Bagram AFB: Afghanistan Dust Bowl


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Bagram AFB: Afghanistan Dust Bowl

  1. 1. Main road – that’s not haze, it’s dust. The dust isabout 2 inches thick on the road, the consistency of talcum powder, doesn’t brush off, just sticks to you– gets up your nose, in your eyes and mouth. Youcannot get away from it.
  2. 2. Interior of the tower – Main AF building, prime office spaces…
  3. 3. Basement of the Tower – under renovation to become Rec Center
  4. 4. Another room in the basement
  5. 5. AF Village – note that these are actually GREEN tents
  6. 6. Another view of AF Village – dust in theforeground is about 4 inches thick. Note that thefirst two and the fourth tent are actually green…
  7. 7. One sink and three showers for ALL thewomen in the AF village. Men’s side is a bitlarger, but not much.
  8. 8. These folks are doinglaundry – in basins withno running waterThey do have dryers,but this is it for theentire AF population…
  9. 9. AF Fitness center – lookspretty good, but you can’tsee the dust, or the factthat about 1/3 of thecardio equipment is inop
  10. 10. AF volleyball court – built “self-help”
  11. 11. AF Rec Center
  12. 12. AF Morale Call tent
  13. 13. PX – line was short since we went at a mealtime, usually wait 25 minutes just to get in, 25 minutes to check out. Very limited selection.Supposed to becases of juice,Gatorade, etc. Supposed to be CDs, DVDs, books, etc.
  14. 14. One of the “chow” lines.
  15. 15. The main “chow” line. People start lining up at about0615 for an 0700 – 0800 breakfast. Supper is longer– two whole hours! The line is even longer.You get what’s served, you don’t pick and choosewhat you want. They put it on a plate and you grab itfrom the assembly line. The hot food is all UGRs, noA rats.You wait through the line even if you just want to grabcereal, milk and fruit. Bottled water is only providedat breakfast and supper, and you are only allowedone bottle per meal. Lunch is MREs.
  16. 16. One of two “mess” tents. No A/C or heat.Tables are raw plywood, can’t be properlycleanedIf someone large sits at one end the wholetable tips…
  17. 17. Exterior of the Army Rec Center – there’s onlyone for the entire camp population…
  18. 18. Interior of the Army Rec Center – fridgescontain only bottled water, which you mustconsume on the premisesMorale calls – you make your call with yourneighbor right at your elbow, not even thesemblance of privacy
  19. 19. The middle portion of the Army Rec CenterTwo ping-pong tables. One shelf of books.A few more morale phones, still no privacy.
  20. 20. The Army theater. Note the fine seatingarrangements. Space for about 25 to sit…Remember, this is IT for the entire camppopulation…
  21. 21. Army Laundry drop off and sorting. You drop off on a specified day, you get back four days later.Unfortunately, they recycletheir water too many times,and they do not ensure yourclothes are completely dry.Therefore, when yourwadded up, bagged clothesare placed back in the binthey sit there and obtain areally distinctive reek…
  22. 22. Red Cross office. The Chief and Shirt specifically wanted me to see that the Red Cross is doing more for the troops than the Army is.The Red Cross Rep madeit very clear that shedepends heavily on the AFcontingent for her support –a place to sleep with A/C,furniture, manpower…
  23. 23. Just another view of the dust, and a reminderthat it’s about a 15-20 minute walk from theAF village to the chow hall…