN was Blackdog WOMAN eating lunch on a metal bench BEHIND theretaining wall! In Special Operations a WOMAN is a valuable suspicion preventer. Commonsense says people are creatures of habit--did they eat here often? Who is this couple? Whyhave they not come forward in almost 4 decades? Just as the frontal shots were fired, acoke bottle was thrown onto the steps making a breaking sound. If this couple wasinnocent, and startled, a bottle tipped over would have landed on the grass, or on theretaining wall and not broken. To insure people would know a bottle was broken, to accountfor a weapon shot (possibly silenced) they left an intact bottle on top of the retaining wall.For the bottle to be broken, they had to deliberately throw it against the steps, where its redcolor would divert people’s attention by appearing to be blood. Another brilliant diversion byLandsdale.
  84. 84. Moments after the assassination,NBC-TV ‘s local stationinterviewed Mary Moorman andJean Hill first through voice andlater the interviewed wasreplayed with film footage. NBCmust have been unhappy withwhat she said because they didnot extensively replay herinterview. Jean Hill said that theambush began with two shots assoon as the limo turned and thenthere was a pause and there weretwo shots to JFK’s head comingfrom the front grassy knoll. Shealso said that she saw a man witha rifle running up the knoll. Atfirst NBC must have allowed hertestimony thinking it dovetailedwith the lone nut cover story by itbeing the lone gunman makinghis escape from the TSBD.However; as time wore on, itbecame apparent that she wasdescribing a multi-shooterambush created by a conspiracyof people in direct contradictionto the official “one man did it all”cover story being put out.
  85. 85. The “Hero” wearing bullet-resistant vest underneath his shirt = prior knowledge of impending assassinationDuring that dreadful day in Dallas, one Secret Service man,Clint Hill would be required to perform as advertised andprotect Mrs. Kennedy; the Jackie everyone loved andadmired (Except @#$hole Emory Roberts) . She wasn’tsleeping around like JFK was, and was the devoted motherof two adorable children. Knowing that shots would be firedin his general direction, Agent Clint Hill has taken theprecaution of wearing a ballistic vest unlike his peers whoknew that their duties would not have to be performed thatday. After running to the JFK limousine too late, he madesure Jackie didn’t kill herself falling out the limo trying toretrieve her husband’s brains and received a medal from theSS afterwards. He became the defacto “hero” Americaneeded since the designated “hero” failed to corner patsyLHO in the TSBD and kill him.
  86. 86. The @#$hole: Emory RobertsNoted JFK Researcher, Vince Palamara writes:"Roberts, one of President Kennedys agents...had decided to switch to Johnson as soon asKennedy was shot"In addition, four other authors have noted Agent Roberts "switch of allegiance," includingDPD Chief Curry! Once at Parkland Hospital, SA Robert totally usurped his superior, numberthree man Roy Kellerman (on his first trip on his own for the first-time vacationing GerryBehn, leaving Floyd Boring in charge of the Texas trip back in Washington, DC); Emoryordered Kellermans agents around and confided in Rufus Youngblood, the soon-to-be SAIC,replacing the absent Behn (just as ASAIC Youngblood replaced SAIC Stu Knight in Dallas,and Henry Fowler re-placed the absent Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon. For his part,Youngblood was to become the SAIC of the Vice-Presidential Detail on November 25,1963, amove planned before Dallas, but he rose much higher after Dallas).What William Manchester reports as having occurred at Parkland on page 170 of his bookmakes one both sick and repulsed: Powers and ODonnell bounded toward the Lincoln. Powers heard Emory Roberts shouting at him to stop but disregarded him; a second might save Kennedys life [Dave, too bad you werent on the running board of the follow-up car...!]...Emory Roberts brushed past ODonnell, determined to make sure that Kennedy was dead. “Get up” he said to Jacqueline Kennedy. There was no reply. She was crooning faintly. From his side Roberts could see the Presidents face, so he lifted her elbow for a close look. He dropped it. To Kellerman, his superior, he said tersely, “You stay with Kennedy. Im gong to Johnson.”
  87. 87. Lansdale leaves his C&C vanacross the street to check on histroops T H E G E “The two policemen are carrying T shotguns, not rifles. Their caps are different (one a white chinstrap, one A Recently black). One has a Dallas police shoulder W patch, one does not and their caps differ retired from that of another police officer in photo A (October 31, 4. Reasonable conclusion -- they are either reservists or phonies. And, as you know, Y 1963) city cops dont have anything to do with General Sheriffs offices. As to photo no. 1. That is Lansdale indeed a picture of Ed Lansdale. The passing by haircut, the stoop, the twisted left hand, the large class ring. Its Lansdale. What in his the world was he doing there? Has anyone shooters ever asked him and who was the and fake photographer? Why did he take the policemen? pictures? What did he do with them?” --Marine General Victor Krulak (Retired)
  88. 88. What should a 1963 Dallas Police Officer look like? A Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputy? Epaulet Were their colors or symbols worn on uniforms to signal that a given person was part of the conspiracy or not? How about the white circles with + crosses on some officer’s sleeves?
  89. 89. The Dallas PD had a group Green Shoulder Epauletsof KKKops, which author,William Manchesterdescribed as "the elitePatrol Division". They woregreen epaulets and it iswithin this group that theones who wore their goldband backwards are to befound. Officers with whitehats could be Deputysheriffs or auxiliarypolicemen, such as thosebrought on duty to handletraffic intersections. KKK Cross insignia proves he’s in a secret group
  90. 90. 12:40 The Assistant (TA) to The Umbrella Man (TUM) goes his separate way, hops into Ruth Paine’s Green Nash Rambler Station wagon and picks up Lee Harvey Oswald on Elm street and heads to the Oak Hill section where he has a room at a boarding house; Deputy Roger Craig observes a “dark complected white man” with an Ike-type jacket and dark trousers in driving the wagon that picks up LHO. Later on after LHO is captured, Craig identifies him, and LHO is irritated, admits to getting into the wagon and that it’s Ruth Paine’s and not to “tie her into any of this”.“Damn, another bullet we have toexplain…boss ain’t gonna like this” Press Bus
  91. 91. Is this the brown suited man seen in the 7th, 6th and 5th floor windows of the TSBD? Is he the man seen leaving the rear door of the TSBD and walking quickly to a Nash Rambler Station Wagon on the corner of Commerce Street that later picked up LHO from the TSBD?The majority of the Hous to n Strpeople seen in the eetHughes Film aregoing towardsDealey Plaza after Main Streetthe shooting, exceptthis man and olderwoman, both inbrown clothing…..
  92. 92. OUTLINE1. How best to ambush JFK?2. Motorcade route to get victim into close “kill zone”3. “Inside” Secret Service men to give shootersstopped, clear target4. Pre-position “patsy” to take blame for the murder5. Set up the “kill zone”6. Insure vehicle/victims not protected7. Kill “patsy” before he talks with “feel good” hero8. Cover-up Secret Service complicity at ALL costs9. Problems and their solutions10. Who was responsible for JFK’s murder?Summary/Conclusion: what we can do TODAY?
  93. 93. Kill his reputation: Cover story put out throughout the world: complete background of LHO: like reading the Warren Commission report or a Posner book except its November 23, 1963, the day after the assassination!Lansdale strikes a cover story! Before Lee Harvey Oswald was even charged withANY murder, USAF Colonel Fletcher Prouty received a newspaper in New Zealandwith a complete background of LHO, to include the above very professional studiophotograph taken before his defection to the Soviet Union in 1959? Did the CIAtake this photo and keep it for later use as part of a cover-story “package” thatwould be sent out ahead to insure the very next day all the world’s newspaperswould have a complete vilification of LHO as the “lone gunman” in place? Can wecompare/contrast what was planned ahead of time as “cover story” and see ifplans didn’t work out? The cover story says “Officer Tippit was gunned down inthe Texas Movie Theatre” …was this the original plan, or just bad reporting?
  94. 94. Kill him physically: however, Patsy Lee Harvey Oswald notshot dead at TSBD!No good plan survives the first contact with the enemy or REALITY: Murphy’s law (“what can go wrong will go wrong”).Designated “Patsy” Lee Harvey Oswald not cornered in TSBD and shot/killed by designated DPD “hero” as per PLAN A, may havewatched motorcade at ground level during shootings!This is a photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald taken shortly after his arrest. Note the clear similarity in both appearance and dress to theman in the schoolbook depository doorway in the Altgens photo.The Warren Commission "identified" the individual as Billy Lovelady, a fellow Book Depository employee. But while Loveladyidentified the person in the Altgens photo as himself, he also stated that hed worn a red and white vertically striped shirt on the dayof the assassination The man in the doorways shirt is not striped and is open in front, exposing the tee shirt underneath.In color films taken from another angle, the color of the shirt worn by the man in the doorway was revealed to be orange-brown. WhenOswald was arrested, he was wearing the identical shirt- an orange-brown tweed with missing buttons and tee-shirt underneath.Other films taken on November 22, 1963 revealed that Lovelady was in fact wearing a red and blue plaid shirt. If Lovelady was lyingabout this, could he also be lying about being at the TSBD doorway? 12:29Hence, the figure in the doorway is NOT Lovelady. Its actually Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO).Billy Lovelady died of a heart attack Jan 1979. 12:25 Carolyn Arnold sees LHO on 1st floor by front door of TSBD --MIDP, pg. 29
  95. 95. ? Closer inspection of the Altgens photo reveals troubles: its like Lovelady’s head has been pasted onto LHO’s body, and badly at that-- because the man ? standing behind him, his white shirt and shoulder are IN FRONT OF HIS CHIN! Even 3D illusion artist Escher would have trouble doing this. The man in the back is simultaneously behind and in front of theHead of Lovelady + LHO/Lovelady composite image--Body of Lee = possible only if itForgery was a flat 2D photograph
  96. 96. Lovelady at TSBD RIGHT side after ambushLee HarveyOswald is in aopen collar solidcolor-flannelwork-shirt on thewest-side of theTSBD entrance,Lovelady is in ared and whiteplaid shirt on theeastern side ofthe TSBDentrance andshown in theTowner filmblown-up here
  97. 97. Who is the loner on the LEFT side of the TSBD entrance? Love-lady is with the TSBD “ladies” on RIGHT side of the entrance before and AFTER the ambush...Lee Harvey Oswald!
  98. 98. Lee Harvey Oswald? What’s he doing here? He’s supposed to be on the 6th Floor cleaning up his shooting mess (right) 12:25 Carolyn Arnold sees LHO on 1st floor by front door of TSBD --MIDP, pg. 29Lansdale’s Clowns: Look at this cast of characters in front of the TSBD afew minutes after JFK’s murder! More special operations showboating?Lee Harvey Oswald pleading/arguing with a DPD cop?Man in suit/tie: is he a Fed or just has phony Secret Service ID provided byHolt? Why is he walking so casually?Woman horrified: she is terrified/shock at the site of the 3 tramps. Why?What cop would allow a suspect to keep a paper bag with a radio transmitterand gun?Men with crew-cut and suits: more “Feds”? Or phony Feds with falsecredentials to harass witnesses and collect their film cameras?
  99. 99. LHO on the loose...To enrage DPD to kill “Patsy” Lee Harvey Oswald, Conspiracy Command & Control kills nextdesignated DPD “hero”, (Plan B modified if LHO isn’t cornered at TSBD) Original Plan B wasTippit to pick up LHO and take him to a rendezvous (RV) spot, where both would be killedand made to look like they killed each other. Officer Tippit forced by blackmail over hisadulterous affair to participate knew he was being “set-up”; nominally honked his horn byLHO’s boarding house and drove to the RV location hoping to be considered “off-the-hook”by his tormentors. However awaiting for him are killers with orders to shot him and/or LHOin either case. Officer J.D. Tippit is hit by 3 shots to the chest to immobilize and 1 to the(right temple) head to finish him---same pattern of fire as used on JFK less than 1 hourearlier! A phony LHO wallet with Texas driver’s license (LHO did NOT know how to drive!)and empty 4 x .38 shell casings (who ejects shell casings with 2 unfired rounds in thechamber after a firefight is over?) are planted by the killers at Tippet murder scene to frameLHO further.However, LHO by evading his murder is forcing the conspiracy to reveal its ugly hands. APlan C must be enacted. Tippit told his son that morning that he loved him no matter whathappens later that day--revealing he knew he had a big, dangerous role to play as the manwho arrests or corners/kills the designated “patsy”At the last second he refusedto go along with the plan, soLHO would live long enough to be captured and help exposethe conspiracy, maybe hewas a hero after all.
  100. 100. Plan B: Body Double Lansdale*, realizing frontal head shots were necessary to kill JFK via a limo STOP, in Plan B directs all personnel by radio to let LHO “escape” from TSBD to lure JFK look-alike DPD officer Tippit into an ambush where he will be killed at close-range with low-power pistol bullets to preserve his body/head for later maximal use to create false JFK medical evidence of a less violent, single-shooter ambush by designated patsy LHO. His body is taken to Parkland hospital and it’s the last we hear of it for a long while. However, in under 1 hour after JFK is brought to Parkland a heavy Bronze casket with plastic lining is produced: WHO ordered this casket so fast? Did FedEx exist in 1963 or was this PRE-ORDERED by the conspiracy? At Bethesda Naval Hospital 2 BODIES and 2 CASKETS arrive shortly after each other.*X-Man before there were the X-Files: When you examine how Lansdale in the 1950s deceived the Philipinoguerrillas by leaving false bodies made to look by adding small bite marks like they were killed by HUK legend“vampires”; its easy to surmise that he would be aware of American science-based legal and cultural norms to doautopsies to provide “closure” and certainty about tragic losses of loved ones and could have provided America thebody with the required holes to fit what we wanted to believe (that a lone gunman did it)